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Awaken To Your Soul
A journey into your deep inner self, embodied presence, and wise leadership.


feeling deeply at home in the mystery of life

feeling deeply at home within yourself

trusting yourself. trusting you know what your next step is.
trusting you’ll be guided beyond that

knowing how to use your own inner wisdom to make a difference in the world

As women, we are seeking reconnection to our own wise self & cosmic intuitive knowings. Because we intuitively know we can only rise into our full brilliance and most luminous potential, if we rise with our own wisdom. That’s why you’re here. That’s what you’ll get.

Hi, I’m Kathleen Sylvia.

For the past 3 years I have been working 1:1 with heart-centred women from all around the world in my private coaching practice.

Through this time, I have seen way too many beautiful, talented women struggle to fully claim the important work they feel called to step into. Because they don’t trust their own heart, their own knowing.


I see women second-guessing their every move, every knowing, every intuitive hit – and I see them struggling in deep uncertainty and insecurity, tearing themselves down at the core, and desperately seeking the one “expert” (teacher/gifted intuitive/guru) who can tell them what they need to know. What they need to DO, next.

I see women trying to emulate the standard western model for success and happiness, living from the mind, disconnected from their body, heart, and soul.

And I see them walk through life, feeling broken and desperately yearning to feel whole. Disconnected from their feminine magic, divine brilliance, and soul gifts. Unable to rise into their purpose & impact with the clarity and confidence they know is possible for them. Unable to TRUST themselves. To TRUST that they KNOW.

It is time to change all of this. To make a powerful impact in the world – you need to trust yourself. And that is why I created Awaken To Your Soul.






When I took my first steps into the unknown, driven by a deep yearning to unlock the mystery I felt pulling me forward, I thought I would simply learn to ask for guidance for my next steps. Instead, my whole world opened up, and I shifted into


As women, we KNOW this. We instinctively feel there is so much more joy to be unlocked through our bodies. Through our hearts. Through our souls. This is why I created Awaken To Your Soul. And why I’m making this deep, sacred, intensely beautiful work available to you as a homestudy course, a journey you can step into from the comfort and intimacy of your own home – today.

It’s a mystical journey, into the felt experience of your Divinity.
A journey that will support you in knowing how to create space for hearing guidance. 
How to allow wise insights to flow into your consciousness. 
How to know what is calling you. 
And how to use your Inner Wisdom as the tool 
that will navigate you into your most authentic, most expressive life.


Are you ready to unlock the mystery and ecstatic experience of life
that I know lies waiting for you, too?


▼ You deeply desire to connect back in to your own inner guidance because you can instinctively feel this is much more empowering than seeking constant validation and direction from others.

▼ You have been experiencing things that your powerful logical self cannot fully explain. You’re both incredibly excited, and absolutely terrified you may be doing something wrong, and you are unsure how to honour the deep need to explore further and feel safe and guided as you do.

▼ You want to learn how to connect to your own Higher Self, Angels, and explore the energies within your Spirit Support Team.

▼ You feel called to step onto a new path in life, and you intuitively know you need to unlock your connection to your heart and soul to find clarity and confidence about your next steps into this unknown territory.

▼ You feel disconnected from your heart, and instead find yourself stuck in your mind over-analyzing the choices and decisions that you face.

▼ You feel frustrated with the practices and rituals you’ve tried, and you’re not entirely sure that you are actually tapping into soul guidance & intuitive wisdom or just stuck in wishful thinking.

▼ You find it hard to commit to being in the here & now / being with yourself in stillness / being in the body, and you want to move past this resistance.

▼ You often feel scattered, rushed and stuck in your mind, and you find it difficult to connect in with yourself, your body, your feelings and your deeper needs.

▼ You want life to feel amazing. You are so ready for your life to feel safe, feel joyful, feel exciting. Your heart wide open, love and excitement about life beaming out.

▼ You want to use your internal guidance to be able to easily manifest more of what makes you happy.

▼ You’re ready to focus in on your relationship with yourself and prioritize self-connection and soul-connection practices so you can feel deeply connected to your heart and soul.

▼ You feel deeply called to the Mystic Path. You understand that it is not as much about unlocking your intuition through one or more guided meditations. You can feel the depth and sacred nature of this work, and you wish to explore your own felt connection to the Mystery – and fully LIVE IT in your life and work.

so what is
Awaken To Your Soul?
A journey into your deep inner self, embodied presence, and wise leadership.

Awaken To Your Soul is a beautifully guided homestudy course (with over 10 hours of deep mastery teachings).
It’s a journey into your intuition (soul guidance)
& the practical anchoring in of your Soul’s Vision for your life through inspired action & embodiment.

And it’s SO. MUCH. MORE.

the details

This is what it’s not:

▼ it’s not just a series of guided meditations to connect with your higher self, angels, or guided. I mean, it’s got all of that – and it goes way beyond these “basics”.

What it is:

▼ this course goes way beyond practices. It goes INTO YOUR VERY SOUL.

▼ it’s an ACTIVATION. When you step into this work, you activate your connection to your Higher Self specifically to guide you into Deep Remembrance. Into your Fierce Self-Trust. Into your Bold Confidence. The Absolute Knowing that you are walking your own path and that each step is sacred & steeped in wisdom and love.

▼ it’s designed to take you into a Deeply Felt, Embodied Experience AND Download of your Higher Self into your Physical Vessel. This is what Next-Level Intuition is all about: you live it. You breathe it. You effortlessly stream it through, wherever, whenever.

▼ it will support and empower you to step wholeheartedly into a very personal, direct, lived experience of the divine that’s available to you in everyday life. And helps you bring back WISDOM to guide you, moment-to-moment. And to support you as you step into LIGHT-FILLED leadership. Because ultimately? THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE REALLY CRAVING. Depth. Meaning. And Connection.

This is my promise to you

▼ you will feel deeply connected to your own wise self

▼ you will feel deeply anchored into your visions for your next steps

▼ you will know how to engage in the dance of your life with the universe as your lover

▼ and you will know how to unlock your wisdom to bless humanity, and the world

what's included

the remembrance series

in series 1 we will cover:

▼ MASTERCLASS 01. Understanding The Wider Perspective — Who you are in a wider, deeper and truly magical sense.

▼ MASTERCLASS 02. Creating Safety — Practices To Keep You Grounded and Available To Your Soul’s Guidance.

▼ MASTERCLASS 03. Connecting With and Meeting Your Soul.

▼ MASTERCLASS 04. Connecting To Your Spirit Support Team (Higher Self, Angels & Guides) & The Wider Energies.

▼ MASTERCLASS 05. Understanding How The Universe Speaks & How It Likes To Show Up For Us.

▼ MASTERCLASS 06. Understanding The Relationship Of Head vs. Heart vs. Body — and which to actually listen to.

▼ MASTERCLASS 07 – BONUS — Clearing Blocks To Intuition

the embodiment series

in series 2 we will cover:

▼ MASTERCLASS 01. Embodiment — Anchoring In Your Soul Self For Empowered Presence.

▼ MASTERCLASS 02. Activating FLOW — Becoming The Divine Channel You’re Meant To Be.

▼ MASTERCLASS 03. A Practice To Supplement FLOW — Getting Specific Guidance Through Empowered Questions.

▼ MASTERCLASS 04. Healing The World Through Your Embodied Presence.

▼ MASTERCLASS 05. Ecstatic Living — Working With The Universe As a Lover.

▼ MASTERCLASS 06. BONUS – Empaths — Empowering Your Mastery Of Your Energetic Field.

the leadership series

in series 3 we will cover:

▼ MASTERCLASS 01. An Ethical and Empowering Approach to Sharing Intuitive Wisdom.

▼ MASTERCLASS 02. Leading With Higher Power.

▼ MASTERCLASS 03. Leading With Feminine Impact.

▼ MASTERCLASS 04. Leading With Spiritual Sight.


You don’t take the journey to deepen into your intuition #justbecause. You feel deeply called to connect because it is the tool that will navigate you into your most authentic, most expressive life. (#SourceGoals).

This course is the perfect blend between Deeper Understanding (Mastery Teachings) and Practiced Embodiment: throughout the modules, you’ll be introduced to a number of specifically chosen GAMES & ANCHORING PRACTICES that will support you in creating your own PERSONAL & JOYFILLED Toolkit for asking and receiving Soul Guidance. 

These will be your #PLAY moments, available to you in the comfort of your own home, and SPECIFICALLY geared towards safely opening you up to the full-on Connection to your Soul Self, All That You Are!

bonus course:
deepen into your intuition


▼ eliminate any FEAR so you can feel safe in your further exploration of your own intuitive knowing

▼ get clear on your dominant intuitive senses, and know how your intuition speaks to you

▼ understand and play with the number one key to hearing your intuition more clearly

▼ envision a life where you trust your intuitive guidance and make informed decisions from that space

Step Into The Mystery
& Activate Your Deep Remembrance
So You Can Rise With Your Own Wisdom


The Remembrance Audio Activations Series
The Embodiment 
Audio Activations Series
The Leadership Audio Activations Series


to help you anchor into mastery of your own personal Practice & Skill in connection & receiving guidance

and more (including Bonus Video Classes)!

your investment is €444 or
2 monthly payments of €222


2 X One Hour Private Sessions with Kath








your investment is €888 or
4 bi-weekly payments of €222

In awaken to your soul, you will receive

16 x Powerful Audio Activations

Each week you will receive access to powerful audio activations which will guide you through principles, teachings and practices to create shifts within yourself. These classes will explore topics such as the wider energies, the core of our intuitive self, asking and receiving guidance, ecstatic embodied intuitive living, healing the world through our presence, ethical sharing of intuitive wisdom, wise leadership…. As we journey, you will receive access to 16 Audio Activations in total.

These Audio recordings will set the tone for a Lovingly Guided & Safe Expansion of your Awareness, Clarity, Trust & Confidence in your own soul’s guidance. These will be your teaching moments, available to you in the comfort of your own home, and supported by practices SPECIFICALLY geared towards opening you up to the full-on Connection to your Soul Self.

 Embodiment Practices

Guidance on different practices to explore, and how to choose the ones that will become part of your personal pathway to the divine.

▼ Private Membership Site
All of your audio classes, workbooks and shamanic journeys & visualizations are stored in a private member area for you to access and revisit at any time.

▼ Bonuses
BONUS 1: Deepen Into Your Intuition (a 5-part written mini-course)

BONUS 2: Sacred Moments: AM and PM Rituals For Day-to-Day Soul Guidance (ebook)

BONUS 3: 7 Stages Of Awakening – the 7 Stages ebooks

BONUS 4: Meditations & Videos To Deepen The Exploration & MORE!

plus for the Alchemy circle
work with me privately for 2
Initiatory Sessions

If you choose to step in to the Alchemy circle, you’ll receive 2 one hour, private initiatory sessions with me.
In these private sessions we’ll be working with whatever has been activated in your life as you journey through this experience. We’ll be calling in your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides, and anchoring you into your Ascended Heart wisdom, so you can walk away from our session with clarity and soul-fueled confidence in your decisions. You’ll receive personalized activations to lock you into the full-embodied frequency of trust and knowing.

These sessions are powerful and clarifying. I will be intuitively guided to do the energy clearings and healings that will benefit you most right now. You’ll feel yourself being supported and guided, and I will empower you TO OWN YOUR OWN ENERGY FIELD & will tell you how to keep your energy clear. Every session is different, and you’ll always get exactly what you need, each time.

will you give yourself permission to embrace the quiet whisper inside your heart & dive into the deep well of your own inner wisdom?

Here's what other women have to say:

if you FEEL DEEPLY DRAWN TO THIS WORK YET not sure this the right choice for you

What happens after I sign up?

You will be sent a Welcome Email which includes details on how to create your membership for the course. Once you create your membership login, you can start accessing your resources. So, keep an eye on your inbox after you register (and check spam/junk just in case).

I feel so drawn to this but I’m scared, too.

Oh, I get that! There’s so much I could say about this (and I will in the course!) but for now, please understand that you’re feeling the discomfort of being asked to open up your belief systems about what this world is all about. Most of the people who feel drawn to my work, have been deeply emmeshed in the story that only logic & analytics can lead to truth and wisdom. Of course it feels scary, then, when you start to open up to the possibility that your intuitive wisdom is equally important! You will be able to make beautiful progress even when you’re still working with some fear.

I’m a guy, and I really want to buy this course.

YES!!! Please do. If anything, this course is all about trusting where you feel drawn, so you’re right on target! Most of my work is specifically tailored to the experience of life in a woman’s body, but this course is 90% gender-neutral. If you can live with the occassional ‘her’ and ‘she’, then trust your gut instinct and trust that this work is meant for you, too.

Is this a live, or self-paced course?

This is a self-paced course.  You have lifetime access to the course materials. In fact, you’ll probably want to come back to certain modules as you grow in your own journey! That’s the beauty of this course: it’s there for you whenever you feel the need to dive a bit deeper, in all safety.

Do I receive personal support through the course?

If you want 1:1 coaching with me, please purchase the Alchemy Circle which includes TWO 60 minute private coaching sessions (held via Zoom) to be used at any time during the programme. The course itself is meant to be self-study.

I feel deeply drawn to this course but I have so much going on already. How do I even know I’ll be able to fit this in?

I am mindful people may be entering this programme with big commitments such as a full time job or a family. My intention is that you’ll find it easy to work this programme around your life, all the while knowing that it will be a bit more intense and you’ll be asked to schedule time  to dive into the course materials (4-6 hours per module) & practise every week (10-30 minutes per day).

Also, you’ll be able to revisit the material any time you need, so there’s no need EVER to feel overwhelmed, or like you’re “getting behind”. Honestly, there’s no such thing. Be present with what you can in the moment. I promise to keep everything well structured and easy for you to find, and engage with.



Because how can you rise in your purpose and impact – honouring that fierce desire burning through your veins – if you don’t trust your own knowing?⁣

▼ If you feel you NEED other people to tell you what your next steps should be (because surely this idea you have couldn’t be IT).⁣
▼If you feel it’s safest to follow a proven formula to success (because all your life, you’ve been told to seek the answer from ‘experts’).⁣
▼ If you feel only certain special people have the gift to KNOW (so you are constantly denying yourself the greatest gift of all – your own TRUST).⁣

Your own inner wisdom is your SUPERPOWER.
It’s the source of confident decision-making, excitement-filled action-taking,
and deeply magnetic BEING and presence.

⁣You don’t need anyone else.⁣
You have everything you need available to you right now.

You just need to learn to TRUST IT.

start your journey into
deeply embodied knowing today.
so you can truly embody
wise intuitive impact.