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Spreading The Love 

Hey Beautiful!

December is the season of Inward Reflection and Outward Gathering.

Are you longing to experience true deep joyful connections with the people you’ll meet this Holiday season – but you often end up feeling completely overwhelmed with the December energies? Would you love to Fully Enjoy all of the love, and connection, joy, and uplifting harmony the season can bring, this year?

And, would you LOVE being the spark of JOY & LOVE that spreads outward and create more tangible Peace & Joy for everyone you meet (family and loved ones included)?


join me in this beautiful series!

Spread The Love is a series of 3 audio calls, including two guided meditations. They are perfect for you if you often feel energetically drained or overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season.

In the calls, we’ll explore how to keep your own energy stable and harmonious no matter what the crowd, with the intention of FULLY ENJOYING the beauty of connection this season can bring. And you’ll discover practical, down-to-earth ways of setting boundaries + spreading joy wherever you go! 

The calls were recorded for my community in December so you’ll receive instant access when you join! 


Spread The Love


In this first audio recording, we dive deep into the energetic aspects of Gatherings & Crowded Spaces, explore how we get affected as Empaths and how to shift that + a Guided Meditation to Support An Open-Hearted Perspective.

Includes: A 25 minute audio + guided meditation. {Free}


In this second part of the Spread The Love Series, we’ll explore Energetic Protection in Crowded Spaces + Energetic Sovereignty + a Guided Meditation to Release & Rejuvenate.

Includes: A 35 minute audio + guided meditation. {Free}



The final part of the Spread The Love series focuses on How We Can Truly Enjoy the gatherings we will be a part of this December season + How We Can Spread The Love.

Includes: A 30 minute audio. {Free}



Spread The Love

about your host

Hey Beautiful!

I’m Kathleen Sylvia Saelens, the founder of THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™, and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System™ and Luscious Flow™, a revolutionary cutting-edge series of time-collapsing activations.

I live in Belgium with my husband and our precious daughters and lots of animal companions. I initiate women on the Priestess Path, and I teach business, wealth consciousness and leadership from the lensing of the Feminine Divine. To me, this is the most futuristic & grounded business & growth path available.

I love that you’re here, looking to create a Holiday Season that is fully tapped into the potential for peace, connection, and joyful celebration. I know that the tools and practices we discuss in this series will beautifully support you with this! And I’m so excited for that. For your joy. AND that of the people around you. Because this, this will RIPPLE out! Thank you!