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shared adventure: journeying in sisterhood

If you yearn for deep, personal support, AND you love the idea of walking alongside a small group of sisters – other women on this same path as you – this is for you.

The Priestess Code: exclusive live round

The Priestess Code is a 7-week initiation for women who feel deeply drawn to The Priestess Path.

Together, we’ll journey through the 7 Key Gateways Of Initiation, and you will leave feeling deeply anchored into an understanding of what each initiation will activate within you. You’ll have the knowledge to recognize each initiation as it comes along your path, or you can choose to go deeper with us and activate into Full Sacred Remembrance & Embodiment. 

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SACRED Remembrance:

A powerful 6-month circle for women who feel deeply called towards the Priestess Path.

Part Mastermind, part Mentorship, and a whole lot of sisterly support, this circle gathers teachings, practices, and activations to ILLUMINATE your deepest knowings and truth.

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connect to your own depth and wisdom,
from the intimacy of your own home.



If you’re not quite ready for the full Initiate Programme, this initiatory 5-day written MINIcourse is for you.
Step into a deepened understanding of where you are doubting your own Wise Self
+ explore tools for coming back to your Truth with grace and ease.
(immediate access upon purchase)


GATEWAY: truth


This is our Initiate Programme, our Foundational Training in RECLAIMING OUR TRUTH.

An 8 week container and activation that is self-guided and teaches you the principles of mysticism & self-sourced wisdom,
ecstatic embodiment, self-authority
& wise leadership.
(includes Deepen Into Your Intuition as a BONUS gift)

GATEWAY: impact


This is a thorough exploration of how to more fully embody your feminine impact.

A nearly 3-hour video masterclass + access to a walkthrough of a Shadow Mastery Practice, this is the perfect little accompaniment to our Fierce Feminine Impact Archetype Quiz.

At just €27, we’ve made this super accessible because we truly believe this is crucial information for every woman!

let me light your way to your deepest truth.

You know you’re ready to dive deep because the idea of having someone walk alongside you for the next few months of your life

There’s excitement there (and yes, some trepidation, too). This is for you if you’re ready for the whole shebang. Deep shadow-working, fear-clear and releasing, vision-building, business-birthing, life-passion-explosion. And you know: it’s going to be built from the soul out. Because THAT’S how you build something that matters.

private coaching

A 1:1 program designed to activate deep alignment with your truth, support you in stepping into wise feminine leadership,
& building a thriving business based on YOUR energy


luscious flow

A 75 minute session where we do a series of ACTIVATIONS that will sharpen your energetic resonance with the frequencies of
Pure Prosperity, Felt Purpose, Undeniable Self-Worth, and Luscious Flow.

it all starts with you
This work is not about giving you a prescribed route.
Because you are unique, and so is your journey.
A path that will take you into your deepest truth, your fiercest self-expression, and your most fulfilling life.
so are you ready
to explore what is calling you?