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Luscious Flow


a 75 minute session
for collapsing timelines

Pure energetics
to bring you home and activate your flow.

If you’re open to the magic of collapsing timelines, and willing to ignore the scepticism of your mind programmes – Luscious Flow is for you. It’s amongst the most potent of my work, and easily accessible at that! I’m looking forward to sharing the magic of this space with you!


For those who have the vision of a higher calling
and a luminous, luscious life to co-create with the Universe.

We will access the space of luminous wisdom and bring through your Light DNA. It’s like a high-luminosity infusion of light AND simultaneously working your physical body so your capacity to maintain that frequency expands.

PART ONE: Soul Essence

What is your unique Energy Signature and what does that mean in terms of what impact you are here to make?
What challenge are you currently working with?
What is your Soul calling for NOW?
What’s your next step?


PART TWO: Activate Into Luscious Flow
Is there a shortcut into your most embodied Self and your most luscious life? I believe there is.

The entire journey of unfurling is about FOCALIZING into your truest, clearest Soul Frequency.

Whilst the journey itself is your GREATEST ALLY in building Mastery and True Comprehension and the Felt Experience of Descent & Rising that enables you to hold true compassion for yourself and others in this incredible experience we call human life — we do have the sacred technology to collapse timelines between your current Frequency and the Crystal-Clear Soul Frequency you’re moving into.


PART THREE: Soul Prescription For Continued Flow

The session will be super-potent, and we’ll end with an Integration Protocol so you’ll know how to support yourself (physically, emotionally) in the days that follow (when old patterns continue to clear & new codes integrate).

Two weeks after your session you will send me an update with all of the shifts you’ve been experiencing since the session. After receiving the update from you, I’ll tune into your Higher Self, Soul, and Spirit Team to see what comes up and I’ll create a follow up “Soul Prescription” to support you in continuing on path with your vision and everything we shifted in your session. This prescription is an action step personally tailored for you and will be REALLY powerful. This HUGELY helps with your integration and continued momentum.


This is what Luscious Flow is really all about:
a series of ACTIVATIONS that will sharpen your energetic resonance with the frequencies of
Pure Prosperity, Felt Purpose, Undeniable Self-Worth, and Luscious Flow.

With everything that The House Of Unfurling supports you with, I believe this is amongst the most potent work we currently offer – and I’m committed to making this work available to you with as low a barrier as possible: €250.


Sessions are 75-90 minutes via Zoom, part One is recorded so you can listen again. All information shared is private and held in the strictest confidence.

Once you’ve made your purchase, I’ll be in touch via email within 24h to schedule our session.

Payment is processed through Stripe or Paypal. You will receive an invoice for all payments.

Agreement and Terms of Use.

there is a need for this.
for deep alignment.

we help women reclaim the sacredness & potency of our feminine essence & gifts.
& change the world.

Awaken. Remember. Reclaim.