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My wish is that all women have access to this work who need it. And together, we can make that happen.




Women need access to resources (such as these) to support their journey of reclaiming. I know you are here because you too have felt that yearning. Something within your Soul cried out for help, and you found your way here. We do not Rise & Thrive in isolation.

I believe this is a time of Remembering. And we need all the resources we can get simply because so much has been hidden and forgotten. We do not yet have a vibrant and alive community of sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties who can guide us. We can’t just go and see Lucy-from-across-the-road for herbal help with our menses. There’s still a lot of confusion and patriarchal bullshit about things like what the power of women really is, what our feminine gifts are and why they matter, what sex magick is, why women grow more powerful as we age. And the council of Elder-Wise-Women hasn’t yet been reinstated to guide girls and women into Queendom. We’re getting back to all of that – this is part of the Reclaiming as I see it, a reclaiming of the old ways of connection and intimacy and deeply wise and supportive sisterhood (adapted, of course, to vastly different ways of living).

I am deeply grateful for all of the work that I have been able to step into – some of it offered as a gift, some a giant financial leap that would have been impossible without the support system I am so very blessed to have. Which brings me to this:




For many women, investing in work that they deeply feel drawn to simply is not possible – because it would be a choice between the work, or food for their family, or being able to pay the rent. This is a REAL situation. Part of it is because of the gender (and race) pay gap: Black women earn 61 cents on the dollar, white women earn 77 cents and Latina women earn 53 cents for every dollar a white man makes. (source) These lost wages mean women have less money to support themselves and their families, save and invest for the future, and spend on goods and services. Part of it is because the breaking apart of partnerships, leaving single women to raise kids, pay for housing and food, on a wage that doesn’t leave room for much else. There is so much at play here – too much to dive into here, but even just skimming the surface we can see how much of a financial struggle it is in day-to-day life for SO MANY WOMEN.

I found myself at a bit of a crossroads here. I understand the importance of financial exchange as a form of energetic contract – a commitment you make that is calling you up into your next evolution. How do I acknowledge that, while still making ways for my work to be accessible? Here’s what I have chosen: 

  1. There are 4 Extensive, Potent Initiations that I have made available free of charge.
  2. For programmes over €250, I offer payment plans (without interest rates). 
  3. Each quarter, I schedule time in my calendar that I gift to women in the form of a session. 
  4. And I wanted to do more:


I believe supportive sisterhood and mentorship/sponsorship by women for women is one of the quickest ways we’ll accelerate the reclaiming of our homes, bodies, gifts, planet. This is why I created the FIERCELY LOVE IT FORWARD Fund.


The concept of a Love It Forward Fund was first introduced to me by Abigail Rose Clarke of the Embodied Life Method. All credit to her for inspiring this!

Sponsor someone you know

If you want to sponsor a specific woman (with their consent), connect with me and let’s get things set up.

I’m so deeply grateful for you
Loving It Forward.