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tools & mentoring for powerful women changing the world through

presence. purpose. impact.
are you ready to deeply embrace who you are
& step into the work you came here to do?

Awaken To Your Soul


homestudy course
gateway: WISDOM

A journey into your deep inner self, embodied presence, and wise leadership.

A self-study course, from the comfort of your own home, meant to accelerate your journey of awakening to your Soul Guidance & Deep Wisdom – so you can confidently walk your own path of Bliss & Impact.


does your life & business reflect who you are? and the impact you're here to make?

Luscious Flow


a 75 minute session
for collapsing timelines

Pure energetics
to bring you home and activate your flow.

If you’re open to the magic of collapsing timelines, and willing to ignore the scepticism of your mind programmes – Luscious Flow is for you. It’s amongst the most potent of my work, and easily accessible at that! I’m looking forward to sharing the magic of this space with you!


The FierceLove Collective sisterhood Circle

A powerful 6-month circle for women who feel deeply called towards the Priestess Path.

Part Mastermind, part Mentorship, and a whole lot of sisterly support, this circle gathers teachings, practices, and activations to ILLUMINATE your deepest knowings and truth.

You will walk in beauty.

You will walk in truth.

You will walk in devotion.

You will walk with FierceLove. 

Sign up to the waiting list to be invited when the circle opens for September 2019 …

new to my work?

Hi, I’m Kathleen Saelens, life coach and writer based in Belgium, Europe.

I’m the founder of THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™, and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System™ and Luscious Flow™, a revolutionary cutting-edge series of time-collapsing activations.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes. My body of work is original, and unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being. Journeying with the House unleashes her feminine essence, wisdom, natural impact and calling. You can begin your journey into UNFURLING by taking the free audiocourse How To get More Of What You Want By Being More of Who You Are.

Known for my authentic, honest, and soulful approach, my work is all about reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and true self, living with more love, peace, presence & purpose, feeling vibrantly alive and lit up, in full acceptance & celebration of your own self, and life.