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Soulful Success Intensive
one day, one big deep-dive + you and me =
Radical Progress Towards Soulful Success

The Soulful Success Intensive is for established women entrepreneurs (healers, coaches, service providers),
and for women who want to start their own business the SOULGUIDED way. So what does your calendar look like? Let’s do it!

If you are looking
to embrace your truest vision for yourself
and your business,

want a plan of action for meaningful results,
and are desiring someone to hold compassionate &
knowledgeable space for you
(your soul is done with harsh strategies
that only add to your exhaustion and feelings of disconnect),

then the Soulful Success Intensive
may be perfect for you!



The Soulful Success Intensive is a VIRTUAL (=online) + CUSTOMIZED one-on-one retreat. Just You + Me. It is the perfect option for you if you desire a laser-focused deep-dive into your business (model, offerings, pricing, marketing, and general approach) + explore how your business and life can mesh together more peacefully, more beautifully, more SATISFYINGLY. 

Soulful Success is about creating MEANING, PROSPERITY and IMPACT for yourself and others, through your business
and doing so in a way that prioritizes A LIFE LIVED IN JOY! Doing the kind of work that makes your soul sing. Working with the kind of clients that fill your heart with gratitude and love. Feeling prosperous – in TIME, and MONEY, and IMPACT created through your business




We’ll invite the stories that live deep in your heart to reveal themselves. We’ll then alchemize any unhelpful beliefs, patterns and habits that are keeping you from fully stepping into your soul’s vision for what is next.

Then we’ll create the soulful strategy + aligned action that will bridge the gap toward your vision for success. Together, we will unpack your current business model to discover what’s working and what’s not. We’ll look at how your life and business are currently co-existing, and where you can invite in more ease and flow. And we’ll create a strategic plan that will support you in moving into focused, purposeful action.

This is a beautifully, gracefully held container. And it’s an intensive in that we get really focused, action-oriented, and do big work in a short period of time. YES!


one day, one big deep-dive + you and me.
ready to get started?

This work is for current + aspiring women entrepreneurs. The number of Intensives I host each month is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.
Your investment at this time is €1.500 (need an alternative installment plan? Talk to me and let’s see what is possible.)

If this work resonates deeply for you, and you’d love to talk to me first, please contact me for a consultation. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!1

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the flow of our day will focus on what you most need:

▼ Eliminating any overwhelm, stuckness, or stress you may be experiencing

▼ Self-discovery : get clear on what you really want to do in your business and life + your purpose

Clarification : clarify anything that feels uncertain, confusing, inefficient, or out-of-alignment

▼ Alignment Pivot : deciding on your ideal lifestyle & career/business model

Soulful Success Blueprint: 

Practices to help you activate your intuitive senses so you can feel confident in your decision-making

Make big + small decisions about the direction of your business so that you can feel free, fulfilled, in flow

Design unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver

Power up your branding & shift your marketing to speak directly to the hearts of those you serve

Restructure your schedule so you can continue to nurture your heart & mind for flow, ease and impact

▼ Limiting belief removal and confidence building work

▼ Creating a break-down map of how you will achieve your business and personal goals










   (and less like what you think you SHOULD be doing)

ready to get started? here's HOW we roll:

▼ EITHER Purchase the Soulful Success Intensive now if you already know you want to step into this work,

▼ OR Contact me for a consultation using the form on this page. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours and we’ll schedule a 30 minute consultation call. If we decide the Intensive is a perfect fit for you (timing, content, payment) we move forward immediately.

▼ Upon receiving your payment (payment plans available), we’ll decide on a date for your Intensive. I’ll also send you an Intensive Kick-Starter pack that will help me understand your current reality in-depth so I can plan the day out in the way that will serve you best. The Kick-Starter Pack is also a brilliant way for you to start unearthing the stories and visions that are most resonant in your heart for your future business evolution.

▼ Your day!!!!! Expect lots of shifts in thinking, AND you’ll walk away with a plan you feel good about executing.

▼ It doesn’t end there! You’ll receive priority access to me via email for the next two weeks. At the end of that, we will get together again for a 45 minute call where we will see how you have done with your actions, go deeper with the coaching and answers any questions that have come up for you. 

▼ All sessions will be recorded and made available to you as an mp3 recording.

you'll receive over 6 hours of my dedicated time and focus +
2 weeks of access to me via email, so you can feel completely solid in your ability to take this vision forward!

what other women are saying:

"the things I truly want to accomplish seem clearer, more aligned with my soul and somehow more achievable..."

Thank you Kath for a wonderful VIP Day. I’m still processing the impact of it as it continues to unfold and unfurl within me. It helped me gain clarity about what my heart and soul really wants to do in my work and business  and I deeply appreciated the way you held space for me and my process. 

Your intuition about the direction we needed to go in with the day was spot on and has altered the course of my direction. The things I truly want to accomplish seem clearer, more aligned with my soul and somehow more achievable.


book your day now

I love to MAKE SURE WE CAN GO DEEP in one-on-one work & have a small number of women I support privately - please complete this Expression Of Interest Form and I will be in touch with you soon TO CONNECT VIA PHONE FIRST!

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if you FEEL DEEPLY DRAWN TO THIS WORK YET not sure this the right choice for you


I do not want you to feel any anxiety about your decision. Honestly. I mean that.

If you’re hesitating, check in with yourself to get clear on what is drawing you to this work + what your hesitation is about. 

Do you need more information? I would love to give you answers to any questions you might still have, so feel free to book a complimentary call with me to do just that. The simplest way to do that is to fill out the form on this page!

Do you feel like you might benefit from longer-term support? Maybe you are someone who naturally works best with long-term accountability OR who wants deep, complete immersion into self-development, self-mastery and soulful business growth. I have a beautiful programme that might be just perfect for you. Read about it here. 

IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME CONSIDERING AN INTENSIVE? here’s my experience with Intensives (and why I LOVE hosting them so much!)

An intensive is all about you. It’s an amazing gift that you give yourself when you feel in need of more CLARITY, more DECISIVENESS, and a more BALANCED and ALIGNED way forward - now.

There really is nothing quite like an intensive. The Soulful Success Intensive is basically a 6-week coaching package done in less than one day! It’s absolutely a LIFECHANGING day – with immediate shifts and results in mindset, action-taking, and forward vision! And I think the reason I love holding space for you in an Intensive is because I can be rather impatient myself – sometimes we really just want to dive in, make changes, and get moving forward, FAST!

So, here’s the big picture: by investing in the Intensive, you’re receiving a day that is totally devoted to you and creating the life and business that matches your soul – your deepest dreams and desires! It’s such a powerful container of clarity and designing your most exciting future, one that you actually feel confident about stepping into. 

I would love to hold this space for you
- the gift of a day dedicated to you &
your growth and development.

about me and my approach:

honour the whispers in your heart.
together we uncover your truth.

Ever since my first tentative steps onto my own path of unfurling, fresh out of a 14-year career in corporate, I’ve come to fiercely hold space for our right as women to take space and time to HONOUR OUR TRUTH.

And that includes in our visions and intentions for our business. So yes, my specific method of spaceholding draws on my expertise and experience as a business strategist and high-level leader in corporate – but it goes way beyond that, too. Into OUR DEPTHS.

My biggest wish for you as you step into this Intensive, is that you feel safe, and heard, and free to express your deepest vision for your future, your business, and life.

My absolute desire for you leaving this container, is that you feel SOLID: grounded in your vision for your future, confident in what you stand for and certain on how to move towards your dreams and desires in business and life, in a way that feels deeply true to who you are.

I’ll bring my career and business expertise to the table, enriched with my in-depth understanding of how to deal with ‘enough’ and ‘more’ in our life as women doing it all, and my own intuitive coaching methodology.  I want this day to be all about you, and so I will be creating space for you to talk and reflect. I’ll be challenging you – from a place of love and compassion – to look at what is working and what is not. And I’ll be your co-creator in designing a plan of action that takes you from ‘now’ to ‘there’ confidently and with flow.

if you resonate with this, please join me for a call to explore if this Intensive would be
your perfect next step

Simply contact me for a consultation. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!

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answers to your questions

what is your current availability?

The best way to check on my availability is to book a short call. The number of Intensives I host each month is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, uninspired, frustrated and near-tears trying to figure out which way to go with your business.
  • If you’re longing for more meaning, more depth, more true connection, more fulfilment, more ease, more play, more balance…  you will absolutely LOVE the way this intensive will help you access and voice EXACTLY what is wanting to be birth into your life!

I LOVE courses. There’s a good chance I’m enrolled in a course right now (lately, I’ve been learning about Herbalism, White Privilige, and Working With Teens). That being said: there IS a difference between a course and a ONE-ON-ONE experience.

When you’re enrolled in a course, you’re learning. Your brain then needs to make the switch to translating all the knowledge you’ve just absorbed to your own UNIQUE situation. That process of TRANSLATING will eventually lead to your IMPLEMENTING – and benefiting from what you’ve learned.

I’m speaking from experience when I say: this can take LONGER than you expect it to. Sometimes that’s okay – but when you’re already feeling OVERWHELMED, STUCK, and desperate for ANSWERS NOW! – a one-on-one experience is going to help you find clarity, emerge from the overwhelm, and move forward with practical decisions and actions SUPERFAST.

  • Complete the form and I’ll get back to you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary call. If we decide that the Soulful Success Intensive would be perfect for where you’re at, I’ll then take payment and we’ll move forward straightaway! 
  • I will send you the information you need to schedule your day
  • Once we’ve scheduled your day, I’ll send the contract + your Kick-Starter Pack so you can get started finding CLARITY
  • On the day of your Soulful Success INTENSIVE, we’ll meet virtually. We’ll dedicate the next hours together getting clear on what is working for you in your business and what isn’t, defining your optimal alignment, and creating a plan of action for a more streamlined, efficient, profitable and JOYFULLY heartcentered business!
  • After your Intensive, I’ll be there to support you further as you start implementing your plan. You’ll have access to me via email for two whole weeks, and we’ll schedule a follow-up session where you can ask me any questions you have – I want you to feel ON FIRE & CONFIDENT that you can create a FLOURISHING business doing what you love going forward!


Upon receiving your payment, I’ll contact you to schedule your date(s) + send you an Intensive Kick-Starter pack that will help me understand your current reality in-depth so I can plan the day out in the way that will serve you best.

The Kick-Starter Pack is also a brilliant way for you to gain clarity about what is no longer working for you (and what you want instead). We often know this because things feel off-kilter, but it’s not usually something we can easily put into words. The Kick-Starter Pack will help you gain enough clarity for you to come into our Intensive ready for action!

I live in Belgium, Europe. I’ve been scheduling intensives with women in Europe, Australia, and the US, so if you live in a different timezone than me, that’s not an issue! 

We CAN absolutely meet in person – in fact, I LOVE LOVE LOVE hosting a day for you at a lovely venue! There is an added magic to spending the day together in person that I think you’ll love as well. Because I want your in-person retreat to be truly special and supportive of you – both where you’re at and where you’re heading – I have created a specific Private Retreat experience, which you can read about here.

Your investment in my guidance to embrace your deepest truth, and transform and grow into the next phase of your own evolution is €1.500 (at this time). (need an alternative installment plan? Talk to me and let’s see what is possible).

Yes! I do know that feeling of ‘I KNOW this work is calling me, and I’m ready to commit to myself with this investment now!’ Which you can do here.

  • The preparation time for the Kick-Starter Pack is 1 hour, approximately. 
  • If meeting
    • VIRTUALLY: we’ll be meeting for 4 hours in our initial session, and 2 hours in our second session, with a final 45 minute follow-up session two weeks later.
    • IN PERSON: we’ll be meeting for 5 – 6 hours, and then a follow-up session of 45 – 60 minutes two weeks later.

I do encourage you to schedule time afterwards to start putting into action/form what you have decided on during the Intensive. There is 2 weeks of email support included after our Intensive, so that would be a good time for you to implement, take action, move forward, and come back to me with anything you’re bumping into.

imagine …

spending a day with someone who gets you
I know that for many of us, the people in our closest circles just don’t understand (yet) what we’re all about… We’re the pioneers in our communities – which brings both exciting possibilities and a heart-wrenching sense of being all alone. This Intensive is ALL ABOUT YOU. 

FOR YOU. So you can feel HEARD & SUPPORTED. So you can breathe, and let go of what no longer suits you. And step into a new, deeply rooted vision for MORE.


relaxing into a safe space where you’ll be expertly guided to deep-dive & uncover truth
This is about coming into a beautifully held container with someone who will create the safe space you so desperately yearn for. A space where we don’t jump to conclusions or go into immediate judgement. A space where we give voice to your soul… and your deepest hopes and desires for your business and life… so they can finally unfurl and flourish. 

You’re here to create a MEANINGFUL business, after all, and your dreams of what that may look like MATTER and deserve to be HEARD! In fact: until you listen to the whispers of your heart – you’ll keep searching for the path, in vain. Your SOUL is calling to you, showing you the path to YOUR GREATEST FULFILMENT. Your soulful success.


finding your perfect mix of ambition, and ease & flow
being guided expertly on the path – your UNIQUE path – that will take you into a CRYSTAL-CLEAR VISION of where you’re wanting to go, and HOW to get there. I don’t believe in fairytales… I believe in LISTENING to your heart and soul – and taking TANGIBLE, real-life steps to drawing our fulfilment into our REAL life. You’ll walk away with a plan… and EASE & FLOW

book your day now

If you’d love to talk to me first, simply contact me for a consultation. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!


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