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resources for women to walk in deep wisdom
tools & practices to help you
access your own inner wisdom,
the space everything else blooms from

hey gorgeous! I have a question for you:

"what would it feel like to REALLY FULLY

Wouldn’t you move forward in life without the constant anxiety, second-guessing, doubt and fear,
without the constant anxious seeking for approval or validation for your ideas and dreams for your life?
I’ve learned this to be true! In truth, THIS is the basis for EVERYTHING else that is deeply calling you!

SO HERE’S WHAT is possible for you:

You learn to LISTEN to yourself – your own inner wisdom, and

You discover your unique way to create the space for that still inner voice to talk to you loud and clear
– in a way that feels fun, effortless and joyful

You develop TRUST in your own inner guidance, and

You are completely comfortable with following your own inner guidance as the AUTHORITY in your life versus other people’s opinions

You deeply KNOW what is calling to you / what the next step is for you, and

You MOVE FORWARD with serene confidence & courage, despite your fear of the unknown.


truth. depth. and deep, nourishing conversations
about this messy & beautiful human journey.
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This is an exploration of fear. I hope this guide will help you anchor into a new perspective and dialogue around fear. Not as the enemy, to be fought against viciously. Not as a sign of weakness, proof that at your core, you are not made out for big dreams and uneasy steps, not one of the brave. Rather, my wish for you is that you may feel yourself relax into the knowing,
What do I do when I'm the only person who is going through this process of awakening? Do I talk about it? And why does it have to feel so lonely? I'm sharing ​3 tips to help you move forward in ways that are kind & empowering to everyone involved (you included).
what does a spiritual awakening feel like
So what does a spiritual awakening feel like? The Journey Of Awakening is magic. And – there are moments when it hurts. Let's talk about it. Because conversations about what is hidden, what seems ‘wrong’ or shameful, is where our healing happens.
free support for you on your journey.

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Get started TODAY with a beautiful 5-day guided journey into HOW your intuition is speaking to you – and step into a deepened sense of peace, serenity, and trust!

connect to your own depth and wisdom,
from the intimacy of your own home.



If you know you want to move forward rapidly with your intuitive practice, and want to feel confident in intuition-led decision making for your life & work, then this 4-hour virtual retreat is absolutely perfect for you!


▼ create a practice for listening to your guidance,

▼ clear any limiting beliefs you have that sabotage your trust in your intuitive guidance, & keep you from moving forward with clarity and confidence in your life/career decisions 

▼ feel so lit up & solid in your own intuitive knowing (it feels like coming home to yourself, finding the missing piece)  


We’ll meet virtually, and we’ll dedicate 4 hours to you, and your personal pathways to tuning in to your own inner wisdom. We’ll create powerful shifts together, so you can move through any of your trust-related blocks. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of HOW your intuitive guidance works, how to access it, and why you can absolutely trust where you’re guided.

what people say about this work
Kath does PHENOMAL work.

She EMPOWERS people to do things for themselves, by sharing her knowledge and experience in the most sincere and generous way.

Kath’s work is compassionate, uplifting, and wonderfully insightful. I have a lot more trust in my intuition now. I feel empowered to continue on my journey with confidence. I felt so supported and I really appreciate the way she held space for us (it felt really warm and safe).

Before working with Kathleen, I was overthinking every decision in my new business. She helped me develop more confidence, clarity and purpose. I recommend Awaken To Your Soul to anyone who is eager to get out of their head and into their heart!
Carrie-Ann Wilson​
let me light your way to your deepest truth.


private mentoring

Would you love personalised guidance and 1:1 support on your journey ? 

In my Aligned & Thriving programme, we will journey together for 6 months, where I will hold space for you to 

▼ release what is holding you back,

▼ find clarity on what your heart truly desires, and 

▼ step forward into your BLOOMING, THRIVING self.

You will feel safe & supported. You will firmly land in your own courage, your own wisdom, and start creating what your heart truly yearns for, in work (a thriving online business) and life (more love, more meaning, more truth, more joy, more soul).

new to my work?

Hi, I’m Kathleen Saelens, life coach and writer based in Belgium, Europe.

I’m the founder of THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™, and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System™ and Luscious Flow™, a revolutionary cutting-edge series of time-collapsing activations.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes. My body of work is original, and unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being. Journeying with the House unleashes her feminine essence, wisdom, natural impact and calling. You can begin your journey into UNFURLING by taking the free audiocourse How To get More Of What You Want By Being More of Who You Are.

Known for my authentic, honest, and soulful approach, my work is all about reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and true self, living with more love, peace, presence & purpose, feeling vibrantly alive and lit up, in full acceptance & celebration of your own self, and life.


how can I connect to the depth, mystery and
true meaning of my life?
if that is your deep inquiry, most resonant in your life right now,
start with the free 5-day journey into your own deep wisdom.
I promise you, you won't regret it.

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Get started TODAY with a beautiful 5-day guided journey into a deepened sense of peace, serenity, and trust!