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Welcome to The House Of Unfurling

“This cannot be all there is…”

I feel that weirdly sinking feeling, like dread, take up its usual place somewhere in the depths of my stomach, nauseating and chilling at the same time. I’m on the stairs, going down another floor. Another. And I suddenly know – such perfect clarity – that my life could easily be exactly like this. A never-ending repetition of meaningless discussions and exhausting urgent-problem solving, like the perfect little robot, just another cog in the heartless machine that I feel corporate culture has become. It feels horrible. I’ve been waiting for so long for life to finally feel right… but no matter how hard I try, no matter how much money I make, or targets I reach, it’s just getting more and more meaningless. I’m getting more and more restless.

The whispers are getting louder. Harder to ignore. So seductive. “There’s something else out there for you”, they say. “There is another possibility. Another way of doing this. Come, explore… It just takes a little courage, that’s all… Will you please just explore?”
I close my eyes against the whispers. And hear my own voice, barely audible, echoing in the empty staircase. Yes.

you’re here because you’re looking for answers.

"what is my purpose?"
"how can I find it?"
"how do I make the difference in the world
I feel called to make?"
"how do I step into my impact & legacy?"

You’ve finally had it with the deeply unsettling feeling that something isn’t quite right with your life. That something is missing.
You’ve tried doing it the way you’ve been told, the way everyone promised you would bring happiness, and joy. That would make you feel complete, like you had arrived, like you knew what life was all about. Living the life. The way real grownups do. The ones who’ve got their shit together? That perfect bliss, yes.

Except it got you nowhere.

Something must have escaped you. You must have missed something important, somewhere. Or… maybe, this way?
It’s just no longer what is meant for you… Maybe,




I’m so excited to share this with you! Find insights about Purpose, a Wise Guide to Finding Your Purpose, an audio activation for unlocking your remembrance,  and more!

truth. depth. and deep, nourishing conversations
about this messy & beautiful human journey.

The Path Beckons … Towards Understanding The Truth Of Who We Are

There is so much judgment in our society about Truths. It feels like too much of a claiming. “I have the truth”. How can we ever be sure of what the truth really is? How can anyone claim to have knowledge or access to the truth? It feels wrong to use that word. To make that claiming. And yet – there is a truth. The truth of who we are. The truth … of you Beyond any spiritual or religious or philosophical concepts, there is this one thing that never changes. And that is, that we are. Something moves us. Something breathes us. We are body. We are mind. We are emotions. We are. And beyond all of that – we are us. Different from the others. Separate, only ever hearing our own thoughts, feeling our own feelings, knowing our own reality. And the thought that crosses all of our minds, at one point, is this: Who am I, really? Why am I here? The moment that thought crosses your mind – you are opening the door to understanding. When you feel this question, deeply resonating in your heart, an aching yearning to know, to understand, you will be shown

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maybe my dreams are too big

Maybe My Dreams Are Too Big

Have you ever been told – or secretly thought – that what you most desire in life, is just too big of a dream? Insane even to even entertain – because it’s just plain too much, too improbable? In this article, we delve into why that is true nonsense, and what you dreams are telling you, instead.

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new to my work?

Hi, I’m Kathleen Saelens, life coach and writer based in Belgium, Europe.

I’m the founder of THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™, and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System™ and Luscious Flow™, a revolutionary cutting-edge series of time-collapsing activations.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes. My body of work is original, and unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being. Journeying with the House unleashes her feminine essence, wisdom, natural impact and calling. You can begin your journey into UNFURLING by taking the free audiocourse How To get More Of What You Want By Being More of Who You Are.

Known for my authentic, honest, and soulful approach, my work is all about reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and true self, living with more love, peace, presence & purpose, feeling vibrantly alive and lit up, in full acceptance & celebration of your own self, and life.


Step into the Remembrance of why you’re here and What You’re Meant For.
It is already there, within you.