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resources for women to walk
in joyous beauty
Step into the honoured feminine… and finally, deeply, come home to yourself.​​
Welcome to The House Of Unfurling

it is time for us, women, to


That includes such “subversive” things as Beauty, Bodies, Boundaries, Self-Worth, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Voice, Space, Sensual Expression, Sexual Enjoyment, Sacred Bleeding, and Big-Hearted Fierce Momma Love.

It’s going against everything we’ve been told for ages, and redefining these things from a purely feminine lens. With, for me, one guiding question: “how do I want my daughters to come into this?”.

There is definitely an fierce voice running through my work about women and our bodies – our sovereignity – but more than that, this is not about “being in opposition to”. It’s about exploring new ways of being with ourselves, and our bodies, and being with each other – in ways that feel deeply honouring of our humanity and sacredness. So, if that resonates, I’d love for you to come explore with me.

in reclaiming your feminine radiance, this is what i know is possible for you to discover:

▼ You fall deeply in LOVE with experiencing life in a woman’s body – regardless of others’ gaze, triggers and judgments ▼

You get comfortable with establishing BRIGHT LINES – boundaries that are respectful of your values, body, & energy 

You develop TRUST with your gut feelings, your instincts, your wild knowings – honouring your Yes and your No 

You meet life, and people, with innate receptivity and openness – and equally fierce truth-speaking where you feel called 


truth. depth. and deep, nourishing conversations
about this messy & beautiful human journey.
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let me light your way to your deepest truth.

hello sister

have you been feeling disconnected from your body, at war with your femininity, and slightly unsure how to reclaim a different story of beauty, femininity, gentleness and power in today's society?

This is one of the amazing & lush pillars of the work I guide my clients with in my 6-month private mentoring programme.

Would you love some personalised guidance and 1:1 support on your journey ? 

In my Aligned & Thriving programme, we will journey together for 6 months, where I will hold space for you to

▼ release what is holding you back,

▼ find clarity on what your heart truly desires, and

▼ step forward into your BLOOMING, THRIVING self.

You will feel safe & supported. You will firmly land in your own courage, your own wisdom, and start creating what your heart truly yearns for, in work and life (more love, more meaning, more truth, more joy, more soul). And you will have come home to yourself – to your gorgeous, beautiful, feminine body, and fully inhabit its magic.

Come, dive in, and explore tools and practices from the lensing of the honoured feminine. Reclaiming Softness. Grace. Compassion.
And Fierce Strength. Courage. And Sovereignty.


new to my work?

Hi, I’m Kathleen Saelens, life coach and writer based in Belgium, Europe.

I’m the founder of THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™, and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System™ and Luscious Flow™, a revolutionary cutting-edge series of time-collapsing activations.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes. My body of work is original, and unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being. Journeying with the House unleashes her feminine essence, wisdom, natural impact and calling. You can begin your journey into UNFURLING by taking the free audiocourse How To get More Of What You Want By Being More of Who You Are.

Known for my authentic, honest, and soulful approach, my work is all about reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and true self, living with more love, peace, presence & purpose, feeling vibrantly alive and lit up, in full acceptance & celebration of your own self, and life.