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The Coaching Intensive

21 days, one big challenge
+ you and me + 4 coaching sessions =

deeply practical & purposeful progress
Hi! Learn How To Work With Me!


• The Coaching Intensive offers the kind of deep support that can help you make huge progress on a current challenge you are facing. 

• You bring your challenge, which might be something like these examples:

  • a desire to get really clear on your purpose,
  • a struggle to navigate these times as a highly sensitive empath,
  • the desire to be held and witnessed as you move through lifetimes of grief surfacing,
  • a longing to come back home to your body in a deeper way, 
  • the urge to dive into an area of your online heart-centered business that is causing you grief or feels out of alignment,
  • the calling to define your next soul-led offering,
  • a longing to tap into your heart’s truest vision for your life & allow yourself to dream big,
  • a desire to move beyond the disconnect you’re feeling,
  • a yearning to lean more deeply into a sense of pleasure, ease, beauty in life,
  • the desire to feel yourself connect deeply to your guides, angels, higher self, and intuitive guidance.

• Over the course of 21 days and 4 sessions together, we’ll transform your longing into a real, tangible approach that works for your unique personality and feels so good to actually implement (and I’ll be there to support you as you do!).


how my coaching will support you

slowing down and tuning in


by creating deep, embodied presence, we open the gateways to your heart’s truest desires

I will support you in reconnecting to your own truth & wisdom. Our sessions will always serve as a gateway into that, where you’ll feel your entire being soften into a sense of deep peace, presence and purpose. This is the space we’ll create from. This is where all of your answers will become available and accessible for you to work with – for our plan of action to form.

moving into focused, purposeful action


where we create a truly lush plan of action

Once the vision in your heart has come vibrantly to life within this beautifully held container, we will move into strategic exploration: tuning into what your soul is most wanting to birth in the world, through which pathways, and on what terms. Our next 3 sessions will be focused on supporting you as you move through the implementation: reflection, finetuning, celebration (yes!!!). We’ll focus on ease, pleasure AND results.

the flow of our sessions will focus on what you most need. here's how this is structured:

▼ You get 4 private coaching sessions with me via Zoom.

▼ The initial session is 90 minutes long. This is where we’ll dive deeply into your situation, identify the obstacles & opportunities, and get clear on what needs to happen to come to your desired result. 

▼ You then have three 30-minute sessions to get feedback, coaching, course correction, renewed belief in yourself, and articulating anything that you might need to communicate or say. Really, it’s for whatever you need.

▼ Your sessions need to be completed by July 7th, unless other arrangements have been made. 

▼ All sessions will be recorded and made available to you as an mp3 recording. 


The Coaching Intensive is for those of you who want to take something on now, in the way that is right and true for you.

The way I approach my Coaching is with a deep devotion to truth (yours) and to a practical plan of action that feels deeply grounded in your actual life situation. All of our sessions will be guided by your own Higher Self / Soul Self, and the strategies & practices we’ll explore for you will be exactly what will most support your process and growth.

I hope you’ll join me!
Here’s what you need to know:
• This is an intensive. Sessions are meant to be used by July 7th, unless arrangements have been made.
• The fee is non-refundable.
• All Policies and Terms relevant to all my work also apply to The Coaching Intensive.



what’s included:

▼ Focused and intensive coaching to help you meet your challenge and work toward the best possible outcome.

▼ 4 one-to-one coaching sessions; sessions MUST be used before July 7th 2020 unless other arrangements have been made.

▼ The Coaching Intensive is non-refundable. Be sure you’re ready to make your change, honour your boundaries, commit to your practices & actions. We’ll work on what YOU want and need, together.

After your purchase, I’ll be sending you the link where you can schedule your first session!

€ 500 (approx. $540 USD)