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aligned and thriving
a 6-month 1:1 experience for
deep alignment with your truth, stepping into feminine leadership,
& building a thriving business based on YOUR energy

This is an answer to your call.
To that yearning, that deep
pull, in the core of your being, telling you something else is possible for you and your life.
There’s so much there that wants to be unleashed, set free, that wants to soar and explore and inspire and change.

Would you love some personalized support and guidance to help you EXPLORE what is calling you?
Do you feel drawn to the idea of having someone walk by your side, safely holding you, 
guiding you on the journey of creating deep, lasting, real change in your life?

Between Purpose, Intuitive Living, Heart-Centered Business Building, and tapping into your Personal Prosperity,
we’re creating a life TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE.

here's a couple of things
I know to be true:

who you really are

you want to know you’re living your life as the truest version of you – you at your most courageous, most caring, most enlightened, most loving, most joyful, most aligned, most thriving.



you deeply care about our world and the future of our children. you know that the burning desire you feel to make a change is a calling – it will not leave you be until you step up and help create a better world.



you want to feel vibrantly and present in your life, like it has meaning, and impact, and true intimacy, and beauty, and so.much.joy



you long to do work that feels deeply meaningful & supports you and your loved ones with money to invest in the experiences, people, companies and causes you most care about.

well... that is how we roll!

Get ready for total Mind-Body-Soul-Business Alignment!

so much is possible for you and your life
so are you ready
to explore what is calling you?
here's the good news:
you don't have to do it alone

begin with a free discovery chat

Get started with a complimentary 20-minute chat with me, and we can explore what you would like support with,
and whether my 1:1 mentoring programme Aligned & Thriving is the right fit for you.

Your investment will be €6.000. Payment plans available.


▼ embodying your authentic self by truly getting to know who you are, what you value and what sets your soul on fire

slowing down and living with more presence, ease, grace & mindfulness (and love!)

▼ finding clarity on your unique calling, and embracing clarity in your message (and how to speak it powerfully in the world)

▼ lifting the fog that is keeping you stuck, and getting crystal-clear on what you are wanting to create & what your next steps are

▼ introducing you to your inner wisdom, and building your unwavering belief in your own power, decision-making, and strength

▼ awakening to the guidance of your Soul, and shifting you into a place of COMPLETE trust in yourself and your path

▼ giving you the tools to coach yourself through fear, anxiety, indecision, procrastination and doubt

▼ releasing wounds from your past experiences (in relationships, in childhood, in corporate) that are keeping you in hiding, and feeling stuck

▼ helping you shift your mindset on things like self-care, wealth consciousness, self-worth and the search for external validation

▼ creating authentic, lasting happiness, rooted in a feeling of wholeness, joy and contentment that comes from within

▼ opening up to an experience of your everyday life that is amazingly feel-good and full of deeply experienced magical moments

▼ aligning the work that you do with what your soul aches to do

▼ taking inspired actions steps that will get you moving forward in living out your highest vision

▼ growing your online business (services/coaching/teaching/speaking/writing) with a sense of ease and purpose

▼ and/or re-aligning your career so it feels more meaningful and fulfilling

▼ in short: helping you create the life of your dreams and a soulfully-aligned business/career that is deeply fulfilling & impact-full

does that sound like 'oh my gosh, yes'!? cool!
get ready because you are embarking on the biggest adventure of your life: finding you.
so, here's the real and honest truth, gorgeous: you have to come home to yourself first.
all the wonderful things that you feel drawn to? they can only bloom in the fertile soil of your true belonging to yourself.
I wish I could tell you there’s another way. Less scary, less way-beyond-my-comfort-zone, less unfamiliar territory. There isn’t.
This calling that you’re feeling, and all the beautifully glittering gems that you’re seeing glimpses of – more joy, deeper connections, more truth, knowing yourself to be at home and deeply settled into your bones, more depth and meaning, and work that is contributing to a more positive world for us all – all of that IS ABSOLUTELY HERE FOR YOU.
First, though, your mission is to peel back the layers that are keeping you from fully seeing and trusting this for yourself.

and can I tell you a secret?
you'll get to the other side of this, and you'll look back, and say: fuck, that was intense. and, I see now what a badass I really am, and I'm so grateful I had the courage to start this journey. let me pay it forward.

So let’s take a moment and look at how intense things feel for you now. The fear, the doubt, the confusion, the overwhelm – these are the common struggles I hear from people when they join my mentoring programme (and yes, I’ve had them, too!). You’re standing on the edge of something new, something that speaks to you deeply, right?

creating a life that feels deeply fulfilling & completely authentic to who you are?

embracing your deepest dreams and desires, and taking steps so you can truly live them?

stepping into work that feels deeply meaningful?

a calling that you know will gently push you into more of a leadership/visible role?

feeling completely solid in your own purpose, and so so so confident and grounded in your own intuitive guidance?

speaking your truth, and creating an impact in the world for more love, more harmony, a more positive future?

These things tend to push us against the edges of what we're comfortable with.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone, though, or try to figure it all out yourself. Coaching will fast-track your progress and give you a shortcut so you can get to the core of your stuckness, fears, and overwhelm once and for all.

I will work with you closely to help you uncover and release everything that is blocking you from being the most confident, happiest version of yourself.

Together we will unravel the habits and ways of thinking that keep you small and stuck. We will get you moving forward on a path that lights you up, and all of those dreams you have been holding within your heart will start to become a reality.

begin with a free discovery chat

Get started with a complimentary 20-minute chat with me, and we can explore what you would like support with,
and whether my 1:1 mentoring programme Aligned & Thriving is the right fit for you.

Your investment will be €6.000. Payment plans available.

when you step into my coaching, you will feel safe and empowered, knowing you have your own personal guide and cheerleader

about me & my approach

For the past 3 years I have been guiding women from all accross the globe through self-transformation. I call this intense period in our lives the journey of unfurling, and my skill and mission are this: to go through the fire with you.

Our journey together is one of healing, of courageously listening to what is calling you, and radically owning yourself and speaking your own deep truths. Loving Fire to burn away what no longer serves you, and Fierce Grace in choosing what you’ll build next.

This is no-judgement, all-about-you support.
My work has been called deep, loving, wise, and just the right amount of kick-ass. With my background in high-level corporate, and training as an intuitive coach, the support I give you is a unique blend of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance, business know-how, and personalized mentoring to create deep, lasting change from the inside out. 
This is where I love to go with you:
right into the HEART of your truth.

My mentoring is a PERSONALIZED PROGRAMME that is fully tailored to you and your needs –
it’s deep, intense, gracefilled and beautiful.

If you know now is the time to explore what is calling you, to discover a way of living that is in tune with who you really are, 
and deeply meaningful and fulfilling, 1:1 coaching will give you the support you need. Between Purpose, Intuitive Living, Heart-Centered Business Building, and tapping into your Personal Prosperity, we’re creating a life TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. 

with this type of support,
anything is possible

the aligned & thriving MENTORship INCLUDES:

a Pre-Program Journey Plan
This workbook will guide you through a series of questions to help you get clarity on what you want to experience in our coaching. You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will help me fully customize the container I will hold for you throughout our time together.

A Virtual Deep-Dive Intensive
We will start our work together with 2 x 3 hour phone sessions. In this deep-dive, I will guide you through a powerful process to help you connect to the juicy vision for your life you hold inside of you. This will form the basis of our work together, and will help us map out our key areas of focus for the months ahead.

10 Transformative Coaching Sessions
Every 2 weeks, you and I will come together (online) for our 1:1 coaching sessions. We will meet for 11 transformative sessions, 75 – 90 minutes each, to dive deep and create powerful shifts.

1 x 60-minute Follow-Up Session
After our work together, you get to schedule one more 60-minute session with me (within 3 months of finishing the programme) to check back in and receive support.

Priority Email Support
Throughout the full 6 months we’re working together, you will have priority email access to me so that you get to ask questions and get support on anything you encounter between sessions. I want you to FLOURISH!

Access To My HomeStudy Course, Awaken To Your Soul
This is my signature online course which will guide you through 8 key principles that will help you deeply listen to your intuition, and trust your guidance.

Personalized Bonuses
Throughout the programme, you’ll be receiving access to a variety of resources, to better support your growth.
This includes meditations and affirmations to support you as you move through blocks and beliefs and integrate new practices, activities to help you deeply embody your fullest potential, and free or discounted access to anything I create whilst we’re working together (books, self-study programmes, workshops)

Support on an Energetic Level
Our minds yearn for understanding, our bodies need to be active and move – which is why our work together will be deeply practical and grounded in your everyday reality. And then there’s the magic… I will be creating and holding a sacred energetic power grid to support your shift and make your transformational process easier and smoother. You don’t have to understand it to benefit ♥

Listen to the call.

Listen to the feeling.

Listen to Y O U.

this ONE-ON-ONE Mentoring is an incredibly powerful journey, 6 months of truly, deeply transforming your life.

begin with a free discovery chat

Get started with a complimentary 20-minute chat with me, and we can explore what you would like support with,
and whether my 1:1 mentoring programme Aligned & Thriving is the right fit for you.

Your investment will be €6.000. Payment plans available.

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What would it feel like to REALLY FULLY TRUST YOURSELF? To know you're taking the RIGHT steps, illuminated by so much clarity and confidence, that your future cannot escape you? It is MEANT for you.

HERE’S THE RESULTS I know are possible FOR YOU:

you always deeply know what is calling to you / what the next step is for you, and

You MOVE FORWARD with serene confidence & courage, despite your fear of the unknown
(a skill you’ll have mastered that will serve you until the end of time!)

starry-eyed confidence to simply – and brilliantly – be you, meaning

No more hiding and no more second-guessing yourself, because you know who you are so completely and so deeply
that showing up in the ways you feel called to is simple, easeful, and fun!

you are building (and LIVING!) that FLOURISHING business you so YEARN to create, and

You are taking action each day, with a happy heart because you know you are TRULY on the path
that creates your unique IMPACT and LEGACY.


This is meant for you. You are meant for this.

how other women experience this work:

"I would recommend Kath's work to any woman wanting to reconnect with her true authentic self and experience an inside-out transformation."

The main reason I wanted to be a part of Kath’s mentoring is to discover my soul purpose and get masterful at tuning in to my intuition.

I knew it was right for me right of the bat because I felt a powerful connection with her writings and work.

Before I went through private mentoring with Kath, I was lacking clarity around my soul purpose and the next steps to take in my business. 

During the last months so much has changed. The biggest things that have shifted is my ability to trust my intuition and get into my body. Before, I was looking for THE way to express my soul purpose. It’s such a relief to now allow myself to express my purpose in different ways instead of trying to fit in a box! I am taking steps forward and feel so happy and excited about my process! – Theany Chan

Ready to to experience this CLARITY & JOY for yourself? Let’s work one-on-one together.

your intuition led you here.
Your next step?
Click the button to schedule your [free] breakthrough Session
to see if we’re an energetic match.

begin with a free discovery chat

Get started with a complimentary 20-minute chat with me, and we can explore what you would like support with,
and whether my 1:1 mentoring programme Aligned & Thriving is the right fit for you.

Your investment will be €6.000. Payment plans available.


When I decided to start my own online business, it didn’t take more than a few months to realize that I had never felt so confused and stuck as I did then. I had slowly come to see that none of the strategies that had helped me rise (ever so stubbornly) through the hierarchy of corporate, were of any use to me in building the world-changing business-with-heart that I dreamed of. And, things were happening in my life that I just couldn’t wrap my head around (I tentatively called it woowoo stuff).

In a moment of absolute clarity and courage, I admitted to myself that I couldn’t do it alone. This change, I felt intuitively, would mean exploring and embracing a completely new way of doing things – and I didn’t know where to start.

I felt stuck trying to imagine a business that would hold humanity, connection, real raw life, and world change at its core. And so, when I bumped into the woman who would become my first one-on-one mentor, I felt the resonance, and didn’t let my fear of making a substantial financial commitment hold me back from stepping into her work.

When I signed up to work with her, I didn’t know what to expect… I just knew this was the right next step for me. I never suspected that just a short while later, I would be blown away, each and every day, witnessing the acceleration that I experienced as a result of my willingness to receive support!

It wasn’t always easy, or comfortable. Our work together took me into my own dark places, the things I didn’t want to admit about myself or my life yet needed to be witnessed and let go for me to be able to really break free. I was so relieved to have my mentor’s guidance and support as I confronted the fears that had been ruling me for years. She lovingly pushed me, supported me and guided me into my big visions. She helped me go into the places that I couldn’t yet go alone. Within 6 months my whole life had completely started to change! 

THIS IS THE WORK I LOVE DOING WITH MY CLIENTS. I started working with my own Intuitive Coaching clients after completing my own training… and it still awes me to this day what is possible when we say yes to ourselves and embrace what we feel guided to.

This ONE-ON-ONE Mentoring is an incredibly powerful journey, 6 months of truly, deeply transforming your life.

If you are yearning to step into a beautifully held safe space,
where you can fully blossom into the woman YOU KNOW you are being called to be, and
where you can birth your big dream and vision into the world,

please contact me for a consultation call, where we’ll get to know each other and will make sure this programme, 
and my way of holding space, is a good match for you and you’re ready to jump in! 
I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to interview, answer questions, or other next steps! 

With so much love, and gratitude, Kath