A Day At The House – In-Person 1-on-1 Retreat

A Private, Bespoke Retreat where you’ll dive deep within your own longing, your truest vision for your business and life, and move forward with real clarity and confidence. This is your opportunity to work alongside flow catalyst and visionary thinker, Kathleen Saelens, and move into focused, purposeful action by first slowing down and tuning in to your highest truth for your life and work. THE FLOW OF OUR DAYS WILL FOCUS ON WHAT YOU MOST NEED. Beyond the practical level of what we’ll do, think HAVEN – a time-outside-time to get back to truth, desire, and confident knowing.
For those who have the vision of a higher calling and a lusciously alive, authentic life to co-create with the Universe.

A Day At The House is an immersive and comprehensive offering and I commit to a very limited number of private retreats every year. Just a handful of exquisite clients where I know I can really add value. This work is available by Application Only. I’d love to hear from you. Read More Here. Apply Here.

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