Aligned & Thriving – 6-Month 1-on-1 Mentorship


PRIVATE space held for you over a period of 6 months… this work is absolutely life-changing and combines focused progress with the spaciousness our journeys require for integration of new beliefs, frequencies, and anchoring the new.

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This is for women who wish to step into their fullest expression, impact and thriving business success, NOW.

Even though it’s a 6-month programme, the work we’ll do is intense and will push you against your edges multiple times. That is quite simply the truth of this journey, of our growth into our fullest unfurling and blossoming. Within this process, I am committed to holding space for you with compassion, an honouring of your needs, and a fierce dedication to your truth and highest potential.

This is where I’ll go with you: in the heart of your truth. From which, we can unfurl a more authentic, truth-driven, and soul-guided life. My devotion lies with your alignment first – because that’s where you’ll find the most depth, meaning, truth and fulfilment. From there, we’ll build both your life and your business into a thriving, sustainable expression of your truth. If you’re looking for the sought-after opportunity to work directly with Kath over a longer period of time, apply for your free Exploration call now – because of the depth of the work, I work with a small roster of clients and spaces always fill up fast.

By Application Only.

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