a taste of wisdom

Welcome Beauty!

Here’s what I know to be true:

your heart knows.

You are here
you suspect
that a part of you
has the answers you seek.

You yearn to
reclaim your own mystery
to gaze into the deep well
of your own inner knowing
and rise
with your own wisdom.

You are thirsty
for the fire
and heart
of your own
deep knowing.

You can no longer deny yourself
of your own yes and no
your ancestral blood
howling at the moon
and revelling in
the whisperings
in your blood and bones.

Here’s what I know:
you are so wise.

It is time to
the taste of your own wisdom.


start your journey into your own wisdom here


I believe it’s important to start your journey reconnecting to your own wisdom here: with an exploration of the Wider Perspectives. Please understand I am offering this as a starting point for your own exploration. This is a core element of how I approach this work: I don’t tell you what to believe. I will simply offer you things that encourage you, by means of self-empowerment, to not rely on anything outside of yourself to reconnect with your own inner world and own inner answers. 

With this audio, play with what it could look like to gift yourself the experience you crave: pause when you feel to, write, take notes, argue back at me, check in with yourself… The Key invitation here is to start tuning in to your own truth, to say ‘yes! this is how I’ve felt it, too’ or ‘no! to me it’s actually more like…’.

I really want to encourage you to start trusting yourself more. You Know, Beauty. You truly do. And by tuning into the wider perspective… you start to tap into your Excitement… rather than your fears. You start to see how it’s never just about you; how your own wise self is part of this brilliant Supernova of Wisdom and Knowing – and that you never ever truly walk alone. 

Enjoy this first excerpt from the Awaken To Your Soul course!



Imagine a room. We are sitting on soft cushions on the floor. Your hand absently caressing the gorgeously soft textures, your eyes taking in the blankets and plaids haphazerdly thrown in a pile nearby in case it gets a bit chilly. And you lift your gaze up to mine, and you ask the question that has been burning on your lips. “What is the quickest way to hear my own voice? I am so tired of seeking answers everywhere else. I want to hear myself. What I have to say about the direction I’m going …”

This would be my answer: Embrace Stillness.

You truly have all the answers you seek within reach. Within you.

Will you sit with yourself, in the uncomfortable silence, and allow your voice and wisdom to reveal themselves?

I know you may feel intense resistance right now as you read these words.

This is why it feels hard, why you might *really* not want to do this: all of your life, you have been taught to seek your answers outside of you. To look towards the ‘experts’ and authority figures for answers and guidance, because *they* know. Added to that, we live in a culture that worships being busy, constant forward and upward movement. Stillness? It is frowned upon. We feel like we’re doing something wrong, unsavoury even, when we seek out stillness.

Another reason why Stillness feels so intensely challenging for so many of us (myself included), is that we have disconnected from our own selves. We tend to run from our own Self – because things feel too intense. After years of tuning out our deepest truth, we’re physically scared of looking at everything we have been squashing down. Afraid we’ll never resurface if we do. Either numbing out with alchohol, food, social media & other addictions, or having this compulsory need to fill our lives with busy & noise.

So. I am telling you that the way into the answers you seek; into the wisdom you have felt rising within you: it is THROUGH your discomfort with silence. Non-doing. Stillness. And I promise you: once you do this for a few days (2 to 5) you will have completely busted through any resistance. And you will hear your Self. If there is only one thing you ever do, this is it. THE KEY. Your own Deep Wise Self is speaking to you. Right now. Always. If you feel like you just don’t have that inner knowing, that you are not one of the “gifted” ones – let me challenge you right there. We are all constantly being guided by our own wise self. You’ve just become so skilled at tuning out that voice – that now it feels almost impossible to reconnect. So: will you accept the invitation to step onto the Way Forward? 5 days. 5 minutes. Being okay with non-doing. With stillness. And inviting in the voice of your Wise Inner Self. That’s it.

I wanted to create something to support you in anchoring in the experience of STILLNESS.

In this Anchoring Activation & Meditation (an exerpt from the Awaken To Your Soul course) we will take a journey that will have you experience IN YOUR BODY what stillness feels like. We’ll then anchor this frequency into your being, so that you can recall that feeling with ease! Enjoy listening ♥

Note: this meditation is a really powerful process! please take some time afterwards to ground. You might notice your brain zoning out, or you might actually fall asleep, all of that is okay. It’s just your energetic body doing insane amounts of work  And, because many of us aren’t used to being in our bodies and enjoying that experience, it’s a meditation that might feel slightly triggering to you. There was a lot of truly blissful energy coming through and you’ll notice that.

the gateway of wisdom:
why this is non-negotiable

Your Own Inner Wisdom = The Gateway Into Self-Trust

The House of Unfurling is this beautifully potent body of work that supports women in the Reclaiming of their Full Powerful Self. There are many initiations that we walk along this journey, but one of the main takeaways for me accross the board has been the Deep Lack Of Self-Trust that we women carry as a core wound. In both my private coaching practice, and the sisterhood group programmes I guide, I see the majority of women second-guessing their every move, every knowing, every intuitive hit – and I see them struggling in deep uncertainty and insecurity, tearing themselves down at the core, and desperately seeking the moment where everything will change, when that one “expert” (teacher/gifted intuitive/guru) will finally tell them what they need to know.

As women, we are unable to TRUST ourselves. Unable to TRUST that we KNOW.

This is truly destabilizing, it means we don’t have the confidence and clarity to walk our Purpose Path, or truly express our Sacred Art, Work, Message, Service. We are stuck in comparison and competition, in denial of the Fierce Burning we feel in our own bellies and hearts, in exhausted desperate searching of the “other” that will make us whole. An entire generation of women is flailing around, in confusion and doubt, instead of confidently rising into their calling and walking their own Golden Path. I was one of them.

This is why it is non-negotiable that we courageously walk through the Gateway of Wisdom. And Reclaim Our Inner Wise Self as our Guide & Mentor. When we do, we start to feel the support of the Universe at our back, of our Ancestors and the Powerful Feminine Archetypes gifted to us by the Divine Mother. When we do, we start to see our own wisdom open up doors and possibilities and wise opportunities – and looking back, we gaze in wonder at the breadcrumb trail we never could have imagined was there. And most importantly: we rise. Without the debilitating doubt, our eyes see clearly, and we take relief and confidence in our own knowing. So we can walk. Our Unique Golden Path.

May your Rising With Your Own Wisdom be blissful & blazing.



yay gorgeous!
you did it.

i hope this taste of wisdom will continue to support you in the most beautiful ways on your journey.


and if you feel drawn to dIVE in deeper:

i am so excited to offer you a safe and gentle landing space with our signature homestudy course:
awaken to you soul

Kathleen Sylvia is an initiator for women on the Priestess Path, a teacher of Business, Wealth Consciousness & Leadership through the lensing of the Feminine Divine, and secret writer of poetry.

Her work is deeply evocative of the riches, depth, wisdom, and exquisite beauty that lie within a woman’s being. With the House Of Unfurling and The Feminine Impact Archetype System, she brings through an unique body of work characterized by what she calls FIERCE LOVE: a gentle and compassionate exploration of our human heart, backed by a fierce devotion to Soul Truth and Unapologetic Expression.

Focalizer for the Awakening Remembrance Reclaiming work at The House of Unfurling. Pillars: Deep Wise Self, Embodied Soul Presence, Wise Feminine Leadership.

Indentifiers: She/Her, Sourceress, Messily Creative & (endearingly/irritatingly) Gauche in Social Crowds. Wicked (sense of humour). Ex-Corporate Career Junkie. Business MBA.