the Journey of Awakening

are you going through a spiritual awakening?

In a society that rejects the idea of an inner world, that frowns upon the idea that things exist we cannot see — our initiation into awakening may leave us feeling desperately alone and confused, with nothing to guide us along our path. The Journey Of Awakening draws upon my own personal journey, as well as channeled insights, and my work with clients, to bring you a roadmap and help you navigate the journey with a deepened sense of safety and belonging. This is my Gift Of Devotion to you: because when you feel safe on the journey, you will be walking in Sublime Receptivity for all the magic that is available to flow into your life.

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I’ll be sending you a chapter that explores one of the 7 Stages Of Awakening we travel through — helping you understand where exactly you are situated on this Map of the Unknown, and offering you heart-felt insights in how to navigate this stage with Grace, Presence & Pleasure. Ready?

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kathleen sylvia saelens

About Kath

Kathleen Sylvia Saelens is a speaker, author and entrepreneur whose body of work unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being. She initiates women on the Priestess Path & teaches business, prosperity and leadership from the lensing of the Feminine Divine, in response to the rising global call for a deepened reclamation of the power of the feminine.

Her work with THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ gives a fresh and complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes.

Kath helps women release their fear of “being and wanting too much”, boldly claim their desire and calling, and thrive in service, building a life – and world – where your gifts and magic matter.



The journey of awakening

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