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your truth. your impact.
your sacred work.


Get FREE instant access to the How To Get More Of What You Want By Being More Of Who You Are Audio Course. Because crystal-clear clarity on your TRUEST dreams for your life is where it all starts. RECLAIM YOUR DESIRE, BABE.


It’s time for you to embrace the calling

to take that first step

and explore what is meant for you.

To shed what no longer serves you

to remember who you truly are

to align with your heart’s truest desires

to get activated

to lead from your true self.

This is what you crave:



Welcome To The House Of Unfurling

Welcome! I'm Kath.

I initiate women on the Priestess Path & teach business, prosperity and leadership from the lensing of the Feminine Divine, in response to the rising global call for a deepened reclamation of the power of the feminine.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes.

I have spent the past 3+ years supporting heart-driven women from all over the world. The trainings at the House help you release your fear of “being and wanting too much”, to boldly claim your desire and calling, and thrive in service, building a life – and world – where your gifts and magic matter.



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shared adventure: journeying in sisterhood

If you yearn for deep, personal support, AND you love the idea of walking alongside a small group of sisters – other women on this same path as you – this is for you.

The Empress Throne_V01

The empress throne

It takes courage to give yourself what it is you truly desire, fully & unapologetically.

This 7-week circle gathers teachings, practices, and activations to wildly, unapologetically devote yourself to creating deep satisfaction in every area of your life.

I call this, unlocking your euphoria. It’s a beautiful dance between your Empress (She Who Desires) and your Warrior (She Who Hones).

connect to your own depth and wisdom,
from the intimacy of your own home.



A initiatory 5-day written MINIcourse for a deepened understanding of where you are doubting your own Wise Self
+ tools for coming back to your Truth with grace and ease.
(immediate access upon purchase)


let me light your way to your deepest truth.
The Empress Throne_V02

Oracular Gold sessions

These sessions work as a beautiful mirror and reflector for aligned creation and leadership.

We hold space for you to recognize the places in your life & work/business that aren’t 100% in alignment with what you actually want to create.

We will bring through tangible next steps perfectly adapted to maximizing your whole life (blooming your whole life) in a way that feels grounded.

private coaching

A 6-month 1:1 journey that is intuitively customized to you. There is a curriculum to guide you into Embodied Sovereignty, Precision Manifestation and Business Acumen + Legacy Architecture, however, it is not a fixed nor linear process.

We weave these tools and practices through the specific fabric of your own individual journey, AS DIRECTED BY YOUR FIELD & ESSENCE.

Journeying with The House helps you connect to your own inner wisdom (your oracular gold) & have your impact powerfully felt in the world

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truth. depth. and deep, nourishing conversations about this messy & beautiful human journey.

there is a need for this.
for deep alignment.

we help women reclaim the sacredness & potency of our feminine essence & gifts.
& change the world.

Awaken. Remember. Reclaim.