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your truth. your impact.
your sacred work.


Get FREE instant access to the How To Get More Of What You Want By Being More Of Who You Are eJourney. Because crystal-clear clarity on your TRUEST dreams for your life is where it all starts. RECLAIM YOUR DESIRE, BABE.


It’s time for you to embrace the calling

to take that first step

and explore what is meant for you.

To shed what no longer serves you

to remember who you truly are

to align with your heart’s truest desires

to get activated

to lead from your true self.

This is what you crave:



Welcome to The House of Unfurling

Welcome! I'm Kath.

I initiate women on the Priestess Path & teach business, prosperity and leadership from the lensing of the Feminine Divine.

THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ is a complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes.

I have spent the past 3+ years supporting heart-driven women from all over the globe. Known for my authentic, honest, and soulful approach, my work is all about reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and true self, living with more love, peace, presence, pleasure & purpose, and thriving in your sacred work.

Journeying with the House unleashes your feminine essence, wisdom, natural impact and calling. You can begin your journey into UNFURLING by taking the free Fierce Feminine Impact Activation series.


My gift to you:

Fierce Feminine Impact Activation

does your life & business reflect who you are? and the impact you're here to make?

This work is deeply activating.

Because we go directly into Deep Truth
(no masks. no pretending.)

The House Of Unfurling is a Mystery + Mastery School
for women who feel the call of the Priestess Path,
the Deep Feminine Path.

This is a path of Calling:
it is not for everyone. and: you will know if it is for you.
because you will feel deeply called
(breath-catching intense YES! kind of called).

This is a path of Devotion:
to yourself, your own thriving, your fullest self-expression & joy
and to others, earth, and a rebalancing into Empowered Futures For All.

Reclaiming our Birthright
into Ecstatic Living, Meaningful Sacred Work,
& a Legacy Of Light-Infused Leadership.

I know reading these words may feel both intensely exciting & slighty scary.
Because on a soul level you know:
this work will require that you drop all the masks.
But I promise you: your Heart and Soul are asking you to be willing
to explore what is truly calling you… that deep whisper.

Because it is the GATEWAY into your fullest blossoming & thriving.

Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Unveiling the Truth that lies at your Heart.

Using that as the Solid Foundation from which everything else will Burst Into Bloom.

The TRUE expression of the gifts and medicine you are here to share… The deep SOUL expression you feel wanting to birth from your being… And the life you know is beckoning you… even if you can scarcely allow yourself to trust that it is truly meant for you…

It is. So let’s start.

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Awaken To Your Soul


homestudy course
gateway: WISDOM

A journey into your deep inner self, embodied presence, and wise leadership.

A self-study course, from the comfort of your own home, meant to accelerate your journey of awakening to your Soul Guidance & Intuitive Wisdom – so you can confidently walk your own path of Wise Leadership & Soul-Guided Decisions.

dive deep into the fullest activation
of your Deepest Truth, Sacred Work & Wise Leadership

Luscious Flow


a 75 minute session
for collapsing timelines

Pure energetics
to bring you home and activate your flow.

If you’re open to the magic of collapsing timelines, and willing to ignore the scepticism of your mind programmes – Luscious Flow is for you. It’s amongst the most potent of my work, and easily accessible at that! I’m looking forward to sharing the magic of this space with you!


Sacred sisterhood Circle

A powerful 6-month circle for women who feel deeply called towards the Priestess Path.

Part Mastermind, part Mentorship, and a whole lot of sisterly support, this circle gathers teachings, practices, and activations to ILLUMINATE your deepest knowings and truth.

You will walk in beauty.

You will walk in truth.

You will walk in devotion.

You will walk with FierceLove. 

Sign up to the waiting list to be invited when the circle opens for 2020 …

Aligned &Thriving


a 6 month private
coaching journey

sacred work

Can you live your life and build your business in FULL FULFILMENT? Yes. Really. Truly. 

You just need to take a deep-dive into radical honesty and unveil the truth that lies at your heart… about the life you so deeply yearn to create for yourself… and the sacred work that calls to your soul. Ready to let ALL of that reveal itself to you?

truth. depth. and deep, nourishing conversations
about this messy & beautiful human journey.
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Learn to trust your biggest dreams for your life and

remember what you're meant for


Let go of all the false stories of what success & fulfilment means and

activate your own inner knowing


Breathe into your courage and

step into a life & business that is an extension of your depth & soul