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▼ An essay on Self-Love
{10 ways to passionately love yourself as a woman} ▼

Do you know how to love yourself? As a woman, this is not something we are taught. Instead, we are encouraged to seek love outside of us. And it is one of the most Sabotaging Things. Because the courage we need to TRULY pursue our Big Dreams? It can only come when we know how to self-source our own approval. Our Big Bold Self-Love. So, I give you, 10 ways to create your own constant well of love. You Go, Beauty.

raw {a poem}

I am standing before you as on a dark windswept night.Dark hair whipping around my face.Shivering in my gorgeous impractical black dress.Amber eyes glowing, somewhat otherworldly, somewhat discomforting.

A shiver runs down your spine.Some truths are better left untold.But still you listen. Riveted, fixed in your place.

Because truth resonates.

And so…

the shift {a poem}

Have you felt it? That deep pull to go explore to follow the unknown into who knows?

If you have forgotten who you are believed the fairytales were true about dark suits and sharp lines and tall tall rising buildings and endless chatter and mindless work talk vacant stares and…