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kathleen sylvia

This is my story

It’s a few days before Christmas, and I’m sitting at the living room table, typing up a report for the start-up I’m directing. I’m frowning as I look at a column that doesn’t seem to add up, and then I hear a soft noise. It’s so loud in the silent room, I’m absolutely startled.

My eldest girl, barely turned four, is standing beside the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. What she says next breaks my heart. “You don’t ever listen to me any more, mummy”. And I feel the guilt, knowing she’s right. I love my kids. I love my job. And I feel stuck.

my zone of genius:

intuitive coaching 

deep embodiment

ease activation

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get to know me in under a minute

01 favourite season

fall! I love the smell of autumn

02 i’m obsessed with

candles + flowers + playlists

03 paris or london

anywhere! just give me a slow paced exploring

04 i’m most proud of

clients transformations (they’re so amazing!)

05 aesthetic

dark academia meets fairycore

06 coffee or tea

coffee! and prosecco



The Art Of Holding Yourself

“Kath is amazing. if you’re feeling lost in your calling, detached from your purpose, confused about your next actions, or just craving someone to see the powerful magic inside of you, please reach out to Kathleen ASAP.
She blew the doors of my inner world wide open”.

~kittie bernott

are you ready for the


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Our Brand Values

01/ embodiment

02/ authenticity

03/ sovereignty

01/ embodiment

our priority is sensing, moving, and having you feel deeply safe within your body. from this foundation, it gets to be easy, and deeply enjoyable, to anchor your visions and dreams into the world. our body becomes our ally; our heart, the oracle guiding us.

02/ authenticity

in this work, we dare to be radically honest with ourselves. we dive deep into what truly matters, what truly lights you up, what truly sets your heart on fire.we find what is authentically, uniquely, true for you, heart & soul.

03/ sovereignty

we guide ourselves back to “I am”. we let go of old stories. we create new ones where our future is bright with all the things we value. we don’t run from our pain, we learn how to move with it and how to weave it into the most gorgeous art. ours.

My Story

I’m Kath and this is my story
(does it sound familiar?)

Let’s get straight to the fun bit! For the past 3 years I have been guiding women from all accross the globe through self-transformation. I call this intense period in our lives the journey of unfurling, and my skill and mission are this: to go through the fire with you.

I love the work I do as a 1:1 coach. It’s incredibly badass and revolutionary when you think about it: to help big-hearted women discover a new way of living; one that is guided by their hearts, fueled by their inner wisdom, and filled with love and joy. It’s truly, the birthing of a whole new world.


It’s a few days before Christmas, and I’m sitting at the living room table, typing up a report for the start-up I’m directing. I’m frowning as I look at a column that doesn’t seem to add up, and then I hear a soft noise. It’s so loud in the silent room, I’m absolutely startled. My eldest girl, barely turned four, is standing beside the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. And I feel anger bubble up, because it’s WAY past her bedtime and she shouldn’t be here. She should be in bed, and I should be able to figure out why my spreadsheet’s all messed up.

But then I see the look on her face. And I feel it hit me, the knowing that she has been standing there for a while, calling my name, trying to get my attention. All I can do is just sit there, feeling like the worst mum ever. What she says next breaks my heart. “You don’t ever listen to me any more, mummy”. And I feel the guilt, knowing she’s right.

I love my job. And I feel stuck. Unable to move forward with the many projects I’m running, the many things it seems I am the only person capable of solving. And I cannot quite wrap my head around how all this happened.

When I dreamt about my future, it never involved this endless hustle. And I certainly never thought I’d have kids – such a precious, precious gift – and not see them grow up because I was always working… or too tired or stressed to really care about their games. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Stubborn Until Breaking

I wish I could tell you that moment changed everything for me.

Except it didn’t.

I felt stuck. Unable to change a thing. Caught in a whirlwind of things to do, and no time to even catch my breath and think for a moment. And, besides – WHAT else would I do? This is just how it was done, right? (RIGHT?!)

3 years later burnout put a drastic end to everything. BOOM. All.The.Things I had thought were SO important – they all came crashing down around me. I felt utterly and completely dazed. And lost.

“If you’re truthful”, my heart whispered, “you have felt pieces of yourself getting lost for a long time now.”

I lost my ability to voice my truth.

I lost my trust in my own intuitive wisdom.

I lost my connection to my body, my passion.

I lost my playfulness, my mischief, my smile.

I felt completely lost to myself.


Beneath the dazed confusion, there was also SHEER RELIEF. If living my life by the rules, doing everything that was supposed to make me happy and fulfilled, ultimately had brought me here, to this bleak dark place, then maybe it was time to re-evaluate…

Time to finally listen to that stubborn whisper inside of me, that kept telling me there was something more for me out there… something that would feel truly deeply meaningful, and exciting…

For the first time, I admitted to myself that this calling I felt didn’t just whisper – it banged on my door and hollered my name.

This calling was BURNING.

A fierce burn, I could feel it in my belly, stubborn and restless until I said: “Fine then. I’m listening. What you got?”

I got a lot.

▼ I got a gorgeous yoga teacher, and cried big fat ugly tears during our first session.

▼ I got the understanding that without all of the fancy titles and status, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I got the visual image of a big gaping black hole right in the center of me, and that I needed to find what was missing…

▼ Best of all, I discovered a booming online community of powerful women who’d taken their lives into their own hands and were launching businesses, deciding on healthy life-work balances, and wanted to do things WITH heart – to create a better world. HELL YEAH!

I felt like I had found heaven.

I felt like I had all the answers, and embraced the burning for bringing me here.

And I felt sure that this was where I would belong: amongst the ranks of these trailblazing women, bringing my skills from corporate into a business that would help other women soar in theirs. I was all set to go.

Except the burning wasn’t done yet. In fact – we’d only barely started…

Cracks In The Fairytale

Looking back, I’m not sure what happened first… What I do know is that soon after I had thrown myself full-heartedly into the rapture of all this brilliance, all this feminine go-getting … I started to see cracks through the surface. And oh, how I fought that! I didn’t want this illusion to end – but end it did…

I started to see how the conversations resembled the sales pitches I’d heard over and over again in corporate – and most of the time, the tactics used had the same kind of weird vibe to them. I started to see how people would gush over the work of one lady, yet turn their back and fall over themselves in their haste to grab the latest promise of easy 6-figure success from any newcomer who posed in stylish luxury. I saw stories of rip-offs and copycats and I witnessed loud screaming all-caps facebook posts seething with jealousy and rage towards the success of another. I saw the shadowside of the feminine. And the ratrace from patriarchal corporate, hidden behind flowing dresses and Goddess jewelry.

And my heart bled. Because even as I hurt with what I saw – I also realized, we were working with what we knew. We were all still finding our way. And I realized my own inner being didn’t just ask me to ride the waves of this big beautiful lovefest of women with big, world-changing dreams. 

I was being asked to HONOUR my own burning desire for more depth, more meaning, more TRUTH – and the answer didn’t lay in any of the formulas I was hungrily absorbing from the sea of webinars and freebies I kept signing up for.

The answer lay within.

The Journey Inward

To say my journey inward was graceful and elegant, full of beaming happy smiles and unicorn sparkle fairy dust would be SUCH a lie.


I didn’t want to have to take a whole journey.

I wanted someone else to show me what to do, pay them for their help, and be on my merry way pronto presto – I had important things to do, damnit. You know, that calling I was talking about? It felt URGENT, right?

Instead, my soul showed up one day, out of the blue, looked at me firmly, and plain said:

Ah, well, honey – it just ain’t gonna work like that. Because the journey inward is the whole reason WHY.


Let that sink in for a minute.

I FOUGHT this notion.

Tooth and nails. I REALLY didn’t want to take a whole journey.


And yet. Life works in a gentle infinite unfolding, and the way things fall into place is both insanely fast and maddeningly slow.

And at one point, EVERYTHING is geared towards making you take the journey inward.

I surrendered.

It wasn’t easy. My mind kept shouting at me that this was the most insane, wrongest thing to do, ever.

And yet, trusting the UNFURLING was the only way forward I hadn’t yet tried.

I let go of the pushing.

I took a deep breath, and started to follow the path that demanded grace, compassion, ease, and courage.

And everything DID change. Not immediately. But fast enough for me to see the different pieces of the puzzle click into place. One by one, ALL the areas of my life started changing in ways I just couldn’t believe. And underneath it all, a constant, BLISSFUL feeling of rightness, perfection humming through my veins.


▼ started taking the time in my day to REALLY just be with myself – and use that moment to deeply listen to my needs and desires. I couldn’t just with myself before that – I always needed to have something underhand to feel like I was doing something ‘right’ with my time.

▼ My relationship to my body changed completely. I started to see my body as something beautiful and sacred, and I started feeling good about honouring my body with gorgeous foods, baths, wellness rituals, and exercise.

▼ I got very clear on what nurtured me and what drained me, and I gradually changed things: the rooms in my home and what was in them, the activities we did together as a family, the way I dealt with paperwork and shopping, the way I related to my to-do list, the people I spent time with, the way I showed up for my clients.

▼ Ritual became important to me. I had always abhorred any type of routine or repetitive action, yet now I started to yearn for more ritual in my life, to mark and anchor in moments of beauty and depth – which I found to be deeply nourishing.

▼ My relationship with my husband deepened. We started to play and mess around more, bringing in a light-heartedness and fun that had seemed lost before. I no longer felt like divorce was the only way forward. I started really enjoying the time I spent with my daughters, feeling less like a frazzled & stressed-out mom and more like a wise guide to two incredibly beautiful and fun independent beings.

▼ I started to TRUST my inner knowing, guidance, and gifts. I started to feel, deep down in my bones, the truth of life: how it’s an incredibly magical experience, with so much possibility and potential. I no longer felt in the grip of powerless, hopeless fear for the future. Instead, 

In this journey, I came back to life. In this journey, I found my Self.


I found beauty.

I found ease.

I found the deepest joy.

I found my voice.

I found my gifts.

I found clarity on my Natural Impact in the world. And I learned to love and value myself, exactly as I am, and I found just how powerful that is, both for me and the people I love and cherish.

ready to create