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I believe that private mentorship is a sacred initiatory experience of being witnessed and called into a deeper journey. 

Private mentorship at The House Of Unfurling is deeply reverent towards the organic unfolding of your greatest destiny: that of your truest essence slowly emerging and being woven into every small and grander aspect of the art that is your life and calling.





& potential-anchoring



The explorations and tools we use inside of private mentoring may include a weaving of the following: Essence Embodiment | Somatic Experiencing | Capacity Building | Reverent Business Strategies

ways to work with kath

Kathleen Sylvia works with creatives and business owners 1:1 and in small, intimate group containers. As her work is deep and highly personalized, she only works with a handful of people 1:1 at a time. Availability is irregular, please see below for more information.


One month
{essence + life}

This is a 1-month doulaship in birthing / emerging / unfurling your Next Level Self. It is a mentorship + healing container that is specific to you, and focused on giving you the tools most suited for your unique organic expansion through nervous system attunement, somatic experiencing and fierce love (gentle + unwavering in its focus on your goals). This container is about emerging & anchoring the embodied expression of your next level self in as short a time as possible whilst still being gentle and honouring of your human experience.

SIX monthS

This is a mentorship + healing container grounded in trauma-informed, pleasure-centric strategies for whole life maximization. It blends Essence Embodiment (deeply felt, evocative, ease & bliss-focused) with Business Artistry (weaving beauty through your unique medicine). It is integrative & specific to you, with nervous system attunement and organic expansion through gentle wisdom and somatic experiencing. This container is about being fully at home & deeply satisfied with the embodiment and expression of your essence in the creative process, your entrepreneurship & your wealth building.

Psychic reflections for your next steps in life & business. These sessions are highly activating and accelerating touchpoints where we hold space for you to recognize the places in your life & work/business that aren’t 100% in alignment with what you actually want to create; and bring through tangible next steps perfectly adapted to maximizing your whole life in a way that feels grounded & exciting.

single session or quarterly retainer

What would your life look like if you honoured the fullness of your heart, leadership, power, devotion, service, and creativity 
each & every day?

Frequently Asked Questions

A 45-minute intuitive Oracular Gold session with Kath is €250. Private Muse & Business mentoring starts at €$2.500 per month.

At this stage, we do not offer payment plans for single sessions. Payment plans are offered for Kath’s 1:1 Mentoring.

Yes! As mentoring &nd coaching are completely online, Kath works with folks all over the world and endeavours to offer appointments at times that will suit most timezones.

Our business offers no refunds &  no cancellations. Mentorship is a personal-growth  experience that will inevitably bring up some uncomfortable feelings — you must be willing to tolerate this as a gateway into your results.


All payment options are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable. Purchase of our service confirms that you agree to the payment terms.

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