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access the deep inner realms of your own unique Genius & Wisdom. emerge dripping with liquid gold & weave the Artistry of your life’s greatest Legacy & Masterpiece.

Oracular Gold™ is what lies at the core of our work. It is the solid, grounded, unwavering knowing that lies at the heart of you, and by which you chart your path through life at the level of artistry, firmly seated in the eye of the electrified storm: your own vortex of unlimited potential, genius expression, and bliss-field creation. At The House, you have the option of walking a Self-Initated Path into your own Oracular Gold™, or to walk guided by Kathleen Sylvia.

A powerful pure Quantum Field seer and acclaimed psychic channel, with a background in intensive personal transformation & MBA-level education and corporate experience, Kathleen Sylvia works with incredibly clear, activated energies that ignite instant upgrades in your life and business. Her clients step away from her oracular field fully anchored in their creator-self wisdom, irrevocably empowered to share their stunningly unique beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world.

Private client work is wildly unique and fully customized to you. It is intuitively fluidly flowing, with your own Quantum Field & Heart as the guide and director. I have no one way or model of doing things but rather hold a shape-shifting and grounded container in which I am listening to the energy moment-by-moment to see what medicine needs to be offered in order to call you into your next level of rememberance, activation, and embodiment. My intention is that your 6-month journey will guide you into Embodied Sovereignty, Precision Manifestation and Business + Legacy Architecture, however, it is not a fixed nor linear process. At the core of this work, you will call yourself into your next level of trust in your own be-ing. Because that is the space everything else blooms from. My intention is that all is in service to your organic expansion into your highest expression and timelines.

Expect your entire reality to be purified, upgraded, and rebirthed. This container is a whole life maximization. In order to activate yourself as a heart-centered creator-being, you must be willing to become an intimate participant and co-creator in all aspects of your reality. Nothing your Soul desires is off the table. That means you must be willing to relinquish your tight clenching onto hard deliverables or outcomes, and let your own Soul take the lead. This is for those who are ready to step into full remembrance of who they already are and know that I am the guide to support this path.

I work with those who feel the unique pulse of my frequency. It is this, their own KNOWING, that guides them into my spaces. I work with those who are willing to walk as the Initiate to their own Soul. Metaphorically speaking, there will be mud on your clothes, and at times you’ll be trudging through the wastelands of your own inner toxic swamps. You are willing to trust this process. You know this is a necessary, intimate disentanglement of any form of Self-Betrayal. The Medicine of the Dark Goddess lovingly piercing you, focused towards your whole self liberation. Emergence drenched in purest self-belief. Because your dreams and your vision need you to stand for them, in the most grounded unwavering way.

I do not work with those who have not experienced the deep relentless call of their own soul into the unknown, nor those unwilling to receive guidance, walk into the dark spaces of their own psyche, or do the work required (inside and outside of sessions) to alchemize and accelerate. My work is not for those who do not have a stubborn desire to look for what they intuitively know is possible no matter the (temporary) discomfort.

My work is deeply archetypal, poetic and symbolical in nature. This makes for a potent and fertile ground from which to crystalize and actualize your artistry & legacy. Stepping into the container means that you commit to honouring the way this work flows through me. I will bring mysticism and practical, grounded teachings and action-focused invitations. All are designed to get you to cultivate trust in yourself and the Great Mystery, and to anchor this into day-to-day creation and life. To support you in where you, specifically, want to go. That is my devotion.

Potential activations include (not limited to): shadow alchemy, emotional alchemy, pleasure & sensuality reclamation, self-mastery (the structural integrity of your aura), archetypal embodiment, hieros gamos (the Codes of Inner Royalty), wild abundance (prosperity consciousness & wealth creation), oracular wisdom (attunement to inner/outer guidance system), luscious flow, anchoring into confidence with your medicine and unique genius, reclaiming the Frequencies of Peace, Harmony, Truth, Trust, True Reality Creation, Dark Goddess Initiation, Iconic Self, Lifestyle & Legacy Architecture, full creative alignment & Genius expression through offerings; pricings; spoken, written, visual and energetic business artistry.

These containers are for men and women alike. Private Oracular Gold™ mentorship is a 6-month journey priced at €15K, available by application only, details and application below. Standalone session series are available to book directly below, prices range from €250-€2K.

the 6-month journey —

Whole life maximization, richest depth of support. 6 months sacred soul immersions, dynamic advising and a continuously nourished container of energetic and practical support.

whom this is for — women & men. You have felt the Dark Goddess beckon you, her whispering words hovering at the edges of your awereness. You know it’s time to stop resisting her invitation. You know you want me to walk alongside you as your guide in-between these realms whilst you find your feet and emerge in crystal-clear embodiment.

themes we’ll be weaving —  your calling. articulate your unique genius. create business success offering this to the world. step into full unapologetic expression of your unique genius & medicine. actively build towards your vision and legacy. whole life maximization. soul-soaked bliss activation.

The 6-month journey is intuitively customized to you. There is a curriculum to guide you into Embodied Sovereignty, Precision Manifestation and Business Acumen + Legacy Architecture, however, it is not a fixed nor linear process. We weave these tools and practices through the specific fabric of your own individual journey, AS DIRECTED BY YOUR FIELD & ESSENCE.


we’ll weave in & out of these 3 stages:

_the dark descent: the Dark Goddess summons you into a territory of the dark unknown. forever satisfy your craving for her deliciously dark embrace, her dark love that pierces and crumbles the shaky foundations of your sense of self, revealing the dark as beautiful glowing gemstones from the very depths of your soul itself. emerge with your unique Medicine & Genius dripping like Liquid Honey from your every cell. Magic lingering at the tips of your fingers. Wise Embodiment.

_light switch effect: view the world in an utterly beautiful, unique and wondrous way. possess an everlastingly, fully refined, refreshed mindset (cleansed of all toxicity, anxiety, and negativity) & perspective enhancement. fully believe that everything is possible. full desire reclamation and visionary invocation that culminates in the blueprint of your life’s greatest Legacy and Masterpiece.

_artistry activation: anchor into the royal power of your heart & the structural integrity of your aura. the phenomenal grace and power of your essence. see the pathway unfolding before you, experience your iconic Genius being unlocked and turn your visions into a luxurious, lucrative, living work of art. your life, business, relationships, health, sexuality, finances and all you desire to optimize in your experience. sessions throughout will offer practical wisdom for your next steps in growing your business & actualizing your ideal lifestyle & legacy. swift actualization of what we invoke for you in the physical (financial prosperity, miracles, success, business architecting).

Our sessions bring a powerful fusion of tantric rituals, frequency technology and practical wisdom. homework is a given, the actual work you do in-between our sessions will determine your emergent flourishing.


potential tangible results include:
– True Reality Design
– Anchor into the depth, magnificence & ultimate certainty of soul purpose
– Master the art of precision manifestation
– Activate your Oracular Gold™ abilities: access your greatest levels of intuitive ability & heart navigation
– Lead and create from full embodied wisdom
– Create financial sovereignty and a flourishing, lasting legacy you’re ecstatically in love with
– Embrace your crystalline-clear truths and deep knowing; map a laser-sharp vision for your future
– Reclaim your sovereign creator self in a potent, anchored field of tranquility, confidence and courage
– Open to true ecstasy, freedom and wonderment
– Deepen into your sacred sexuality
– Fully liberate your expressive, creative channel to architect exciting new narratives
– Design a soul-fueled and sumptuous lifestyle/legacy plan
– Maximize excellence and impact to future generations
– Architect your most ravishing life masterpiece
– Access your flow of unlimited creativity and abundance
– Feel deeply at home within your own self
– Be forever seated at the center of your own field, in calm presence and tranquil knowing, creating and gifting in empowered (fierce) love and devotion.

the enchanted workshop —
oracular services

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.” — Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Psychic reflections for your next steps in life & business for you to bloom into your greatest Legacy & Masterpiece.

the mystery
the mastery
the reverence

Oracular Gold Soul Immersions work as a beautiful mirror and reflector for aligned creation and leadership. The sessions are highly activating and accelerating touchpoints where we hold space for you to recognize the places in your life & work/ business that aren’t 100% in alignment with what you actually want to create; and bring through tangible next steps perfectly adapted to maximizing your whole life (blooming your whole life) in a way that feels grounded.

  • sessions are 60 minutes. we meet via Zoom.
  • your sessions can be used anytime during the 12 months from the date of purchase. you can book your sessions as most relevant and supportive to you. as an example: some clients love to book 1 session every 3 months (a quarterly review and re-alignment); some clients prefer to book their 4 sessions closer together whilst working on something important; others love having a monthly check-in session.
  • all of my work will always open up the field for you to access your own Oracular Gold (creator-self wisdom). sessions usually include homework that will anchor in your own access and understanding of your own field.
  • sessions bring a powerful fusion of psychic insights, frequency technology and practical wisdom. at the core of this work, you will call yourself into your next level of trust in your own be-ing. my intention is that all is in service to your organic expansion into your highest expression and timelines.

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