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a day at the House

a soul alchemy,
envisioning & strategy
face-to-face private immersion.

how to KNOW IF

two luscious days just for you,
to embrace your deepest truth, and transform and grow into the next phase of your own evolution.


The moment your feet touch ground on the gravel drive to the House, you’ll feel your entire being soften into a sense of deep peace, presence and purpose.


Because for the time of two full days, you’ll step into a powerful container designed to support you at crucial times of change and growth — in your leadership, your work, your life, and your business.


two days.
step into your fullest flourishing.
slowing down and tuning in


by creating deep, embodied presence, we open the gateways to our heart’s truest desires

▼ We will invite the stories that live deep in your heart to reveal themselves. We’ll acknowledge the ways these stories feel threatening and overwhelming, and we’ll work with your physical and energetic body to alchemize any unhelpful beliefs, patterns and habits that are keeping you from fully stepping into your soul’s vision for what is next.

▼ You’ll be supported in deepening into your own inner knowing, a felt experience of your soul and soul’s guidance and truest vision for your life. You’ll imprint these experiences in your body, creating an intimate, ever-present, close relationship with your soul so you can walk in confidence knowing your next steps are always held in a field of possibility, power and grace.

moving into focused, purposeful action


we activate your truest frequency first, then turn to mastering magic & strategy for a truly lush plan of action

▼ Once the vision in your heart has come vibrantly to life within this beautifully held container of time-outside-time, we will move into strategic exploration: tuning in to what your soul is most wanting to birth in the world, through which pathways, and on what terms. 


you will Step into your queen frequency.

exalting standards,
exalting kindness

you will anchor into
your soul's lush vision.

and leave with a plan of practical, down-to-earth action steps to bring it into your reality.


Throughout, you’ll be beautifully held and cared for. 

Think conversations infused with gentle curiosity, long walks to ground your body into what’s now and what’s unfurling from your soul, nourishing foods and deeply welcoming rooms to wander through. 

Everything taken care of, everything designed for you to come home to yourself and your body, mind and soul, so you can revel in the beauty and depth of your own inner knowing, and your soul’s love and desire for your most beautiful life to unfold.

This is a private, bespoke coming-home-to-yourself retreat, created exclusively for you.

Just you and me, working together, in a carefully selected, luscious environment that holds the energies of endless creativity, healing, and deep soul transformation. 

the flow of our dayS will focus on what you most need. we may dance with:

Heart-deepening : Eliminating any overwhelm, stuckness, or stress you may be experiencing

▼ Self-discovery : get clear on what you really want to do in your business and life + your purpose

Clarification : clarify anything that feels uncertain, confusing, inefficient, or out-of-alignment

Luscious Flow Lifestyle Design : deciding on your ideal lifestyle & career/business model

▼ Somatic Anchoring : creating solid knowings in your physical and energetic bodies for collapsing timelines

Soulful Success Blueprint: 

Practices to help you activate your intuitive senses so you can feel confident in your decision-making

Make big + small decisions about the direction of your business so that you can feel free, fulfilled, in flow

Design unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver

Power up your branding & shift your marketing to speak directly to the hearts of those you serve

Restructure your schedule so you can continue to nurture your heart & mind for flow, ease and impact

▼ Limiting belief removal and confidence building work

▼ Creating a break-down map of how you will achieve your business and personal goals


This private retreat is by application only. Your investment is € 8.000 for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, an intimate, soul-to-soul immersion: two full days of mentoring, guidance, and support, blended with soul-infused energy alchemy for profound transformation.


Your retreat includes:
• Deeply nourishing, delicious soul food each day
• Luscious accommodations from the night before your retreat begins to the evening after it ends
• A 60-minute follow-up phone session after you return home from your retreat


By investing in the retreat, you’re receiving a time-outside-time that is totally devoted to you and creating the life and business that matches your soul – your deepest dreams and desires! It’s an incredibly powerful container of clarity and designing your most exciting future, and giving you the tools that will have you SOAR in solid confidence about being able to step into your lush vision. 

I would love to hold this space for you.

how to proceed:



Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll get in touch with you within three days (weekdays) with an invitation to book, a contract for your signature, and an invoice. Your retreat payment is due at the time of booking, and is non-refundable. If you have questions, please contact me.


IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME CONSIDERING AN INTENSIVE? here’s my experience with Intensives (and why I LOVE hosting them so much!)

An intensive is all about you. It’s an amazing gift that you give yourself when you feel in need of more CLARITY, more DECISIVENESS, and a more BALANCED and ALIGNED way forward - now.

imagine …

spending a day with someone who gets you
I know that for many of us, the people in our closest circles just don’t understand (yet) what we’re all about… We’re the pioneers in our communities – which brings both exciting possibilities and a heart-wrenching sense of being all alone. This Intensive is ALL ABOUT YOU. 

FOR YOU. So you can feel HEARD & SUPPORTED. So you can breathe, and let go of what no longer suits you. And step into a new, deeply rooted vision for MORE.


relaxing into a safe space where you’ll be expertly guided to deep-dive & uncover truth
This is about coming into a beautifully held container with someone who will create the safe space you so desperately yearn for. A space where we don’t jump to conclusions or go into immediate judgement. A space where we give voice to your soul… and your deepest hopes and desires for your business and life… so they can finally unfurl and flourish. 

You’re here to create a MEANINGFUL business, after all, and your dreams of what that may look like MATTER and deserve to be HEARD! In fact: until you listen to the whispers of your heart – you’ll keep searching for the path, in vain. Your SOUL is calling to you, showing you the path to YOUR GREATEST FULFILMENT. Your soulful success.


finding your perfect mix of ambition, and ease & flow
being guided expertly on the path – your UNIQUE path – that will take you into a CRYSTAL-CLEAR VISION of where you’re wanting to go, and HOW to get there. I don’t believe in fairytales… I believe in LISTENING to your heart and soul – and taking TANGIBLE, real-life steps to drawing our fulfilment into our REAL life. You’ll walk away with a plan… and EASE & FLOW

how to proceed:

Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll get in touch with you within three days (weekdays) with an invitation to book, a contract for your signature, and an invoice. Your retreat payment is due at the time of booking, and is non-refundable.


frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, please contact me.

I have hand-selected amazing spaces in my own home-country, Belgium. 

I also travel each year to London or Paris, so if you prefer to retreat with me while I’m there, we can arrange to meet in or near one of those beautiful places! I can also organize your retreat for you there outside of my own planned travel, in which case I will invoice you the costs for travel and accomodation (usually this is about 30% extra).

I do occasionally travel to the US – just drop me a message and I’ll let you know if I’ve got anything planned in your area!

Here’s what ANY of these spaces have in common: they are healing and transformative places, meaning, they will energetically hold the work we’ll do. And they FEEL Lush. Exquisite.

How I choose: I choose the best available option for you, based on what I know of you, and my inner sense of where you will feel most beautifully comfortable and held. I want you to be able to sink into the experience body mind and soul!

My team will work with you to help you plan the best way to get here.  


Airports nearby are Brussels (BRU), Lille (LIL), which are at 1 hour by car. We generally arrange for a chauffeur to pick you up from these airports.

You can also fly into Amsterdam (AMS), London (various including LHR) or Paris (CDG), which are 2.5 hours by car. There are high-speed trains that can bring you into major Belgian cities in the same amount of time. 

There is the Pay-In-Full option, as well as two payment plans to help you spread out your investment. These are all detailed on the Application Form. Please note: with payment plans, your retreat will be scheduled after your final payment.