Feminine Impact Archetype Quiz

Are You Ready to Truly CLAIM Your Unique Feminine Impact?

As women, when we RISE into our fullness and truth, the whole world benefits.

For thousands of years, the only expressions of the feminine that have been acknowledged are ‘the good girl’, the ‘virgin’, the ‘whore’, and the ‘evil witch’.

As we are called to rise and join in healing the world
– we need to reclaim the POWERFUL Feminine Archetypes –
and explore their unique expressions of leadership and impact for our own lives.

 That is what the Embodied Impact Experience helps you do! RECONNECT TO YOUR UNIQUE FEMININE POWER & IMPACT!

I created this experience for you, to sink into your UNIQUE PATH deeper, from the comfort of your own home.

▼Understand your Unique Impact 

▼Reclaim your fullest expression

▼And rise & prosper, in ways that bless & heal the world


join 100s of women on the journey towards EMBODIED IMPACT – your unique way of making a difference in the world, whilst honouring your deepest essence and truth.


what’s included:

VIDEO MASTERCLASS to help you understand what natural impact is & how to live more consciously, boldly, courageously and fully from this core self, this essence

to help you anchor into an embodied memory of your amplified impact and presence

▼ and more!

€ 27 (approx. $30 USD)

Hello Gorgeous! If you’ve been LONGING to deeply come back home to yourself, and to feel CONFIDENT and CLEAR in your own unique calling & impact, then this is it!

Embodied Impact will support you in remembering a forgotten yet potent and powerful part of yourself, and bringing that impact ALIVE in your business and life!


are you ready to:

▼ learn more about your Mentor Archetype – and experience a deep sense of “coming home to yourself”?

▼ live more consciously, boldly, courageously and fully from this core self, this essence?

▼ get to know your gifts and shadow, and learn how to embrace your shadow as a gateway into more light?

▼ be guided into a Feminine Impact Embodiment meditation – so you can start to powerfully bring through the POWER and POTENCY of your archetype?

When we embrace our Feminine Impact – we create space for the whole world to flourish in non-contained (= non-rigidly defined) ways. That is the way of the Feminine. The magic all of us unleash when we give ourselves permission to come home to ourselves. And reclaim the SACREDNESS of our Feminine Essence & our Natural Gifts. I want all of us to feel empowered in this. Which is why all of the richness contained within this home-study experience is available at just €27. This is within your reach. So get it.


hey Beautiful!


I’m Kath, the founder of The House of Unfurling and creator of the Feminine Impact Archetype System. 

This is my mission with this work: for every woman who feels DEEPLY & POWERFULLY called onto the Deep Feminine Path, to have access to tools and resources that will make navigating this journey easeful, joyful, purposeful, and impact-filled

Each of our journeys is unique. Yet, we can step into a partnership with Powerful Feminine Archetypes to reconnect to ancient lineages of feminine power and wisdom. And we HAVE TO learn to trust our own deep selves, for if we feel confident in taking on next steps onto our journey of Fulfilment & Impact – that’s when we truly can make a difference in our own lives and that of others.

This work is for women who yearn for depth, meaning, connection, joy, and prosperity, & who feel CALLED to make a difference in the world.

This is the REVOLUTION of our times. Rising to meet your heart’s deepest longings. And Rising to meet the calling you feel burn inside, to make a difference & leave this world a better place. It is time. Are you ready to RISE?