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Naming Our Teachers


All credit for the inspiration and initial wording of this post to Nisha Moodley. You can read her incredible homage to her own teachers here.

As Nisha says in the introduction to her Naming:

Sharing about our lineages – ancestral, professional, spiritual – allows others to see the fuller picture of our education and philosophy…
It re-establishes healthy threads of respect and support.
It begins to set right broader, generations-old patterns of taking what is not ours.
It honors the truth that none of us got here alone.

Nisha Moodley

I want to honour several of the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve had over the past 5 years, whose lineages I am proud to be a part of, and whose work has informed my own: to the amazing Katelyn Edgar, whose support in those first few months of my Awakening journey was invaluable in helping me trust this strange new world I was stepping into, and whose teachings in Intuitive Coaching I still carry with me to this day. To Jarrad Hewett, for modelling what it looks like to be a teacher who is rooted in the firm belief that all are sovereign, and no one needs saving. I am forever grateful for the grace and genuine love I have witnessed you show towards all involved in your programmes. Deepest gratitude to Astera Ilhiana Magdalena, who has grounded me into a deep and practical understanding of the Hieros Gamos, and whose writings have helped me let go of the habitual toning down of my own voice. Also to Jeanette Leblanc, whose voice in writing is absolute mastery, and brings me back to the realness and raw beauty of being here, now, held within this skin, within these bones. To Amanda Flaker, one of the first voices I heard in the online space, who continues to bring through the most cutting-edge explorations of Abundance, Lack and Empath Entrepreneurship, I’m so grateful for your devotion to your craft. Deep gratitude to Allison Braun, for showing me what sisterhood can be. To Lenka Lutonska, for introducing me to NLP, holding me through one of the darkest times of my entrepreneurial path, and modelling so profoundly what warm-hearted sky-is-the-limit entrepreneurship looks like. Thank you to Sonja Shrada Devi, for the beauty of your work with the reclaiming of the womb and deeply sensual, grounded feminine embodiment. To Solara Sophia, for veering off the beaten path and showing me what it looks like to fully claim the brilliant diamond at the core of our most unique work. Deepest of gratitude to Elisabeth Elektra, on that fateful day of December 02, for opening the doors to the Mystery.

To Rebecca Tracey, Hillary Schneider, Heather Straube, Beth Katherine, Demelza Fox, Kris Seraphine Oster, Graham Nicholls, Regina Anaejionu, Arianna Aunon, Connie Chapman, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Kamelia Gornia, whose programmes and coaching have supported me as I deepened on my own Path. To the work and words of Danielle Laporte, Hiro Boga, and Kim Anami. To Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Women Who Run With Wolves was my introduction and first permission slip into wanting so.much.more for myself, mostly moistness and wildness and fire.

Thank you to the friends who’ve offered both their friendship and direct guidance over the years. Thank you to my beloveds, who continue to give me the space to seek and to become, even if it may seem incomprehensible at times. I won’t name you, because I know that is what you prefer — but thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you to the Ancestors, those lineages going back far acrross the lands, rooted deeply into this space of earth.

And beyond all this: thank you to the Divine Mother, whose hands have been lovingly guiding and pushing me forward, into all the territories scary and uncertain. Your smiling warmth, unwavering love and steadfast affirmation, that I am One Of She and She Seeks To Speak Through Me, has helped me step into my Place in this world with both the necessary Convicton and Humility.