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Hey Beautiful! As I write this, it’s Solstice Evening, the darkest night of the year, perfect mirror to the June Solstice that brings the longest infusion of light on the Northern Hemisphere. December brings such potent and beautiful energy. And if you take just a moment to listen, you will feel yourself invited into a softer, more gentle way of navigating the month.

The journey of December invites us to go inward. Because that is where the most fertile ground for your New Year seedlings is to be found. Which dreams are yearning to emerge from your heart and soul? Which wishes and desires are ready to be spoken?

December softly calls you inward, and if you accept its outstretched hand, you will be guided until you see your reflection gently mirrored back at you in the deep well of your desires. Because this is the only place you’ll ever find them: within the depths of your own being.

So. if you are ready to fully invite in 2020 from the energy of Real Knowing, Bravely Voicing Your True Desires and Dreams for the New Year – this Solstice evening, I’m offering you 3 Keys To Envisioning The New (The Regal Way), and a wonderful workbook for you to download, guiding you through a beautiful process of letting go of what was and envisioning what will be.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation to dive deep — and surface triumphantly, reverently holding your deep True Heart Wishes in the cup of your hands, before sending them off to take real form in the coming year. Because if you don’t invite & align with Truth this year – then when?

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3 Keys To Envisioning The New
{The Regal Way}

1. Embody The Queen (or King) That You Are

I am talking about that Fiercely Activated part of you that will not even consider that what you feel called towards, might not ever be.

It’s a part we can all choose to meet the world from – because it’s always already there. But for most of us, it’s not the part that is activated within us, in our day-to-day lives. There are many reasons for that – for now, simply start to get curious and have a look at what part of yourself gets activated when you’re doing things on autopilot. Again, for most of us, it’s not the Regal Self.

Your Regal Self is just, and fair, committed to balance and truth, and devoted to the Kingdom Thriving; that is to say, all aspects of you and your life deserve + are oriented towards Full-On Thriving & Real-izing The Vision.

So rather than throwing yourself haphazerdly at some random visioning questions for 2020 – first, come back into the position of Embodying Your Queen. Your King. Your Center. Envisioning The New from this place means things feel easier, because you’re not having to work your way through as much resistance and disbelieving voices/doubt. Your Vision will be The Most Accurate, Expanded Truth.

02. Trust The Vision

Every time we second-guess what we feel pulled towards – we abandon ourselves.

You know this. Looking back at the years past, this decade coming to an end — where could things have flown with much more ease – except you didn’t trust where you felt pulled, didn’t trust that inner nudge, that intuitive knowing, that gut feeling?

This is the one thing my private coaching work (with the most amazing clients!) has shown me again and again: we don’t trust the vision. A lot of the work that I do is centered around supporting clients to move through their intense resistance and self-doubt, into full-blown solid self-trust and self-authority.

So here’s my invitation to you: Can you embrace the Vision? Can you ease yourself into deepened trust of what is Calling you? What is waiting on the other side of that, is a sense of ease as you’ll walk your path. Because you’re not fighting things as much!

03. Tap Into The Deeper Vision

In creating visions for myself, and supporting clients in creating theirs, here’s something I’ve come to see: there are multiple layers to our Visions. There is the more detailed, upper-level vision, which talks about people and goals and experiences and offerings. It’s the images that come to us most readily when we dive into Envisioning.

And then there is the Deeper Vision.

The Deeper Vision is the one that has the most power to pull us forward in times when we doubt & can’t see a clear path ahead. When all of the details of your Upper-level Vision seem to falter from your grasp, and you’re blindly finding your way through the dense fog of the unknown, the Deeper Vision will serve as your compass and help you feel safe and on-course. Because even though you cannot seem to see the path, you’ll know it’s still being guided by your true desires.

The Deeper Vision is accessed through asking yourself what lies beyond and beneath the people and goals and experiences and offerings. It’s usually just a few words, that keep stubbornly making their way to your conscious mind once you’re inviting in Depth.

Words like Ease. Overflowing. Connection. Truth.

So. Invite in Depth. Ask to see what lies beyond the Upper-Level Vision. And in the following days, pay attention to the words that seem to catch at your attention, little tenderhooks meant to send your Heart & Soul soaring in recognition…. that’s when you know you’ve found your words.

Then, ask yourself these 3 questions to access even more of the Deep Vision:

Who do you want to BE?
How do you want to relate?
How do you want to lead?

And then keep your answers and your words on a clearly marked page in your journal. Ready for you to come back to, when the Upper-Level Vision seems to be shrouded in fog, and morphing.

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+ a Workbook With 25 Questions To Gently Guide Your Process Into Truth.

If you feel like you would love to receive some guidance in this process of slowing down and tuning in; I’m happy to invite you into my own process. I’ve brought my favourite journaling prompts together for you in a wonderful workbook for you to download, guiding you through a beautiful process of letting go of what was and envisioning what will be. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Presenting: Envision & Align – A Playful Exploration For A Heart-True Year. Sending you, Big Love. Kx

Leave your details below and I’ll send the Workbook straight to your inbox ♥

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