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APPLICATION – Private Mentoring (6 Months)

Your application for Oracular Gold™ 1:1 Mentoring

    As you complete this application, please do so as intentionally as possible. Do not rush through this. There are no “right” answers, only your Truth. Everything you share with me is held with the utmost respect and confidentiality. The more open, honest, and clear you are, the better I can support you. Deep bows to you for taking this powerful step. I look forward to seeing you through your answers.

    To make sure the form captures all your answers correctly: please type everything out yourself. The form doesn’t work with autofill. do not press “enter” while you are filling out the form, as it will submit the form before you are finished.

    After you submit this application, you’ll receive a confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation or have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at lovelife@kathleensaelens.com

    In devotion to the Mystery, Kathleen Sylvia


    How did you find me and why are you interested in working with me specifically? What drew you here?*

    What do you feel is your current soul’s mission and how are you expressing/living that?*

    Do you have a business? If so, where are you at in that journey? Whom and how do you serve? Feel free to leave me your website and/or relevant links.*

    If you aren’t working for yourself, what do you do for work? Do you feel on purpose?*

    Where do you desire support from me/my container?*

    Do you identify as highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, or extra-sensory?*

    Are you familiar with any of your personal mythology? (Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Archetypes etc.) Your Natal Chart and Human Design will be taken into consideration throughout the container.*

    Describe your relationship to money and abundance as they currently are and how you desire them to be.*

    What is your relationship to your inner Masculine & Feminine (we’ll use different wording if this doesn’t resonate for you)? How do you perceive and relate to these energies?*

    Describe where you are currently at with Energetic Sovereignty.*

    Describe where you are currently at with Soul Embodiment (merging of the higher-self and the body-vehicle).*

    Are there aspects of yourself or your reality that you struggle to accept, integrate, and give full approval to?*

    Have you worked with a healer/mentor before? If so, what were you receiving support with and how was that experience for you?*

    A huge part of my work with 1:1 clients is energy work and alchemy. Above all, the container I hold and the work I facilitate is energetic and multidimensional. Are you comfortable with that?*

    Part of my job is facilitating a space in which you are required to take embodied responsibility for your reality and activate the creator state of consciousness. I do not consent to my clients operating in the victim template. That being said, are you ready and willing to be an active creator in your reality? Or, are you already playing the game this way?*

    What is calling to you now? What are your most pressing priorities for the next 12 months?*

    How would you describe your current relationship with time, vitality, trust, money, your body, your business, clients, workload? *

    What do you want to clarify, transform or create in these 6 months of intimate guidance? And from that, what are your 3 priorities?*

    As you consider stepping into this journey, how do you feel? In your body? In your heart?*

    And how do you want to feel after these next 6 months? What challenges do you hope to have risen above and beyond during our time together?*

    Knowing that mentoring in this way is a private, bespoke coming-home-to-yourself immersion, created exclusively for you: can you commit to showing up vulnerably, committed to your own truth, willing to face resistance, and to accept the different ways of exploration I’ll invite you into to help you create new ways of being and rising above (in other words, will you take responsibility and commit to your homework)?*


    My private mentoring is designed to be a powerful investment in your work, your message, your life, your heart, and your most valuable relationships. As such, I want to support you in discovering if this feels right for you.

    From a time, financial, and energetic perspective, I want to ensure that you are making your investment wisely. First and foremost, this journey is about discovering your aligned path and actions. This could lead to financial gains; it could also mean creating anew from the space of deep truth. Regardless, we will focus on deep, true sustainability.

    The total investment is €15k. Is this level of investment something you are comfortable with and confident about being able to fulfill?


    Is there anything else coming up for you or anything you’d like me to know that wasn’t asked?


    I understand that at this point in time, I am only showing interest in private mentoring and am under no obligation to book or make payment.

    I understand that if we mutually decide to move forward, I will be invited to make my commitment final within 3 days, with payment in full or the agreed-on deposit transferred. After payment, and with my signature on the contract that I will receive, my coaching will officially start.