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Hi Love! I am so excited for you that you are gifting yourself an EXPLORATION into what you feel is calling you… And it starts here… Take some time with each question, drop into your heart, and be honest with yourself…

I’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule our call. We’ll have so much fun diving into this more on the call! Speak soon!

* Everything you share here is private and confidential. Please feel free to share openly and just be yourself!
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After you submit this application, you’ll receive a confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation or have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at lovelife@kathleensaelens.com

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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF & your hopes & dreams!

Describe your business, your work. Whom and how do you serve?*

What is calling to you now? What are your most pressing priorities for the next 12 months?*

Where in your life do you feel like there’s supposed to be MORE? More passion, more ease, more love, more connection, more truth, more joy, …? Where in your life, work and relationships do you feel this calling for MORE?*

Why are you unwilling to remain in the “not quite right?” *

How would you describe your current relationship with time, vitality, trust, money, your body? *

What do you want to clarify, transform or create in these 6 months of intimate guidance?*

As you consider making the journey through the Align & Thriving mentoring programme, how do you feel? In your body?
In your heart?*

And how do you want to feel, after the programme is over? What challenges do you hope to have risen above and beyond during our time together?*

Knowing that mentoring in this way is a private, bespoke coming-home-to-yourself immersion, created exclusively for you, and held with so much love, can you commit to showing up vulnerably, committed to your own truth, and willing to face resistance and accept the different ways of exploration I’ll invite you into to help you create new ways of being and rising above?


This private mentoring programme is designed to be a powerful investment in your work, your message, your life, your heart, and your most valuable relationships. As such, we want to support you in discovering if this feels right for you!

From a time, financial, and energetic perspective, we want to ensure that you are making your investment wisely. First and foremost, this journey is about discovering your aligned path and actions. This could lead to financial gains; it could also mean creating anew from the space of deep truth. Regardless, we will focus on deep, true sustainability, and I am absolutely devoted to helping you claim your Personal Prosperity!

Please read through the website thoroughly to see all that’s included in the investment.

The payment options are:

A) Single payment €6.000
B) 1 (non-refundable) deposit taken on the call of €1.000 + 5 monthly payments of €1.000


Is there anything else you would want me to know?


I understand that at this point in time, I am only showing interest in private mentoring and am under no obligation to book or make payment.

I understand that if it is determined that the programme and I appear to be a good fit, I will be invited to make my payment (in full or a €1.000 deposit), and sign the contract that I will receive, after which point my coaching will kick off (yay!!!)!