Thank you for Loving It Forward!

Your Donation will help those in The FierceLove Collective who are struggling financially and desire to invest in their Growth through our Programmes & Trainings. Our philosophy is that every single human can contribute to the liberation and restoration of our collective human hearts, in both small and big ways, and we’re so grateful that you share our values and vision! You are amazing.

How To Donate:

01. Click ADD TO BASKET.

02. On the checkout page, in the little box where it says Ex.100, type the amount you wish to donate. Please note: the tool uses EURO only. If you wish to donate (example) $20, you can quickly find out: this tool will calculate your amount (example $20) to Euro.

YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW MUCH YOU WISH TO DONATE TO THE FUND. Every single amount counts and is greatly appreciated.

03. Then click the pink button to add the donation to your shopping cart. If you need to correct the amount at any stage before payment, simply type in your new amount in the Ex.100 box and click the pink button, your cart will be updated to the new amount.

04. Finalize your donation by going to your shopping cart and completing payment. Donations are exempt from VAT.


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