Weave The New World

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an embodied exploration and clarification
of your heart’s deepest longings for your/our future
& the practical path towards its becoming

🜞  a guide for people who feel deeply called to change the world  🜞


This workbook was created to guide you through a series of reflections and inner dialogues that will culminate in a crystal-clear vision for the change you feel so deeply called to make.

It first started from the pages of my own journals as I took this journey for myself; and has since grown with in-depth reflections sparked in conversations with clients and peers. It’s been written as a journey SPECIFICALLY for you who feels a deep calling, but has trouble moving beyond that feeling into actual knowing of what it is that wants to be birthed through you. Most often we feel the calling, decide we can no longer ignore it, and then stare around slightly bewildered when there’s no big revelation to clarify-beyond-doubt exactly what it is we’ll create.

My approach to clarifying your vision is highly unique and incredibly empowering. It’s rooted in a deep understanding of somatics & the way we can work towards our vision whilst dismantling our resistance. It moves our vision from within our blood and bones, our heart, our belly, into the wider world, all the while fully anchored in a fierce honouring of the win/win/win. It gifts you, the embodied knowing of how to move forward into the world, moving with and through your vision, from a cup overflowing (see table of contents picture).

This booklet is 101 pages, half workbook, half musings & alchemical inner exploration and opening. After purchase, you can choose between 2 versions: a version that can be filled out straight on your device (needs Acrobat Reader or similar, save your file as you work); and a version that you can print, or simply have on-screen beside you as you handwrite/collage your vision in your notebook.

A note on respect + integrity: I ask that you please do not send this to others and instead, you kindly ask them to purchase the booklet and support my work. This guide brings together years of initiations and embodied integrations — please do not treat it as anything other than that.


Note: this workbook will help you clarify your big vision for the change you feel called to bring to the world. Our other workbook Powerfully Purposeful is a wonderful next step to this, helping you finetune and clarify your purpose message (to be released end of April).

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