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the enchanted workshop —
oracular services

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.” — Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Psychic reflections for your next steps in life & business for you to bloom into your greatest Legacy & Masterpiece.

the mystery
the mastery
the reverence

Oracular Gold Soul Immersions work as a beautiful mirror and reflector for aligned creation and leadership. The sessions are highly activating and accelerating touchpoints where we hold space for you to recognize the places in your life & work/business that aren’t 100% in alignment with what you actually want to create; and bring through tangible next steps perfectly adapted to maximizing your whole life (blooming your whole life) in a way that feels grounded.

  • sessions are 60 minutes. we meet via Zoom.
  • your sessions can be used anytime during the 12 months from the date of purchase. you can book your sessions as most relevant and supportive to you. as an example: some clients love to book 1 session every 3 months (a quarterly review and re-alignment); some clients prefer to book their 4 sessions closer together whilst working on something important; others love having a monthly check-in session.
  • all of my work will always open up the field for you to access your own Oracular Gold (creator-self wisdom). sessions usually include homework that will anchor in your own access and understanding of your own field.
  • sessions bring a powerful fusion of psychic insights, frequency technology and practical wisdom. at the core of this work, you will call yourself into your next level of trust in your own be-ing. my intention is that all is in service to your organic expansion into your highest expression and timelines.

A powerful pure Quantum Field seer and acclaimed psychic channel, with a background in intensive personal transformation & MBA-level education and corporate experience, Kathleen Sylvia works with incredibly clear, activated energies that ignite instant upgrades in your life and business. Her clients step away from her oracular field fully anchored in their creator-self wisdom, irrevocably empowered to share their stunningly unique beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world.

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there is a need for this.
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we help women reclaim the sacredness & potency of our feminine essence & gifts.
& change the world.

Awaken. Remember. Reclaim.