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there is a need for this.
for deep alignment.

we help women reclaim the sacredness & potency of our feminine essence & gifts.
& change the world.

Join our community, The FierceLoveCollective

— ‘how do I show up powerfully for my purpose, and make a real difference in the world?’ —

— ‘what is my medicine, my calling?’ —

— ‘how can I connect more deeply to the wisdom inside of me, and let it guide my path?’ —

— ‘how can I live a deeply fulfilling, prosperous life, AND be a blessing in the world?’ —

— ‘what does it look like, to walk The Priestess Path / Path Of Devotion and fully Thrive In Service?’ —

These are the questions and themes we explore in The FierceLove Collective.

I’m Kath, the founder of The House of Unfurling and Focalizer for The FierceLove Collective.

As a member of our free community, each week, you’ll receive writings and teachings directly in your inbox. These often take the shape of raw & real letters inspired by my own path and my work with private coaching clients, written with love to help you show up fully to your purpose and life. There’s often journaling prompts, videos, exclusive audios, etc. And each week, you’re welcome to hit reply and tell me what you’re learning, walking through, and how you’re practicing showing up fully to your life. Because we’re doing this, together.

This is my mission with this work: every woman (and man) who feels DEEPLY & POWERFULLY called onto the Deep Feminine Path, has access to High-Quality tools and resources that will make navigating this journey easeful, joyful, purposeful, and impact-filled! 

This is the REVOLUTION of our times. Rising to meet your heart’s deepest longings. And Rising to meet the calling you feel burn inside, to make a difference & leave this world a better place. It is time. Let’s start.

When you sign up for The FierceLove Collective you’ll receive a welcome email from me within the hour. If you don’t see it, please check your junk/spam folders!

Occasionally I send out more than one email each week when there are time-sensitive details I want you to know about. This is the exception, not the norm.