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Questions & Answers


Entering Kathleen Sylvia’s field is often experienced as an activation and comes with a deep instant knowing (your soul-yes). This can be unexpected, and intimidation and/or nervousness are normal feelings to arise. Your being knows you’re standing on the threshold of a massive uplevel. However, you will know in your heart when it is time to apply and work with Kath: a deep, strong pull within your body, and your Heart whispering, “this”. If you feel high levels of anxiety or frenetic energies — higher than the excitement — then it is probably not time yet.

You will not be forced to make a decision on the call as Kath’s desire is for you to make this decision from a clear and grounded place. After your call, you will be given 3 days to make your decision. You are free to decide at any point during those 3 days. After the 3 days end you will have to go through the process of reapplying in the future if you feel in your heart that it’s time.

You will find out all of this on your connection call and it will be promptly emailed to you afterwards.

I see coaching as a wonderful way to receive the support that our immediate circles cannot gift us when we embark upon a journey of profound personal change.

I view my core task as your mentor and guide, that of placing your own knowing firmly back where it belongs: within your own heart and soul. Coaching is not a relation of one person needing the other, it is one of holding the space for your most easeful, beautiful growth and expansion.

I am someone who has walked the path before you, looked into the abyss and darkness, and has learned to unlock the alchemy… And one who has chosen to walk this path over and over again, as a companion whose presence and knowing of what lies ahead will ease your journey. Also, I am someone who has trained so that the space-holding becomes truly skilled and feels safe and empowering.

If you know that stepping into this work means sacrificing massively financially, then this is not for you. I will not have anyone step into the work if it jeapordizes your physical, mental or emotional well-being, or that of your children, family or partner, because of overextending yourself financially when it is not currently possible. At its core, this work is about deep spiritual enrichment. I intentionally offer high-quality courses and group programmes at many different price levels; each of them a gem that will bring you great joy to explore.

We recommend that if you know you can’t currently afford it and you still have the desire to apply, you be willing and emotionally/energetically/mentally resourced to show up for the potential discomfort and expansion of this process. We recommend you have streams open for the money to come to you (note: streams do not have to belong to you). Many of us start out with a difficult relationship to money, that you may have to work through in order to receive more. 1:1 mentoring will always include a deep-dive of your financial belief system.

Yes.  There is a deposit to be paid within 24 hours after you have decided this is the right investment for you, subsequent payments are monthly.