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Contrary to what you might think at a first superficial glance, the rise of the divine feminine hasn’t got its roots in feminism. This is not, as some people might say, merely a superficial string of words used by women who secretly and not so secretly wish for more balance, more respect, and more equal rights for women in the world. It is something much deeper than that.

The rise of the divine feminine is rooted in a balancing of energy. The divine feminine, like the divine masculine, is what we all are. Men and women BOTH have these energies. It is what allows us to be balanced human beings: Flow and Focused Action. Intuition and Logical Analysis. Being and Doing. Receiving and Giving.

+ + +

The rise of the divine feminine is so pronounced, in this day and age,
because there IS an imbalance.

+ + +

There is doing. There is analysis. There is action. But the depth of who we are as humans is being denied – has been for ages. I know you know what I mean when I say the feminine has been blacklisted. Because you’ve experienced it (and it doesn’t matter, here, how you identify – as a man, a woman, or non-binary. it is the feminine within every human that has been ostracized, not just the female gender).

You know because you still, to this day, may experience shame, or guilt, or fear. For feeling. For knowing. For having a huge heart, and caring about people. For pointing out uncaring behaviour. For demanding love instead of just numbers. For loving the earth. For your tears of deep sadness and despair as you watch the news. For taking a deep breath of crisp morning air as you walk to your car, and just being.

Because all of this comes with this uneasy sense that it’s wrong. That YOU are wrong. Even as all of this is simply you being human – you are wrong. The wrong kind of human. the kind that doesn’t get it. that doesn’t play by the rules and stories – but questions them. looks at others and asks “why are you treating them so badly? this is not right”. the type of human who feels too much, where feeling is scorned. Huh. I think we’re ready for a different story, aren’t you?

+ + +

Feeling, Intuition, Being, and Flow are all dimensions of the Divine Feminine energy. It’s THESE things which basically allow us to be FULLY present to life.

As long as we’re in denial, as a society, over these aspects of our humanity – recognizing and loving and actively promoting them as being JUST AS NECESSARY (not simply ‘just as valuable’, as I caught myself saying just now) as all the things we already celebrate (doing. decisiveness. going for it. planning for your next steps. being strategic. goal-oriented. efficient. cramming the most in your day.) – we will always walk around feeling bereft, like there’s a huge piece missing, a gaping cavern-sized hole that accusingly stares at us whenever we have a second of stillness.

That’s why we run. That’s why we numb ourselves with addictions, and fill our house and minds with as much noise as we possibly can. Because we don’t know how to fill that void – and so it’s easier to just run from it and not leave any room for that stillness to confront us.

+ + +

The divine feminine energy translates into being – not in our heads and minds, where we have been taught to LIVE, but in our bodies. In our heart.

+ + +

And it holds out its arms in a wide embrace – welcoming in the masculine energy of the mind and logic and doing, so that the being and the doing can engage in a beautiful dance together – ultimately leading us into an experience of life that is deeply PRESENT, and INSPIRED in actions. No longer the hamster on the hamster wheel, desperately trying to catch up and cling onto the endless DOING – often purpose-less, meaningless fillers of time. But a deeply meaningful experience of life, and expression of who we are as humans into the world.

The rise of the divine feminine is inviting us to lead from the heart. And whilst there is a huge surge of women who feel themselves being undeniably pulled towards a mission in life that will create impact in the world from that divine feminine energy – it is equally calling men.

​+   +   +

Leading from the heart.
That’s where we’re going with this.

​+   +   +

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