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Have you ever been told – or secretly thought – that what you most desire in life, is just too big of a dream? Insane even to even entertain – because it’s just plain too much, too improbable?

That’s what happened for me. When I left corporate, I didn’t really know where to turn… because the message I’d been hearing for years was this: ‘dreams are unrealistic, Kath… don’t waste your time with that… there’s no future there…’

So as I stubbornly continued … exploring a different path, exploring whether my dreams could be valid and real … that thought was always there, keeping me company … quietly sneering each time I took another baby step … laughing at my clumsy first attempts to go after what I really wanted …

If similar thoughts have been going through your mind –

I want you to know that this is an un-truth

A social conditioning.
In slightly less polite terms, absolute nonsense.

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY how, and why, and what the true answer to that thought is.

+ + +

On Stories, Choices, and Dreams.

Each and every one of us is defined by stories.
Things our parents told us. Things friends told us.
Things our religion, politicians, scientists and teachers told us.
And that’s okay. That’s simply what growing up in a certain culture is all about.

Here’s what I want you to know:
these stories don’t have to define you until the day you die.

You have a choice.

In fact, each day, in each and every moment, you make hundreds of choices.
So…. what if you started to make those choices more consciously? And what if you decided to re-write the stories that have defined you for so long?

Ahhhhhh. Magic. Because of this:

​+   +   +

Different choices. Different stories.
Different life going forward.

​+   +   +

And that ABSOLUTELY has everything to do with your deepest dreams and desires. Those persistent whispers, deep inside. Because

"True choices will always come from a solid knowing of what you truly want for yourself and your life". Click to read the Full Article: Maybe My Dreams Are Too Big. In Purpose & Feminine Impact - kathleensaelens.com

KNOWING. and then, choosing accordingly. That’s how your life becomes your dream life. By knowing what you want. Truly want.

So, can you put aside the stories you’ve heard – about dreams being unrealistic, a waste of time, or simply not achievable?
And step into a different narative?

Because, truth be told, going after your dreams isn’t some vague notion.
Some idealistic vision of the future, utopia.

It’s very real.
It’s what millions of women and men all over the world are doing.
Seeing the stories.
Doing the work to REWRITE the stories, beliefs and limitations.
And step by step, moving closer to a life, and reality, that mirrors the dream.

This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Ever. To give yourself permission to explore that yearning deep inside. The silent whisper in the night. That tells you there is more. More meaning. More depth. More you. Are you ready?

+ + +

The true answer to “Maybe my dreams are too big”.

OK, so here’s what I would LOVE for you to do:

Take some time today to sit, quietly. And really ask yourself: what are my dreams for my life really showing me? And then: listen.

DARE to trust yourself, your own inner knowing, and listen. Beyond the scoffing of your mind, what else do you hear?

Here’s what doing that taught me: when you’re tapped in tuned in to the core of you, that inner stronger wiser part that never gets angry, never lashes out, never feels small or undeserving, or unworthy or selfish in any way – the part of you that is ever patient, that meets you with what feels like a warm and loving smile, that is incredibly loving yet has this absolutely steely core and determination at the same time – when you connect to that part of you – you’ll know that “there is no dream that is too big…”

What you’ll hear is that our dreams are given to us.

And in a way, they are not just ours. They well up within you, both from a longing, a desire that you have to experience life, to savour it – and as a response to a wider, more collective call.

Your dreams, those from the heart and soul, are never just selfish. Never just superficial. Not even our desire for material things… So… allow yourself the pleasure of sinking into your desires. Your dreams.

And see them as the blessing they really are:

​+   +   +

The calling of your soul –
towards what you are meant to experience in life.

​+   +   +

"Your dreams are never too much. They are the calling of your soul towards what you are meant to experience in life". Click to read the Full Article: Maybe My Dreams Are Too Big. In Purpose & Feminine Impact - kathleensaelens.com

​+   +   +

Doing this completely changed my life.

When I started to give myself permission to listen to the dreams and desires I held closest to my heart (and yes, it’s a work in progress, a journey, where I find myself staring this choice right in the face every time the sun rises anew) – life quite simply became more interesting.

  • I am writing books, exploring that deep yearning inside to express the constant stream of words within me. And it’s joyful.
  • I have started to treat both my work and my non-work life as EQUAL, one not to be sacrificed for the other. It feels luxuriously spacious.
  • I followed my desire to do work that feels deeply meaningful, and it’s deeply satisfying.
  • I have changed my complete outlook on life, eagerly anticipating new possibilities and opportunities coming my way. Joyful expectancy rather than dread and overwhelm. Huge win.
  • I feel like a better mom, a better partner, and a better, more solid person all-around. Following my dreams meant getting clear on what I wanted, and doing the inner work to GROW and stretch into that. It’s ALWAYS about the inner work first. When I discovered this, I thought ‘bummer’ and part of me sulked (‘I want the knight in shining armour to save me’) but I did it anyway – and it paid off, in so many more ways I couldn’t have imagined.

So, on a final note: embrace the fear that maybe, the stories are right and your dreams are too big. Play with the alternative idea (story) that they’re not. And go, explore. Tread lightheartedly, playfully, into this new territory. But go there.

​+   +   +

Give yourself permission to listen.
And then to take small steps.
It doesn’t matter if you’re slightly scared, too.
It’s the exploring that matters.

Not being completely fearless about it.

​+   +   +

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CLICK THROUGH TO READ: Maybe My Dreams Are Too Big. From Purpose and Feminine Impact. With fierce love, Kath - kathleensaelens.com

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