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Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

So…. have you ever heard something like this?

When you’re in alignment, everything falls into place!

You’ll be so completely lined up with your purpose in life, clients will flock to you / fall out of the woodwork, you’ll never have to think about Marketing strategies again, and you’ll be making massive cash working no more than 15 hours a week!

Let’s hear it for alignment!

Uhm…. yeah.

+  +  +

There’s some tiny print that should go at the end of these posts or live video raves. Because, #realtalk, there is MORE to alignment than what you would assume from these enticing bits of words strung together into juicy, mouth-watering visions of bliss and glory ever-after.

Alignment isn’t a clear destination…
Rinse and repeat for everyone…
Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

When I was just starting out in business, just getting more into the idea of ‘purpose’ and ‘heart-centered’ business… I fell for the alignment myth. BIG STYLE.

In conversations and sessions with mentors and healers, I’d hear this over and over again: “well… if you were in alignment, you’d be seeing clients pop up from everywhere. You wouldn’t have to go ‘find’ them.”

And it wasn’t the right message. The right message would have been something like this:

"well... you're in alignment, but not completely, not on all levels. This is a journey of growth, darling, and it's not something to despair over. You go do your thing, and you'll know that things are all lining up more and more fully because you'll start to see incredible synchronicities and 'magic' come your way."

Can you just sense how different a message that is? I am not pointing fingers here, because I KNOW that there is truth in the first message, too. The clearer we get, the more “visible” we become to others on a purely energetic level. We literally become a beacon of light – and random strangers will reach out to you and tell you ‘they just know they have to work with you’. THAT is magic right there. And it’s brilliant.

But I know I am not alone in longing for a more … gentle message. Because when you’re still in the upheaval and seeking stage of your journey – your heart and soul need a more loving, compassionate approach. So that’s what I wish to offer here. A more gentle, more empowering vision of Alignment.

Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Let’s heal your Alignment Myth.

Let’s start by exploring if, and how, you may have been letting the Myth of Alignment get to you? Just to give you an idea of how pervasive it can be, here’s how I experienced its backlash:

  • I went on a desperate search for my purpose. Because, after all, if everything would fall into place once I’d have stepped into alignment with my purpose, then surely as long as it didn’t fall into place, that meant I hadn’t FULLY found my purpose? Wasn’t yet in alignment with what I was meant to do in this world? I spent countless dollars and hours journalling, taking sessions with healers and purpose/message experts, and generally beating myself up because “I hadn’t figured it out yet”. Fun.

  • I didn’t take FULL-OUT action in my business when it came to sharing my message and engaging in conversation with people. Because, again, I wasn’t in alignment… and until I had gotten that right, I couldn’t really go out there, couldn’t really take massive action – because what if things would change completely! Better wait until it was ‘right’. Looking back, I can see I lost so much time… and I can also see that my genuine search for my alignment became a handy ally to my self-sabotaging inner critic, who would rather have me spend time on this endless loop of seeking, than stepping out fully and vulnerably, sharing my work and risking rejection.

  • I looked towards hustle and massive marketing campaigns with a hint of disdain… because surely if these women were TRULY in alignment (as they claimed), they wouldn’t need all these bells and whistles? I preferred to seek my alignment first, so I could attract my clients to me by magic… as everyone kept promising me…

​+   +   +

I went from excited, on fire, and passionate about what I wanted to share with people, to anxious, confused, overwhelmed, and second-guessing my every move.

​+   +   +

The Myth of Alignment, and my seeming inability to ‘get it right’, plummeted my energy, and gave my inner critic a fieldday with constant harmful mindchatter: “you’re such a failure”, “god… maybe there’s something wrong with you… why would they be able to step into alignment so gracefully and for you it’s taking ages…” and other cheerful rankling wounding.

It’s this backlash that has been the hardest to shake. Our minds are powerful, and this constant undermining of my confidence and passion has left deep gaping wounds. Deep wounds: in a session with my mentor, I mentioned how I felt ‘fundamentally flawed’. I KNOW better, of course, but months and months of feeling as if I had to desperately figure out how to get into alignment – and seemingly failing to – had shaken my foundation to the core.


If you have been feeling caught on this treadmill of ‘seeking’ your alignment, or trying to ‘figure out’ what is wrong with you because you’re seemingly failing to, by all means, STOP RIGHT NOW.

The point is: you’re working from a flawed premise – the Myth of Alignment, and how it is something you ‘find’, in a session, one day, and have unicorns poop glitter all over your life from that day onward.

So, today, create some space for yourself in your day to look at IF and HOW this endless, franctic search is affecting you.

Ask yourself:
How is this affecting my energy? What does it mean for the way I’ve been showing up for my business? Has there been a change in my commitment? What exactly is it that I feel is missing, what exactly is it that I’m looking for?

End your reflection with this question:
What do I feel is possible for me, right now, that I haven’t been exploring because I don’t feel ‘quite there yet’? I promise you, it’s far more than what you give yourself credit for.

Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom
Honour your process. Click to read the Full Article: "The Myth Of Alignment (and what to aim for instead)" - Soulful Success - kathleensaelens.com

Honour your process, and Alignment Layers.

So, going forward, I invite you to embrace this more empowering understanding of what Alignment really is:

Alignment is following the path of your Soul

Just take a moment to really breathe that in…

Why wouldn’t you be following the path of your soul RIGHT NOW?

Who’s to say that the steps you have been taking so far, are wrong / not on purpose / out of alignment?

This is actually what is so damaging in the messaging around alignment: there is the (UNINTENTIONAL) suggestion that you haven’t found the right path yet. I do believe it isn’t intended to be so. The damage comes because from where you sit, as the client, the message is filtered through all of your insecurities, and you’ll feel your body contract, your heart sink, flooded with feelings of shame and despair. You aren’t there yet… clearly…

"your soul is constantly guiding you on the most joyful and meaningful path for you". - Click to read the Full Article: The Myth Of Alignment (and what to aim for instead). From Soulful Success - kathleensaelens.com

WHEN YOU START LISTENING – and that is what you’re doing, in searching out the most meaningful contribution you can make in the world through your business – you’re nudging closer and closer to your knowing of that path. You may bump into some obstacles along your way – but these will eventually clear out. THAT is why starting and growing your own business is often referred to as one of the most intense personal development paths you can take. There’s a shit-ton of beliefs, fears, and limitations that will come knocking on your door for release.

A softer, more gentle approach to Alignment is possible when we can honour our process, seeing it as NOT WRONG. It is simply constantly fine-tuning as we become more skilled at navigating our world based on our soul’s guidance.

Empowering questions to ask yourself: What does my intuitive guidance feel like? Do I feel confident acting on my intuitive guidance?

(if not, you may want to consider gifting yourself our Signature Homestudy Course, Awaken To Your Soul, where we clarify and find lush pathways for you, specifically, into your intuitive guidance.)

​+   +   +

There are layers to alignment

Our process isn’t one straight line. I would suggest we experience it as different layers coming into alignment.

This means you can be PERFECTLY in alignment with your purpose – your sacred work in the world – yet not have it translate into a magical flood of cash and clients immediately. Because you might still be coming into alignment with other areas that influence your THRIVING in business and life, such as your self-worth and wealth consciousness.

Which brings me to the request that I would like to make of you today: make a promise to yourself that you will honour your process.

"Going through the layers towards your fullest alignment will take time". Click to read the Full Article: The Myth Of Alignment (and what to aim for instead). From Soulful Success - kathleensaelens.com

And when it all falls into place, yes, it does feel magical and enchanting and as if there is this magnetic pull from you and your work in the world towards your clients.

But don’t STRIVE to get there.



Know that you are moving closer and closer to that true point of alignment every day.

And, at the same time, don’t let ‘not being there yet’ keep you from showing up in the world as fully as you can today. Yes, even if that means traditional marketing hustle. And love yourself through it all. Because this is the journey we ALL take. And the unicorns ARE waiting. With bucketloads of glitter. And your own personal brand of magnetic. Which is here, already. You’re simply still uncovering your light. 

​+   +   +

Here’s to where and what we are now, to what we might be tomorrow, and to everything in between!

​+   +   +

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CLICK THROUGH TO READ:  the myth of alignment and what to aim for instead. From soulful success. With fierce love, Kath - kathleensaelens.com

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