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There is so much judgment in our society about Truths. It feels like too much of a claiming. “I have the truth”. How can we ever be sure of what the truth really is? How can anyone claim to have knowledge or access to the truth? It feels wrong to use that word. To make that claiming. And yet –

there is a truth. The truth of who we are. The truth … of you

Beyond any spiritual or religious or philosophical concepts, there is this one thing that never changes. And that is, that we are. Something moves us. Something breathes us. We are body. We are mind. We are emotions. We are. And beyond all of that – we are us. Different from the others. Separate, only ever hearing our own thoughts, feeling our own feelings, knowing our own reality. And the thought that crosses all of our minds, at one point, is this: Who am I, really? Why am I here?

​+   +   +

The moment that thought crosses your mind – you are opening the door to understanding.

​+   +   +

When you feel this question, deeply resonating in your heart, an aching yearning to know, to understand, you will be shown the path to your answer. And here is the thing: your path is unique to you. I can tell you to pay attention to people, events, experiences and opportunities that come into your life – because they will each hold a key to your knowing of who you are – but I cannot give you a specific roadmap (although I created The House Of Unfurling to give you resting stops and signposts along the way). The path is yours to walk. And so, more than anything, when you ask this question, the answer will come to you as an invitation. To take a step into the unknown. To follow the breadcrumbs.

The path is yours to walk

In my experience, the path will start by showing you who you are – now. The person who may be feeling stuck. Confused. Lost. Despairing. Hopeless. In a moment of clarity, you will know that you are ready to explore – because staying here, feeling like this, trapped in this darkness, simply is no longer an option. You are ready.

​+   +   +

This is an energetic shift, at the deepest core of your being, and that is when the path will start to lead you into the unknown.
On an exploration of you, and of life.

​+   +   +

Along the way, you will be lead forward by a series of seemingly small coincidences – but as you will come to see, looking back over your shoulder at the path you’ve traveled: each one of those coincidences strings together like a beautiful string of pearls. And you will look forward with a smile on your face, because you have come to realize that you do not walk this path alone. It may be leading you into a dense forest, unable to see beyond the bend, but you know that it brings you closer and closer to what you have set out to seek: you. The you who feels good about life, who is stepping into more and more acceptance of self, who can love even the flaws and jumbled-up situations and the very human quirkiness and mistakes. The you who learns to let go, to set boundaries, to be gentle and fierce, and to love, deeply, unreservedly. A deep love and acceptance of Self. A deep love and compassion for others, as they walk their own path. And a deep love of life.

That is your truth. That is when you know, who you really are. And that is when so much more opens up to you. Purpose, and how to find peace in the knowing of why you are here. An experience of life that feels incredibly good – even if it’s still very human. Not always what you would call perfect. But you smile regardless, because you know the beautiful truth of it all: To live. As you. Fully knowing you. Fully being you.

The path beckons. Will you step onto it?

PIN IT - when the path beckons: towards understanding the truth of who we are. with love, Kath

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    January 20, 2019