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the paradox of envisioning the new and being a human on planet earth, right now
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Where it all started: the truth about my version of The Priestess Path 

Hey Gorgeous! This piece is something I started writing when I sat down to email my community, the FierceLove Collective. It weaves in thoughts about my version of the priestess path, thoughts about envisioning the new, and the importance of tenderness. I think it’s relevant to the questions many of us are grappling with – so: may it be supportive of your journey! Kx.

My Truth is this: my work explores the truly ecstatic face of the Divine, grounded within our human bodies and realities. That means, the absolute exquisitely divine and beautiful. And  the blood & bones of things.

One of the very first energies I encountered on my own path of awakening, is called the Morrigan, or Rhiannon The Dark. She’s fierce: fiercely loving, shrouded in mystery, and absolutely unapologetic about the realness of things. From the start, she told me I’d become well versed in the shadow path – and the need for Priestessing (and, actually, any living breathing succulent passionate woman) to be firmly rooted in the here and now, WHILST envisioning and birthing/bringing through the new.

There are stories of the ancient Priestesses receiving the war-worn men into their Temples, to be re-rooted into civilized society. Do you think the Priestesses of old shied away from blood? From birth? From the actual messiness of what it means and feels and looks like to be human? Their clothing and dress had meaning — and underneath it all, it has always been the energy and medicine and presence and gifts that the Priestess brings, that changes the world.

The Priestess Path that I stand for is one that is deeply rooted in the actuality of our lives. 

It starts with the individual calling into our very own and highly personal hero’s story…

▼ that may look like small circles in which we learn to hold ourselves so we can better hold others

▼ that may look like the individual work we do in the reclamation of our confidence, our worth, our voice, our body, our desire, our sexuality, our right to pleasure, our truth and wisdom and path

▼ that may look like a deep excavation of our faulty programming around money and lack, and the intentional building of individual wealth & prosperity and a life on our own terms

▼ that may look like a reorienting of our lives toward meaning, fulfilment, and purpose; and the growth curve into owning and building our work in the world (business/art/career/leadership)

and always, always, it comes back to this:

the individual path will always bring with it the invitation to the collective path… meaning, will you accept our asking, that you transcend your own journey of healing, and walk in devotion to the healing of the world?

When you say yes, 
that is when you will be invited to dance in ways that ground your work in deep service to the whole.

▼ I get to heal my own stories and limiting beliefs around money — and I get to envision ways my work can become more accessible to all, and ways in which my money gets to shape what the future looks like

▼ I get to learn how to nurture and hold a frequency of trust in the goodness of the universe and devote myself to the energetic nurturing of a blazingly beautiful future for all — and I get to use my physical throat, eyes, hands and feet to take actions that will help bring heightened awareness to all the sore wounds and puss in the actual systems (governing, educational, economic, belief, oppression, inequality, exploitation) in the physical world

▼ I get to learn how to root every and all action/thought/word in the field of wisdom and love beyond the veil — and I get to put this in practice in every encounter I have; in my role as a mother, with the neighbour who embodies everything I feel is wrong with the world, with all of the people reminding me of my own prejudice, pride and false sense of self.

As a part of that path, I’ve been feeling guided this week to go into the edges of where things feel scary and ruthless. Namely: what is happening in our world, and how does our humanity and society adapt to the notion of potential doom / apocalypse?

To make it clear: My personal view of the future of our world is deeply rooted in the energetic vibrations and word-conversations I have with what I call the Wider Perspectives. And it’s blatantly optimistic. We are moving towards Heaven On Earth. And from that perspective,

the deep work we are doing, it's an intentional liberation we create for future generations.

When I talk about the Wider Perspectives, I mean the (mostly) invisible energies that are available for us to partner with. Plaeidian, God, Goddess, Cosmic Mother, Kuan Yin, ArchAngel Michael — it doesn’t matter which energy you feel most deeply connected to; that is the energy that will commune with you and will help inform your vision and perspective on the future of this planet / the human race / Gaia.

And if you’re new to this, a big part of my work is to help you reconnect to your Own Wisdom – and to help you develop pathways for working and leading from that space. THAT is your unique medicine brought to form. (If you want to learn more about this, our Initiate Programme Awaken To Your Soul walks you from Remembering (Reconnecting) through to Wise Leadership).

Essentially, walking this Path is walking in Paradox.

We have to hold both the Vision For What Is To Be (What Is Becoming / What We Are Calling In / Attuning To) and Bear Witness To What Was Created (Where Are The Fault Lines? What Wounds Are Festering And Need To Be Released? Where Did We Get Stuck Into Disempowering Programs? What Will We Not Take With Us?).


Seeing how everything in the world seems to trigger us into anxiety nowadays, it’s tempting to turn our backs on the world and focus exclusively on building what will be. Interestingly enough, whenever I do this, my own guidance comes back to point out the importance of paradox.

What I’ve come to see is that the invitation to Bear Witness To Apocalypse is meant to bring us into deepened capacity for tenderness and love (and action but more on that another time). I’m linking a podcast episode for you to listen to if you feel pulled into exploring this concept and notion of Apocalypse more. This particular podcast episode has been so important for me to move past my own triggered anxiety about the word apocalypse itself, and finetune my own sense that apocalypse is already happening, and that part of my/our path is to bring deeper trauma awareness and tools to our conversations, the words we use, and the way we hold space for dialogue and growth-through-coaching. 

Embracing Apocalypse – #8: Core Collapse Competencies, with Rachael Rice

auma is Real. It's happening to us daily. And the state of the world from which we build the new, means we have to be well-versed, for ourselves and those we intend to serve, in self-soothing and extreme tenderness for all.

Thx for being here for these deeper conversations. Big love, Kx.

PS: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this! How have you been feeling the relevance (or not) of what is happening on the global stage? What resources and conversations have been supportive of your Envisioning?

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    February 20, 2020