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There are some questions I’ve been tuning into earlier this week, as I see so many different responses in the communites I’m part of, to our current situation of global pandemic.

What does it look like to walk as the priestess in these intense times?

What is the role of the priestess right now?

I wrote a post on Instagram earlier about how We Are Made For These Times — and that is something I truly believe and stand for.

Being a Priestess means showing up ESPECIALLY when the world as a whole is sweeped by chaos, anger, fear, and grief.

And, yes: You may not yet be able to do this if you’re still in the early stages of your own healing and your own path. But after that, once you start to feel more solid, more anchored into your own presence and your own knowing of what it is you stand for: this is what it’s all about.

And I’m sorry if my words burn like Kali Ma medicine: if you’re not sure when the whole priestess thing went from burning incense and reconnecting to your own deep womb, to now this incessant asking by your team to show up fiercely like a blazing pillar of light, and hope, truth and love in the world — you got sidetracked by the Priestess As Performance, and need to Reconnect To The Priestess As A Deeply Devotional and In Service Path. With that being said, let it be clear I am not intent on shaming you. In my experience with Kali Ma, she can be incredibly blunt and when you look at what her finger is pointing towards within you, it’ll often trigger deep reservoirs of shame and self-judgment (making them available for clearing and healing). So please allow me to also bring in the Gift of Self-Compassion, a Kuan Yin medicine: we live in a Performance-based society. So many of us get dazzled by the pretty pictures on Instagram at the beginning of our path — assuming that it is the outward performance that makes the Priestess. It is when we move further along, through the Shadow-Gates and Initiations, that we start to see the Performance is the upper layer, and a beautiful one at that if it deeply resonates for you. But it is not the Core. So I’m asking you, today, to see where your own Path is inviting you to court a more deepened understanding of your Presence in the world as a Priestess. In that way, these times are a beautiful gift for full awakening into your own & unique Priestess Embodiment.

And that’s what I want to talk about here.

Being fiercely devoted to being a light despite the pain, despite the fact that your heart, mind, body and soul are grieving.

Being fiercely devoted to meeting the world in its need, and anchoring in the new simultaneously.

Because as the Priestess, we walk in multiple dimensions and realities at once. Being the light in a world that doesn’t know how to move forward from this apparent darkness, is how you uplift the gaze of others to the light. Being the anchor for the vision you are co-birthing into this world, is how we will see the world change. And those two things, are why we are here.

So, from my Priestess Path to yours, let me share with you 5 choices I have made in my own practice, that help me be of service in intense times, in a way that feels deeply meaningful.

01. Listen deeply for what is needed

The great field of consciousness is guiding you towards what needs to be offered in answer to the collective asking.

This is truly not a time for strategic mental analysis (although strategy will be part of what supports you in widely offering what is needed).

It is a time where you’re being asked to get out of your head, fully surrender, and show up for what you’re guided to create/say/offer. There is massive momentum available when you start creating, speaking, offering what you feel guided to. Timelines shorten and collapse, doors open to opportunities you felt were still way off in the future, and you are actively embodying new versions of your own self, day by day by day. The big ask, of you, right now, is to get out of your own way, and fully walk as Priestess: in service to, and guided by, the Divine.

Question To Ask Yourself: what would it look like, what would I create, if I truly surrendered to God as my Employer?

02. Honour your gifts, don’t deplete them

It’s a time, too, where you will come full circle with many of your own self-sabotaging and self-limiting patterns. One of these could be the All Systems Go programming, which is a fabulous energy of excited and driven creativity, until it tips into depletion and adrenal burnout.

Do you know when to stop? Do you know when to rest? Do you know what it looks like to demand fair exchange of energy for what you’re giving out in service?

Question To Ask Yourself: The Priestess knows how to take exquisite and hyper-devoted care of herself. Explore what that looks like for you, and implement.

03. Show up Show up Show up

People are looking for light in what they perceive as a world crumbling into darkness – be the light.

Energetically, AND Physically. Right now, people need to see you show up physically as a strong, embodied, anchored presence of hope, light, and calm and stubborn faith.

The good news is that there is an energetic stream of support available to you right now, so that once you start showing up – the energetic backlash from your own fears and wounding (the Wound Of Persecution, the Wound Of Rejection) will feel significantly lessened. You’ll feel yourself being encouraged, supported and carried.

Question To Ask Yourself: how am I being guided to show up? How am I letting old patterns and beliefs (+fear) dictate what I do and do not do? What does my inner Deep Well Of Knowing have to share about this?

04. Lean in

Do not let the magnitude of things consume you. Understand that any feelings of despair are showing you where you’re still plugged into thoughts and ideas about needing to be The Saviour. This is an out-dated template of spiritual martyrdom – a weird story that says the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, and yours alone, and you have to burn yourself up in a last-ditch effort to save the all.


You were never meant to do this alone. This is an invitation to Lean In.

Lean into your sister communities. Into your love and faith for your own exquisite self (across all dimensions, including your fiercely loving heart and physical vessel). Into the mentors whose words uplift you. Into God.

Question To Ask Yourself: Where am I refusing support? Where am I not leaning into the help and love that is there?

Note: this is not to say that you need to stuff down your grief and bravely march on. You’re a human being, of course your heart, mind, body and soul are grieving alongside everyone else. If you feel you need more support in learning to hold space for yourself, this episode of The Sovereign Sessions podcast will walk you through 7 Practices For Being With + Transmuting Your Grief.

05. Be a solid anchor for the new

Keep your eyes firmly on the prize. There’s lots going on, both in our personal lives and the collective – and it’s easy to get sidetracked, to allow fear and anxiety to take you out of center, out of your own deep knowing. And it’s okay when that happens. We are experiencing this life in full immersion.

The Mastery of the Priestess lies in a deep commitment to both: being present with what is happening right now, in and around our physical and emotional bodies, and in the wider world. And being present with what we are creating in the invisible realms, what it is we are bringing and calling forth.

Right now, we are walking spaceholders for both the gestation of what will be born, and the contractions of those first new creations (no one ever said creation would be linear). Right now, is the time to be exquisitely devoted to your practice for envisioning. Because that is the gateway into Anchoring In The New. It is birthing in and through you. Your job is to hold a deeply devotional anchor for it to take hold.

Question To Ask Yourself: Am I truly showing up as a solid anchor for the new? What would that look like? If you’d like some support in your envisioning practice, this workbook offers 25 questions to help you tap into your Truest Vision for what’s to come.


Get these prompts as a free workbook:

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I’d love to hear what this leads you into.

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