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Ever since the start of this pandemic, I’ve been sharing my own reflections on what this means for those of us who have always felt called to make a difference. I’ve talked about the Paradox of Envisioning The New. We’ve explored The Art Of Holding Ourselves (so we can better hold others, too). I’ve expanded on this notion of experiencing and working with our Grief, too, in this podcast. Check out any (or all) of those resources if you feel in need of some support and tools for self-soothing and self-regulating.

In the next part of what I now call a Series On Anchoring The Light In Times Of Intensity, I’m focusing on ways in which we can truly activate ourselves and the people around us, into the New Paradigm. And it starts here.

The House Of Unfurling Logo

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​What It Looks Like To Be A Lightworker In These Times
& 3 Practical Ways To Anchor Into Hope

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One of the quotes that came through recently as a part of this series, is this one: “We need exquisite tenderness for all.”

I feel like this speaks to the essence of what it means to be a lightworker. A lightworker is someone who can walk the earth, fully immersed in their own human experience, and still choose to devote a huge chunk of their energetic and emotional focus on Embodying Hope, and Seeing The Good In The All. On Anchoring the Collective Vision For The New. That requires a lot of tenderness. For the Self. And for the All.

I know that there are some strange and frankly disempowering notions that run around our collective unconscious when it comes to empaths, lightworkers, and their role in life. Chances are you’ve found yourself courting one, only to be sharply called back by your own Wiser Self: “hey, being a lightworker doesn’t mean being a boundary-less all-loving all-accepting martyr.”

Empaths and Lightworkers are Powerhouses.

Yes, you read that right. I’m not interested in blowing up your ego, either, when I say this. It’s just true. Just think about it. You’re living life. Great. Ups and Downs, merry-go-rounds, that’s life for all of us. Now, add in some extra-finely attuned sensory input systems. Uhm, yeah, that would be you. You’re picking up on so.much.more than most people are. It makes you more easily energetically fatigued. But it also makes you the person on the frontline when it comes to energetically gauging and anchoring in NEW energetic realities.

You little magic-being you. How cool that you bought into the stories telling you your sensitivities were a curse, a weakness. Let’s start using them for what they’re meant for, ‘kay?

So, if you identify with the word Lightworker (which I know many of you do), understand that it means to Actively Work Your Light. Again, so much of the consensus about this seems to point to a rather passive kind of way of being. “Simply sit, and visualize peace.” I can’t help but feel impatient sometimes with the way I hear people idealize lightworking (I carry quite a bit of Kali Ma in my field and she has no time for Performance Spirituality). It isn’t about the incense you use, and the tarot card you pull in your morning ritual (although all of those are BEAUTIFUL elements of how you tune into your own guidance).

To be a Lightworker is to be devoted to a continuous embodiment and anchoring in of the light of your Higher Self and The Divine.

And it will bring you face to face with all the places you’re judging yourself and others, and the world.

So, when you understand that Lightworking means an actual, active, continuous choosing, here’s 3 ways that can help you lean into Hope + Anchor in the New, in times of Intensity.

01. Envision The New. Stubbornly.

This is your number One task. Over and Over and Over again, you will tune into the visions/feelings/words you’re receiving about New Earth (New Paradigm, 5D Earth, the Age Of Aquarius). And despite what the physical world around you looks like and feels like, you will consciously choose to come back to that vision, and anchor it in, again and again.

The reason why you do this, is twofold. First, you need to focus on Hope so that you yourself can stay buoyant and resilient in the face of so much heartache and grief. And second, this is part of your Sacred Task. To anchor in, what will be.

02. Make The Choices Now You Would Make Then.

As I’ve said before, Lightworking is an active thing. What choices can you start making now, that will reaffirm and anchor in the world you wish to see?

There is a tendency to think anchoring in the new world is limited to the time we spend in our meditation space, visualizing what Heaven On Earth would look like. But living as we do, as human beings with active lives within the fabrics of our current societies and cultures, everything we do outside of our meditation practice is equally important. We are constantly voting in the new. Where we focus our energy, how we choose to spend our time, where we choose to invest our money: all of this is actively shaping the world. All of it points to a specific choice of being and doing. Knowing that, what choices are you making based on the reality you currently see all around you? What choices would you be making if that reality, would be the one you visualize as heaven on earth?

When you start aligning more and more of your choices with what you *would* be choosing in the New, you’re also sending your own Being a powerful message of Hope: that the new is possible. That the new is already here, happening, an option in the here and now. That you get to see it, feel it, experience it, and act it out.

03. Anchor In The Frequency Of Love.

Love is my gift to the world. I fill myself with love, and I send that love out into the world.

Wayne Dyer

Being a Lightworker means that you are attuned, through your senses, to not just this world, but also the one beyond the veil. It means that you know (as in, have a felt experience of) different potentials besides the reality we are currently living. And that you can literaly bring through frequencies that the collective is yearning for, and anchor them in. Anchor in Hope. Anchor in Love. Anchor in Light.

It’s the image of the lighthouse that feels so resonant with that for me. Because it reminds me that this is a free will universe. I can choose to stand strong, anchoring in the frequencies I feel called to bring through. And I can stand, as a reminder to others of their own light — yet in full respect of their own free will right to decide if they wish to focus on light, or only see the dark.

In closing, I also want to leave you with this:

in times of intensity, it's important to remind yourself that essentially the world is a place made of light. As lightworkers, we are not necessarily creating pockets of light in a place made of darkness. We are anchoring in our light - to spark a rememberance, in all, that they have that light available to them to, no matter how dark they may perceive things to be. What would the world look like, if everyone chose to lean into, and anchor into their light? To me, that looks like a world revealed in all its luminous splendour.

Want support as you learn how to powerfully hold space for the healing of yourself and others?

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I’d love to hear what this leads you into.

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