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  • ▼ ON FEAR, and learning to listen to the whispers anyway {a guide} ▼

    This is an exploration of fear. I hope this guide will help you anchor into a new perspective and dialogue around fear. Not as the enemy, to be fought against viciously. Not as a sign of weakness, proof that at your core, you are not made out for big dreams and uneasy steps, not one of the brave. Rather, my wish for you is that you may feel yourself relax into the knowing,


    So let’s talk about a question that I get asked a lot. What do I do when I’m the only person in my immediate circle who is going through this process of awakening to a deeper wisdom, to intuition or soul? Do I talk about it? And why does it have to feel so lonely? I have ​three tips for you today, on how to move forward in ways that are kind & empowering to everyone involved (you included).


    There’s something I want to bring into the open today. Let us have this conversation – because conversations about what is hidden, what seems ‘wrong’ or shameful, is where our healing happens. In talking about our hurt, our pain, our doubts, we are opening the door for RELIEF to settle into our spirits and our bones.

    The Journey Of Awakening is magic. And – there are moments when it hurts.

    When we feel all alone on our journey.
    When the people around us don’t seem to get it.
    When we doubt the very experiences that set our soul on fire with passion and joy.
    When we feel deeply abandoned, an abandonement made all the more painful in contrast to the overwhelming love we felt just days before.
    When we don’t seem to ‘get’ it.
    When we’re seemingly the only one whose life doesn’t become rainbows and unicorns ever after…

    So I wrote you a letter. From my Soul to Yours. With love.