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Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Hey love! I’m so happy to share today’s writings with you – because I know they will be so helpful for you!

If you’re anything as impatient as me, the minute you took your first step on this journey of exploring a different way of being, a different way of creating success and meaning in the world – you’re like “oh. Look at everything that’s opening up for me. OMG I want all of that now!” And your impatience gets triggered. You’re SO ready to get on with it; you now have this gorgeous vision for a more gorgeous life – and you want it now! Right?

No, honestly, am I right? That’s how it was for me, when I first started on this journey. NOW! NOW! NOW! I was constantly obsessing with how to get to that vision, now. It wasn’t pretty. The expectations I had of myself and my mentors. The constant disappointment when another bend in the road didn’t deliver me into that ultimate vision.

So today’s post is going to outline the 3 keys that I know are going to align you with your ultimate vision, fast. And they will help you bring more grace and kindness to your process – because whilst fast is possible, growth is what it’s truly all about. You don’t grow into your big mama shoes overnight. So stay kind to yourself as you go!

​+   +   +

Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Three keys to aligning with your most sublime life, fast.

you are always moving in the direction of your dreams


Okay, okay, I get it. You may be raising your brows at me and pointing your finger towards all.the.things in your life that are clearly not exactly a representation of your dreams. Quite the contrary. Okay, but hear me out:

what if all of life is always working FOR you. and you’re simply on a constant adventure of ALIGNING more and more with your deepest truth – both SEEING that truth within yourself, and GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION to express and choose that truth in your outer life?

Honestly, if I ever wrote a book, there would only be one page in it, and that is what the words on the page would say. (just kidding. I am writing a book, and it’s got lots of words!)

In truth, though, once you can start to let go of this strange notion that is so present in our current society’s narratives:

that life is happening to you; that you have to take what you get; that there is no such thing as a benevolent universe; that it’s just hard and miserable and you just have to suck it up, this life as a mere unimportant human; that your dreams and desires are weird imaginings of grandiosity inspired by the gloominess of it all; that everything is headed for disaster anyways and no one really truly cares about another;

when you let go and start to entertain a different possibility, no matter how hesitantly or imperfectly at first, you will actually start to physically FEEL the magic that is truly present in life. And bit by bit, what opens up, is this different truth about life as a human on planet earth:

we are infinitely held

we are encouraged in joy, authenticity, and love

we are constantly aligning with more depth and truth about our own being, and we are constantly deepening in awareness about our potential as a collective of humans who each individually DO care about the greater human story and its unfolding.

here’s a practice that can help you align more with this experience of life: as you move throughout your day, be curious about all the ways life is already enthusiastically meeting you – the deepest, truest depth of you and what you authentically desire from life. Simple curiosity to what is already there. Will you try it?

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

​+   +   +

So, knowing your are held and encouraged every step of the way in your life’s journey; knowing the dreams and desires you feel whispering to you so stubbornly are nudges of what your deepest truest being is wanting to go explore and experience and express; how then do you use this knowing to align with your most sublime life, fast?


Your guidance is always bringing things to your attention. Both the things that are no longer for you, because awareness of what is no longer for you is the first step to choosing differently. And the things that make your heart leap with ‘oh yes’! – that recognition of a true heart’s desire. So you may know what you’re invited to move towards with your next choices.


Your choice is your superpower. Choose, evaluate, choose again. And know that as long as you keep INTENTIONALLY listening to your guidance, tuning into what you truly desire, and make choices to reflect that in your outer life (versus numbing and just living on autopilot); you are always moving in the direction of your dreams.

everything is a vibrational match


This is an entirely new concept to grasp for most of us, because we’re always taught to look outside of us for cause and effect. “this happens outside of us, we have no power to change it, and we always have to be ready to adapt to the unforeseeable”.

To me, living on the edge like that, constantly, and in constant fear of what might happen next that threatens our safety, our wellbeing, our very lives, it feels incredibly traumatizing for the body. We’re in constant fight or flight – and that’s not just theory. I’ve lived it. I know how intense it feels, how exhausting and physically, mentally and emotionally draining. I’m sure you have had experiences like this in your life, too. Maybe you’re still living it, right now.

On my personal journey, this has been the shift that felt the most like a machine coming to a slow grinding halt, and then starting again in a new direction. It’s why I call this journey a paradigm shift:

we’re letting go of the old foundations on which your old house was built (the cause is outside of me, and I’m at its effect), and rebuilding on much more solid because EMPOWERED ground (I’m at the cause, and what I see outside of me is the effect).

​+   +   +

Now, before we dive into this more deeply, I want to touch on something briefly here, a question my enquiring mind *really* needed a clean and clear response to as I was moving through this shift: “does that mean we control every single thing in our lives?”

Well, yes. AND.

We’re also always in a constant interaction – a cocreation – with our wider self, and the collective beingness where we are painting in large brushstrokes and there’s an ecstatic joy in creating together. The point of this journey through life is not to PREDICT every single next step. It’s imagining experiences, both from your own human/soul perspective, and the wider cocreative space, and then GETTING TO LIVE and play in these experiences in our actual physical lives. Like, how creative, and joyful, and powerfully infinite are we?!

​+   +   +

So what does it mean to ALWAYS be a vibrational match to the people, experiences, places and situations in your life?

  • we are beings with unique vibrational signatures.
  • your current signature is made up of your beliefs (about life, your place in life/society, what is possible for you in your life); your feelings (how all of those beliefs make you feel, and the feeling set-point you’re most commonly at during your days); your soul essence; and how close in alignment you are to your truth and truest, most open self-expression.
  • in each and every moment, you emit a vibrational frequency – what I call a ‘tone’.
  • that tone is a match to specific “outside” frequencies – the people, experiences, places and situations in your life. And, it’s a match to specific aspects of those outside frequencies, meaning, the same person may suddenly interact with you in a completely different way when your tone shifts.
  • that tone is also creating/drawing to you the “outside” manifestations you’ll be experiencing in your life in the near future.

So, love, if your brain feels like it might explode after reading this, that’s okay! like I said, a paradigm shift. the important thing is to keep following your curiosity about this different perspective of life, and trust you’re being guided to the things that are most supportive of you as you go. you’ve got this.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

So, how then do you use this “always a vibrational match” to align with your most sublime life, fast?


Three words yet such a world of difference with how we’re usually taught to go about creating things in our lives.

And #realtalk: when you first start doing this, you’re going through a toddler-phase before you can say ‘nailed it’. Be okay with that happening. Don’t fight it, don’t blame yourself for not getting it sooner, don’t get stuck in shame and feelings of undeservingness because you’re not a master at this from day one. You had to learn to walk, too. This is similar. And you’ll get there.

Also, if you know you would love personal support and guidance as you step into frequency & creation mastery, we can schedule a 30-minute call to discuss exactly what type of support would be most effective. The work I do with my private clients helps you solidly anchor into mastery and supports you with the practical steps to create financial independence and joy and wellbeing in every area of your life. And it’s deep, graceful, and fun. Find that here.

keep finetuning your frequency


There is a shortcut to bringing your dreams into your reality, now, and it’s stubbornly focusing on vibrationally bringing in the VISION for your new reality.

Once you have moved past your initial confusion and resistance to key 2; you will start to playfully entertain your new vision, and that’s when things start rapidly changing for you in your outer reality.

To be clear, there’s two parts to this work:

  1. as you intentionally change your frequency, your outer reality will start to adjust. MAGIC!
  2. you then give it extra OOMPPHHH by intentionally nurturing your vision for your most sublime life – what you truly deeply desire to experience. What kind of relationship, what kind of people, what kind of work environment, what kind of community cocreative fun, and so on. You go WILD with your vision. And keep nourishing it, boosting it, with your intention and attention.

​+   +   +

keep finetuning your frequency
keep nourishing your vision

​+   +   +

This is why I love working in the energetic realms so much.

We’re shifting the TRUE cause of where you are in your life, and opening up pathways to you feeling more solidly anchored into your own truth, potential, and creator power. It’s a kind of magic.

Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Are you curious and eager to explore how working with the energetic realms can support your journey?

In my bigger mentoring programmes (here and here) we always combine Energy and Action – but because I know how incredibly potent a single energy session can be, I’m also opening up a new way of working with me, called Luscious Flow.

Luscious Flow is a single activation-intensive session (online, 75-90 minutes) where we accelerate your path to THRIVING in your purpose, impact and calling.

I’m truly so excited for the way these sessions can support your journey. It’s like a high-luminosity infusion of light AND simultaneously working your physical body so your capacity to maintain that frequency expands. As with KEY NUMBER 2 that I highlighted for you in this essay, your TONE is at the heart of what you draw into your world. There’s SO much magic in these sessions!

PART ONE: Soul Essence

  • What is your unique Energy Signature and what does that mean in terms of what impact you are here to make?
  • What challenge are you currently working with?
  • What is your Soul calling for NOW?
  • What’s your next step?

PART TWO: Activate Into Luscious Flow

Is there a shortcut into your most embodied Self and your most luscious life? I believe there is. The entire journey of unfurling is about FOCALIZING into your truest, clearest Soul Frequency. Whilst the journey itself is your GREATEST ALLY in building Mastery and True Comprehension and the Felt Experience of Descent & Rising that enables you to hold true compassion for yourself and others in this incredible experience we call human life – we do have the technology to collapse timelines between your current Frequency and the Crystal-Clear Soul Frequency you’re moving into.

​+   +   +

This is what Luscious Flow is really all about:
a series of ACTIVATIONS that will sharpen your energetic resonance with the frequencies of Pure Prosperity, Felt Purpose, Undeniable Self-Worth, and Easeful Flow.

This is SUPER potent work that accelerates the timeline between your ‘here’ and ‘there’ (we ALL want to live our most sublime life now, don’t we?).

If this feels like a Yes!!! for you, click here to make your payment and then we’ll get you set up in my calendar and ready for some big shifts. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here.

!!! courtesy notice: I don’t have these sessions available all year round, so if this resonates with you, please book now!

​+   +   +

there is a way to accelerate you landing solidly in your purest frequency.
it’s called Luscious Flow.
& next to that,
keep finetuning your frequency
keep nourishing your vision

​+   +   +

I hope this exploration of the three Keys has set your heart at ease that you do, indeed, got this, and indeed, you are encouraged and guided towards your dreams.▼And remember, there is support available for you. You don’t have to walk this journey alone. This is as much a part of being human as anything else: we can hold space for another as we walk though this messily beautiful experience of life ♥ Kx.

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