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In this episode of The Sovereign Sessions Podcast, dive behind the scenes with Kathleen Sylvia as she illuminates the gifts of Shadow-work. Shadow-Work is one of the most intense AND rewarding experiences we’ll have on our Path. In this episode, I use my own personal journeys into Shadow-Work to offer you 3 Tools/Insights, that will help you maximize the Medicine of your own Dancing With Shadows.


In this episode we explore:

  • Why we all dance with shadows, always.
  • What the meaning & medicine is of Shadow-Work.
  • 3 Insights from my own journeys, with reflection prompts to deepen your awareness of your own Shadow-Work Process.
  • How to move forward with the Medicine & Gifts that you’ve uncovered in your Shadow-Dancing.
  • and more!

Show Notes

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Click Through To Listen To The Podcast Episode: 3 Tools To Maximize The Reward Of Your Shadow-Work. Enjoy! Kx.