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At the beginning of March, I wrote what became a series of articles, videos and podcast recordings to help support both myself and my community through what felt like extraordinarily intense times. I now call this work a Series On Anchoring The Light In Times Of Intensity, and I’m linking all of these resources for you here.

It is my personal belief that we’ll be seeing many ‘times of intensity’ in these next few years, and as Visionaries, Changemakers, Light Leaders, we’ll feel called to anchor the light more strongly than ever before – which will require us to hold exquisite space for both our own process & that of the communities we’re anchoring into. Anchoring the Light is both an esoteric and active feet on the ground thing – so these resources will support you in defining a clear vision and practice around both.

I hope that these resources can help spark new insights for you. Most of all, I hope they can support you as you navigate the paradox: of being a human in this current time of upheaval and intense change – with all the feelings, all the steep learning and growth that asks of us individually and as a collective (>>> meaning we need to hold exquisite space for our own process). And of being a human deeply devoted to contributing to actual, meaningful change (>>> meaning we need to work from a crystal-clear vision for the change we wish to see).

Thank you for doing the work needed to continue showing up for your vision. Because we need your voice to help shape the conversation, the dialogue, the Thinking Exercise & the Exploration that is right now, as we speak, collectively giving form to a new world.

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Tools for self-soothing and self-regulating
(holding space for our own process of grief, rage,
anxiety, despair)
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01. The Art Of Holding Ourselves

How do we hold space for ourselves as coaches, healers, mentors and guides? We ourselves are always still growing, still learning, still coming up against our own fears and triggers. With the drastic lifechanges from covid, many of us got triggered into deep uncertainty, and grief. With everything else going on in the world – like racism, mysogny, ableism, the very things we are working towards changing – we can also experience days where it all becomes too much and we feel the grief, anxiety, overwhelm.

We are highly devoted to providing our clients with potent transformations, and part of that, requires us to master the essential Skill of Holding Ourselves. Read more >>>

02. 7 Practices For Transmuting Your Grief

Our culture has forgotten how to grieve. Join me as I walk you through 7 practices for transmuting grief. There is so much grief currently working itself through our systems, and there will be more in the years to come as we move into true transformation of our societies and cultures. These practices will help you move through it and release into a space of grounded tranquility (a requirement for being able to actively work towards empowered change). It’s totally normal to feel, and to feel deeply – and, we have to relearn how to move through the emotions in a potent and compassionate way, so we can keep showing up for ourselves, the people around us, and our calling. Listen in >>>

03. The Lockdown Sessions: self-soothing practices

This is another resource for self-soothing. If you’re feeling lots of anxiety, fear, grief, unsafeness and uncertainty: the practices I’ll guide us through can truly make such a difference and bring us back into receptivity, grounded peace, and trust. Which is the starting place for Showing Up for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. A series of 4 videos discussing how to self-regulate our bodies. Watch here >>>

Episode 01: Self-soothing through breath
Episode 02: Self-soothing through EFT (emotional freedom technique)
Episode 03: Self-soothing through self-holding & touch
Episode 04: Self-soothing Heart-Activation

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Tools for envisioning and activating the new
(choosing what vision to focus your activism towards,
ideas for what the practice of this can look like)
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04. 25 Questions To Anchor Into Your Heart & Boldly Envision The New

Download the free workbook

This is the essential work you need to do to fully anchor into a crystal-clear vision for the CHANGE you wish to see in the world, and your specific role within that. This started as a blogpost (Togetherness In Times Of Intensity and Isolation, see below) which I have since added to and made available as a workbook. You can download the workbook with these 25 powerful questions for free here: 25 questions to anchor into your heart & boldly envision the new.

05. The Paradox of Envisioning The New & Being A Human On Planet Earth Right Now

In this article, we’re exploring the tension of this paradox: We have to hold both the Vision For What Is To Be (What Is Becoming / What We Are Calling In / Attuning To) and Bear Witness To What Was Created (Where Are The Fault Lines? What Wounds Are Festering And Need To Be Released? Where Did We Get Stuck Into Disempowering Programs? What Will We Not Take With Us?). Read more >>>

I also discussed this more deeply in this episode of The Sovereign Sessions Podcast: 001 – THE SOVEREIGN SESSIONS: THE PARADOX OF THESE TIMES: In this episode of The Sovereign Sessions, we explore The Paradox of these times, and its 2 main components. What it can look like in these times of intensity and uncertainty to take exquisite care of ourselves. Why that is so important, especially now. & Ways to anchor in your vision of what is to come.

06. Togetherness In Times Of Intensity & Isolation

I wrote this article for my newsletter community, The FierceLove Collective. “With the Corona virus hitting our communities hard, we’re all looking towards connection and a soothing of the heart. Here’s a list of 15 questions to help you Envision what comes next.” Read more >>>

I have since updated and added to these questions. You can download the workbook with all 25 questions for free here: 25 questions to anchor into your heart & boldly envision the new (this is the same workbook linked under 04).

07. What It Looks Like To Be A Lightworker In These Times & 3 Practical Ways To Anchor Into Hope

I wrote this article for everyone who feels deeply drawn to the resonance of the word Lightworker. How does a Lightworker serve the world in times of tragedy and intensity? I know we can sometimes feel lost and overwhelmed – not entirely sure of what to do next. And we still want to step up and be of service. Here are 3 ways that feel empowering and deeply of service. Click to read >>>

08. Walking The Priestess Path? 5 Specific Ways To Show Up For Your Calling During Times Of Tragedy & Intensity

What does it look like to walk as the priestess in these intense times? I’m sharing 5 Choices I have made in my own Practice that help me be of service in a way that feels meaningful and aligned. Click to read >>>

09. Feeling Called To Make A Difference & What To Lean Into More Than Ever

In this episode of The Sovereign Sessions, I talk about how to start creating change now; a more empowering definition of impact; and the importance of reconnecting to your deep wise self. Listen here >>>

I’d love to hear what this leads you into.

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CLICK THROUGH TO READ: Anchoring The Light In Times Of Intensity. A 9-Part Series For Women Changemakers. With fierce love, Kath - kathleensaelens.com

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