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I’m guessing you dreamt about having your own business so you could be free

Free to do what you want, when you want. Not to end up taking on a bunch of projects, clients, and tasks you don’t love, while getting paid rates that don’t excite you. And yet, here you are. Doing work that feels like work. Running a business that feels about as exciting as your last j-o-b.

Now, in all honesty: there’s certainly times when running your own business will require hard work and sacrifice in order to build it to how you want it to be. And, I assure you, it doesn’t have to feel just horrible – it can feel joyful and expansive.

I promise you, by tapping in and taking action on the 5 things below you will start to feel a huge shift. You’ll feel more inspired, creative and joyful and the confidence you gain as a result will be so magnetic to those who like what you’re up to. Here are 5 choices to make so that your business doesn’t feel like another j-o-b – and skyrocket your confidence.

01. Only work with people (clients, colleagues and staff) that you love.

Ok. I need you to listen to this one: You’re the boss, you can choose.

When clients come to work with me, they’ve either only just made the switch from corporate to being their own boss, or they’ve been working at their own business for a while and are just not seeing the results they want. One big reason for that? They keep signing on clients that are a HEADACHE to work with.

  • clients that ask for deep discounts
  • clients that keep sending emails with new elements for the design that is already completed (“just one more little tweak”)
  • clients that get mad when you won’t respond to emails during weekends even though this is clearly stated everywhere
  • clients that don’t pay, disappear, come back a year later and don’t understand your prices and packages have changed
  • clients that won’t do the homework they’ve agreed to do, and then badmouth you for not getting them “the tangible results that other client had”
  • clients that ask and ask and ask, and throw a fit when you finally learn to say no
  • clients that “need to pause the coaching” and then expect to receive priority access to you anyways even though you’re not currently coaching them
  • clients that sign up for your smallest package but expect VIP treatment and are constantly in your direct messages and emails, even long after the service has officially ended

Honestly, the stories I’ve heard (and helped clients navigate).

Alright, so, here’s the advice to implement: Be clear on what type of client you most love to support. And then, give yourself permission to say No to potential (or recurring) clients that just don’t meet those criteria.

Question To Ask Yourself: what clients did I not enjoy working with? Why? What does that mean for the clients I do want to work with?

02. Take stock of all the projects and tasks you are doing that you don’t enjoy and then do something about it.

It’s easy to get caught up in tasks that seem necessary – but are they really?

Question To Ask Yourself: Write them out and ask yourself “is this really necessary? and “why don’t I love doing this?”

Is it because you don’t have the skill set?
Is it because of who you’re working with?
Is it because you’ve set unrealistic goals or deadlines for yourself?
Is it out of alignment with your bigger vision?

Whatever it is, it can be adjusted to feel better. That could mean outsourcing certain aspects, adjusting the deadlines and tasks, changing up the environment, or completely taking it off your plate.

03. Make sure you’re working on your ideal schedule.

What’s your schedule currently like? Are you overworking? Working hours that aren’t ideal? Trying to meet all the different timezones?

When I first started my business, I accepted meetings at the strangest hours, just to make myself available to clients all around the world. I soon realized this was just not sustainable – it cut into my time with my children, and created a lot of stressful rushing back and forth to get to meetings in time.

It’s a common misconception that people won’t adapt or adjust to your schedule. If you’re letting others (or your ideas of what others expect) control your schedule and not having set boundaries around your time, it’s almost a guarantee that your business won’t feel as joyful and spaciously expansive as it could be.

Question To Ask Yourself: do some daydreaming and map out your ideal schedule and start making the necessary transitions this week (it might take a while to adjust everything and that’s okay, just start).

04. Manage your money like a boss.

This means paying yourself, your business expenses, your savings and your taxes. Keeping track of what goes in and out and when. It also means charging rates that feel good and supportive to you (of course backing that up with great value, like I know you already do).

Bonus: Managing your money better may very well mean less pressure to take on those clients and projects you don’t love.

Question To Ask Yourself: Where am I refusing to really take responsibility for managing (and charging) my money like the boss I am?

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05. Know what you’re working towards and have clarity on what you really want.

This is really #1. If you’re wandering aimlessly in your business you’ll probably feel equally as motivated as you did when working for someone else’s goals and dreams – when the desire for doing your own thing got overwhelmingly strong.

Knowing why you are doing what you’re doing and what you want can really help everything flow a lot smoother, increase productivity and ensure that you are really working for what you want instead of what everyone else wants.

Question To Ask Yourself: what is it I really want? within my business, through my business?

want to start doing the work of getting Crystal-Clear Clarity about what you really want? >>>

So, I encourage you to take some time with each of these, and then start putting them into place. No need to rush or feel overwhelmed! This is an important piece of your Business Blueprint, and it’s worth taking your time to get it exactly as you want it – and gives you the most spaciousness, expansion and joy!

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