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Creating Soulful Success

  • 6 Keys To Focused Feminine Flow In Business {a guide}

    6 Keys To Focused Feminine Flow In Business

    Productivity & effectiveness & success are important to measure in any business. But for women creating a business based on Purpose, Meaning, Authentic Expression, Soul-Guided Creation, Giving Back, and Mutual Respect, this calls for a balancing with the more feminine flow of creating and evolving. Here’s 6 keys to Feminine Flow in business.

  • The Fiercest Battle We Will Ever Face

    As entrepreneurs, we may think our biggest challenge lies in finding clients… and yet, there is something even bigger than that! This is the one thing that actually makes finding clients easier (as well as all the other things like marketing, sales, consistency), so, join me as we get to the root of things! Kx.