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Hey Beautiful ♥ This piece was first shared via email with my community, the FierceLove Collective in January 2020.
It’s now Part One of a 3-Part series on Sacred Activism. Part Two | Part Three | Racism Unlearning List

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Moving into these first weeks of 2020 here’s some things I’ve been hearing to share and as always, I need to hear this too. Of course I do. So if it sounds a bit fierce, please know I’m with you, receiving that medicine too. That’s how it works, yeah? I dance with some pretty dope energies and they don’t sugarcoat things. Okay, here we go (PS: reading back I realize it’s LONG. Like, more of an essay than a newsletter. So, settle in comfortably and read, or dip in and out of it throughout your day ♥ )

01. Don’t Be Ignorant

Oooooohhhhh that sounds harsh right? So here’s what I mean.

A backstory: a few years ago, at the start of MeToo and simultaneously the huge backlash about there being barely any non-white-skinned people invited to speak at ladyboss/spiritual summits — we all started reeling. Because here was this thing, that up til now, we hadn’t seen. We simply couldn’t see it. Until people spoke up about it, and then we couldn’t unsee.

Two things became clear straightaway: 01. we are living with massive blind spots — which somehow we cannot see until someone points them out, repeatedly and with enough energy, that we suddenly start seeing them too. 02. once we see them — we tend to freeze up.

I remember sitting at my desk sometime in Autumn 2016, wanting to write through the upheaval and confusion, something called ‘A Guide To Sacred Activism’. And yet I ended that halfway through, because I started moving beyond the intellectual analysis, and into the full depth of what was surfacing and how it affects all of us in collective and the most personal of ways. Guys, the conversations that have come into the open these past 3 years (and a GOOD thing they did) are Triggering Trauma Responses that are based both in our collective/generational and ancestral memories, and based in our own personal life experiences. 

We cannot reason our way out of this (the body feels what the body feels).

We cannot hope for “all this upheaval” to pass (and things to go back to “normal”) in a bid for things to feel less intense for us personally (our society needs its festering wounds to come into the light of day for us to see clearly and define a clear direction for this next decade and beyond).

Instead, we need to dive right in and through, so that it can be shifted and cleared from our collective and personal DNA (all the work you do for yourself, you do for the collective too. all the work someone else in the collective does on themselves, lightens the imprint and programming for you too). And now that we are steadily bringing more and more energetic tools online, in greater capacity and volume, this process of working with shadow, triggers, programming and trauma will get easier. And as we’re combining psychology with somatics (body-based practices), we understand and release intellectually and physically. This is the power-combo, yeah.


The last half of the 2010 decade saw us reveal huge big festering sores in our human collective systems and functioning. And it saw us reeling and learning to shift our confusion, grief, rage, and despair through our bodies and into a place of balance-within-ourselves.

This next decade?
I think you already know this.
You will be feeling a whole lot of fiery feminine energy pushing you non-too-gently towards actual activism.

There will be more festering sores burst open for all to see.
There’s the associated gunk to be cleared out, and then there’s that moment again, of overwhelm and this sense like we’re reeling, needing to get our bearings in this whole new world. Bit by bit, more and more of the world as it ‘really’ is will be revealed. It will feel like a whole new world but it’s actually just everything that was hidden, now coming to (the) light.

And already, you’re getting that there’s not much spaces left on this planet to run to if all you want to do in response is hide your head in the sand. The homeland of the gorgeous creature that saying comes from (the Ostrich), Australia, is burning. The world has become global, and so will be your call to action. On a global level.

So. The thing I see us all get into from here on out, is this: making informed choices. About what we stand for, what we believe in, and what we want to use our voice/resources towards.

That is what it means to not be ignorant. You step up to the plate as a global citizen. You look at all the festering sores currently being exposed. You choose one or two that really get your blood boiling. You call upon your own Inner Alchemy to transform that rage into passion. And then you channel that passion into, first, understanding what is already being done/researching more into the actual facts rather than hearsay or popular opinion. And second, you channel that passion into words, art, expression, speaking, marching, donating, volunteering, sharing — whatever floats your boat, whatever gets you excited, whatever level you’re being guided to work on.

(I often say impact is relative, and you may make more impact volunteering in a dog shelter than speaking on stage in front of thousands. you never know the extent of the impact you’re making. no drop is too small).

The most important element of all of this is
01. that you make your choice (what do I stand for — an informed choice).
02. that you use your voice. speak up, speak loudly.
03. that you energetically focus on the world you wish to see emerge, AND also actually join hands in the physical world with the other particles in unity consciousness (your brothers and sisters aka fellow humans) and actively support/start causes that affect physical change, too.
04. that you do not step into this action-based work from the energy of ‘against’ (that necessarily feeds into more things to fight against), rather, you step into the work from the energy of FOR. What we are envisioning and building going forward.  

Yeah, it does feel scary. We’re still having to find our feet with making a devoted choice, taking a stance, and expressing that out. For many of us, we’re kind of still looking to see if there’s more clues about ‘what the truth really is’ and for some expert to tell us that truth, so we can get our energy behind that once and for all, and feel safe and relaxed doing that. Uhm… Truth is subjective. Which leaves us with only this question: what world do you want to create? That truly is the only question to move forward from right now.

You’ve got this, fam. 
You really do.
(and I do too)

02. Focus On What You Desire More Than On What Isn’t Working

This is like, so important.

In your personal life.
In your professional life.
In your envisioning for the world and your activated activism.

Be SUPER AWARE of what it is you are calling forward into your reality.

Take a moment, right here, right now. And check in with yourself:

What percentage of your daily conversations with yourself, are Positive?
And what percentage of your daily conversations with yourself, are Negative?

Beyond the words you use, out loud or in your thoughts —- what is the overall vibe of your energy?

Does it feel cluncky? Like, a heavy dense cloud weighing you down? Spinning you into negative perception and expectation of what is POSSIBLE in your future / life / the world?

Or is it open, joyous, spacious? Like, you are mostly expecting good things to come your way, are you trusting that amazing things CAN happen to you, the people in your life, and the world at large? That there is always a solution, a better answer, hope to be had?

I want to invite you to STUBBORNLY focus on positive expectation.

To call yourself back from the disempowering, defeated, depressed words you’ve just heard yourself use. The simplest way I’ve found for doing this, is to realize what you just thought (“this is never going to work. there is no solution for any of this.”) and say: Ah. NO. I choose differently. Cancel Clear Delete on that, and here’s what I choose now (“I trust that there’s always a solution. I am simply not aware of it right now. I request to be guided towards the information I need to move forward”).

It will feel like that’s all you’re doing the first days; it soon becomes super easy and quick, just a snap of the fingers and ah. No. etc.

Support this “calling yourself back” practice with Envisioning The New. As far as I’ve understood things from my research into NLP and Psycho-Cybernetics, Visualization is Crucial to support any process of change because it is the Language of the Subconscious. Like I said before, we cannot reason our way out of the mess we’re in, and we cannot reason our way into the new & improved.

Create a Vision for yourself. And then, throughout your days, dip in and out of that vision whenever you can. Focus On What You Desire More than on what is currently not working. Be Super Vigilant with where you attention goes. Because THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING (with your own personal energy). Will you choose to feed a vision of doom and despair? Or will you choose to feed a vision of hope and upliftment?

Do this for your personal vision for 2020 (for your love life, your health, your well-being, your vibrancy, your business, your financials, your family life, your travel, your home, …). And do it as a global citizen, for the world you envision for yourself, your nieces and (god)children, for your best friend, your favourite client, and for us all.

May All Beings Thrive.
May All Beings Connect In A Vision For a New Earth That Is Uplifting, Inspiring, Empowering, and Brings Back Balance, Liberation & Healing For All.

Thx for joining me in this! You are a part of The FierceLove Collective, and together, we Rise In Light, Prosperity, and Love. Big Love,

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