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This article is Part Two of a Series on Sacred Activism.
Part One | Part Three | Racism Unlearning List

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Beloved ♥

What if we could lean into hope?

Even as we feel the pain, fear, worry and uncertainty sitting within our own bodies?

Even as we see people far and near battle it out with conspiracy theories and other war-infused doomsday-thinking language? (which in my opinion isn’t needed. There’s a way to keep your eyes and your mind open to what is happening in the world, and still be solidly anchored into empowered creatorship)

Even as we know so many are truly suffering by this virus, by the economic lockdowns, by the lack of skin-to-skin contact, by the enforced volatile closeness in abusive homes, by the loss of dear ones we cannot truly grieve in the way we need (in deep ceremony, with those who cared).

Even as we don’t know what is to come. And part of us is afraid, that what will come, will be out of our control.

I have been thinking about hope, and powerlessness a lot these past days. So here’s a few things I’m wanting to share with you today.

This post is a continuation of what we’ve been exploring in The FierceLove Collective about Envisioning The New.

we have to also acknowledge that we cannot envision – if we aren’t anchored into Hope.

Here’s 3 things to know about hope:

  1. Hope is the one thing no one can ever take from you. And it’s stubborn.
  2. Hope is a Point Of Focus we can intentionally choose to lean into, more than into the sensations of powerlessness and doom (so throughout your day, that can look like leaning into hope just a tiny bit more).
  3. It ultimately always comes back to Choice.

I know it may seem so paradoxical when we look at the world outside of us, to say it always comes back to Choice. But listen. What is the one thing you always always always have some measure of control over? Yourself. You can choose what to think. You can choose what to believe. You can choose what to focus on. (I know some of you live in places where there’s more strict expectations as to what to believe. But still, your inner world is yours to reign over.)

If you’d like some support as you lean into your own inner world, connecting to your own deeper longings and creating a solid vision for what’s to come, click here to download our workbook 25 Questions To Anchor & Envision The New.

Choose to lean into hope.
Choose to listen to that gentle flame (or roaring fire) within you, that stubbornly assures you, all is not lost.

Lean Into Hope.
Lean Into Hope.
Lean Into Hope.

That’s how you’ll create the new, alongside all of us here. Because we’re not going to sit by idly. Because we know, at our deepest truest core of being, that we came here with a message. We know, to varrying degrees depending on our place in our journeys, but we know, tender initiate to fully embodied sister-priestess: We Are All So Much More Powerful Than We Have Been Led To Believe. And it’s the time where we fully reclaim that power. And activate, into envisioning & creating, the new.

So, What If We Dreamt Into Form A World Filled With Beauty?

Here’s the vision I am constantly leaning into & nourishing through words, choices, actions, thoughts, and every magickal practice I know (excerpted from this article):

that we may all come to connect with each other as unique, amazing expressions of the divine. That we may come to see all of us BELONG here, equally. That we may FEEL the magic coursing within all our veins, and honour it as sacred. That we may collectively choose to invest in a future that is loving, prosperous, humane, respectful and empowering to all. That we may come to embrace a bright future, and simultaneously look back at the gifts of the past, and choose to reconnect to the ECSTATIC experience of living EMBODIED – seeing our blood and bones as gifts to honour and treasure, rather than curse and try to submit to an imaginary ‘superior’ mind. That we may treasure ourselves, and our world. And reinstall the feminine, next to the masculine, as part of the whole experience, flavour, and expression, of being a human.

I would LOVE to hear yours!

This is Part 02 in a Series on Sacred Activism. Read Part 01 here.

Big Love to you beautiful. Kx

Do you feel a deep resonance with my words? Do you want to step into your own Sacred Calling powerfully, fully rooted & activated into your own impact?

At the House Of Unfurling, we walk a deeply embodied path of connecting to your feminine essence & deep wisdom — a path steeped in the ancient Priestess practices combined with a contemporary expression of Devotional Service, Savy Business-Womanship, & Wise Leadership.

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