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hello sister

are you ready to deeply embrace who you are
& step into the work you came here to do?
you're here because you have felt the call for more.
more TRUTH. more DEPTH. more MEANING. more LOVE. more ALIVENESS. more CONNECTION.
And, above all, a fiercely burning desire to not just find YOUR MORE -
but to make a positive difference in the world as you do so.

Are you ready for all that to get real? Of course you are.
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how to get more of what you want by being more of who you are

let's talk about what brings you here
Do you catch yourself thinking,
"is this really it?"

This pushing, this no-time-for-anything-that-matters, this ratrace insanity… Is this normal? And, is this meant to be your normal, too … always?

Girl – you know that’s not right. 

You can feel it in your heart, in your belly, a stubborn and fierce whisper: there is something more. Much more. It is NOT meant to be like this. 

And I’m here to tell you:

a different life is possible for you. in fact,
it is CALLING you.
You've been guided here.
It’s time for you to embrace the calling
to take that first step
and explore what is meant for you.
To shed what no longer serves you
to remember who you truly are
to align with your heart's truest desires
to claim your brilliance
to make an impact in the world by being who you truly are.
you landed here for a reason

Here at The House Of Unfurling, you can safely step into an exploration of what YOUR life is calling you towards.

because it all starts with you

This work is not about giving you a prescribed route. Because you are unique, and so is your journey. A path that will take you into your deepest truth, your fiercest self-expression, and your most fulfilling life.

My work aims to support you in that by giving you tools for navigating this journey into the unknown with the most ease, joy & CLARITY.

So, no more waiting for you, gorgeous! Give yourself permission to finally say yes to yourself – and safely explore the MORE that is calling you!

Welcome to The House Of Unfurling
welcome home, love.

The House Of Unfurling offers healing, support, insight and empowerment for the big themes of your journey of Unfurling. Your journey is unique to you, a weaving of edges & growth, spirituality & deeper embodiment, intimacy & greater visibility. There are different paths leading into your fullest self-expression, thriving, & impact. Trust where you feel called!

Start your journey here:
where do you feel most called?
"Here’s the short version: if you’re feeling lost in your calling, detached from your purpose, confused about your next action step(s), or just craving someone to see the powerful magic inside of you, please reach out to Kathleen ASAP.
She blew the doors of my inner world wide open."
— Kittie Bernott, www.shieldmaidenssanctum.com
your full journey, if you accept it:
awaken. embody. lead.

awaken to your own soul & calling.
embody your truth and fullest self-expression.
lead with service in your business & thrive unapologetically.
if you feel called, honour your desire
to step onto the Priestess Path
giving yourself permission to step into the life that is calling you will gift you

Deep connections with your loved ones

Like, truly listening when they share something with you. Truly being present there with them, deeply savoring the joy of their company, feeling your heart blown open wide at their unique, beautiful, wide-smiling quirky amazingness.

Deeply connected to your own creative fire 

Joyfully birthing your most passionate, most tender, most truthful expressions in the world, dancing with an endless flow of inspiration. 

▼ Solidly anchored into the life that has been calling you

The exquisite knowing that you’re finally back where you belong. With yourself. Your truest heart’s desires. And an unshakable knowing that you have what it takes (you always did) to create a life of PURPOSE, PROSPERITY and PLAY… overflowing with Soul.

A business built on YOU

On your values, your gifts, your brilliance and light. Where your success is not defined by the endless hustle for empty markers, but by what success means for you personally. And your thriving feels good, because it’s on purpose, meaning-full, focused on the win-win for all involved.

Your gaze on the future in excited, joyful anticipation

Because you know you can trust life. Your full attention on the present, savoring the moment. Because this is where the magic happens. Right now is where YOU are.

So. Much. Love.

For yourself. For others. For life. For the days everything is bathed in gold, and those when you walk in the shadow, alchemizing the dark into even more gold. Seeing the gold in the dark. TRULY living life. YOUR way.

I see you. I see the doubt in your eyes, my love.
I've been there, too. Wondering...​

Wondering if all this is actually possible. Wondering if this could be real for you, too. Wondering if this calling you’ve felt, though so undeniable, so real, is actually founded on something tangible.
And I’m here to say: yes. A fullhearted yes. Experiencing joy and magic in life is not just for a selected few.

this is for you, too

And it starts here.
With your CURIOSITY, your WILLINGNESS to explore more. To UNFURL.

hello gorgeous

if you feel the stirring in your soul, the fierce desire to step into what is calling you
and make a difference n the world, AND your own life

I’d love to connect with you.
No obligation. Let’s explore what is calling you. Let’s unlock your more.

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private mentoring

Would you love personalised guidance and 1:1 support on your journey ?

In my Aligned & Thriving programme, we will journey together for 6 months, where I will hold space for you to

▼ release what is holding you back,

▼ find clarity on what your heart truly desires, and 

▼ step forward into your BLOOMING self.

You will feel safe & supported. You will firmly land in your own courage, your own wisdom, and start creating what your heart truly yearns for, in work (a thriving online business) and life (more love, more meaning, more truth, more joy, more soul)…

come home to yourself

Learn to trust your biggest dreams for your life and

remember what you're meant for
Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Let go of all the false stories of what success & fulfilment means and

activate your own inner knowing
Unfurling... like a bird finding its wings into freedom

Breathe into your courage and

step into a life & business that is an extension of your depth & soul​