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Hey Beautiful ♥ This piece was first shared via email with my community, the FierceLove Collective, in the week the Cov19 virus hit all continents. I believe there are insights that came from this, that can serve us in future periods of intensity too. I especially love the Reflection Prompts that came through – I hope they’ll serve you well!

First, a blessing:

May you be well. May you be whole. May you be held. May you be safe.

I’ve been listening for a way forward for all of us with what is happening in the world right now, specifically COV19. How do we navigate through this human experience we’re ALL having right now?

I wanted to bring you something that is grounded and real, and brings us back into Togetherness & Forward Thinking.

As well as offer you something tangible, something you can use right now, a powerful practice to aid in Anxiety, supporting our human selves in moving through this intensity. Let’s start.

If You Need Soothing:

Things are hard on our bodies right now – so any way we can gift ourselves space & support our nervous system is Highly Recommended. You may already have a beautiful way of doing that for yourself – if not, then this Practice may be helpful.

+ In this video, I’ll walk you through one of my favourite practices for self-soothing.
+ You’ll need 40 minutes to go through the practice with me, but that’s because I’ll be explaining what happens and why we do certain things, after that, you’ll be able to integrate this practice into your daily life whenever and wherever it suits you (even if you have just 2 minutes).
+ There’s some singing and drumming that my microphone didn’t quite know what to do with 🙂 don’t let that distract you, just keep your eyes closed and stay with your own process, it’s just a few minutes of sound being muffled. 

PS: if you find that you really benefit from this walkthrough and want to share it with people in your community/circle of friends, then by all means, feel free to send them the link!

Togetherness In Times Of Intensity & Isolation

If you/we have the luxury of not being impacted health-wise currently, we can look at how it is impacting our world – and for me, what I’m seeing is that the Corona-Virus is about Togetherness. It’s a paradox:

we need to come together in solidarity - yet the way we come together is by isolating ourselves physically.

#01. We’re being asked, as a collective, to look beyond the Selves and into What Is Best For All. 

There are measures being taking in countries accross the world, and it’s going to be worldwide soon, so if your government hasn’t taken a clear stance yet, it will. In Western Europe, where I live, as of this morning this looks like: restaurants, workplaces and schools closing. Public events cancelled. 

However, beyond the official ‘obligations to isolate’, right now, what is best for all is this: we isolate & limit our movements. Not because we’re told to, or because we’re at risk. We isolate out of Togetherness, that is, because we CARE.

We care about the people who may have less robust health than we do, and we take the responsibility of being one human amidst many others, knowing that what we choose to do affects strangers and loved ones alike, in ways we cannot always see. If isolation can help save lives, then that’s one way in which we can express our Care for each other. Because yes, Real People are dying. And all of us deserve each other’s Compassion & Care.

We care about the capacity of our current health systems, and we take the shared responsibility of slowing down infection so everyone who needs treatment, can receive it.

#02. We’re also being gifted spaciousness, and the increased awareness of Togetherness.

Within the experience of necessary isolation, we are also being gifted space. And maybe… maybe this is a gift we’ll be able to carry forward into our lives and communities… If that idea speaks to you, here’s some beautiful questions for you to explore these next days and weeks:

What is falling away in your life, and how is this creating more space?

Is the thing that is falling away, needed?

Have you been aware of how much this is a necessary part of your life, before? How it adds to either your Comfort, or Safety? Is this an invitation into more gratitude for what you already have (be/do /have)?

Is this an invitation to choose to let some things go, realizing they are unnecessary and draining your resources (time/energy/focus/presence)?

What is opening up for you, now? Where is space being created, that you may not have know you needed, craved, required, longed for?

How is Holding Yourself showi!ng up right now? What form is it taking?

Where can you explore being held? In safe spaces? With loved ones? With strangers accross the world? 

How are you being connected, being seen, being witnessed and held? How are you in Togetherness through it all?

How can you Hold Others more? What are you being available for? How can you Extend Your Heart, your Compassion, your Caring, within the context of physical isolation and anxiety?

With schools closing here, I’ll be exploring all these questions too.
I’m feeling into ways of bringing more togetherness to our family of four, whilst still being present for my work and their remote schooling. It’s going to look like hands in dirt, sowing seeds for a time further down the year, where uncertainty may already be in the past, or still very actively part of our lives. Boardgames and play. Remote connections to their friends. A checking in with neighbours and loved ones, and how we can help. And the holding of space, for whatever comes.

Togetherness also looks like this. This writing. This remote, non-physical creation of spaces, moments, where we extend hands and link elbows and walk for a short while.

I’m so grateful to be walking with you.

#03. Spaciousness Creates Room For Forward Thinking.

So this is my invitation to you. To me. To us all.

Let us use this temporary Pausing,
as a Gateway,
an Entryway,
into Emboldened Envisioning.

Because there is a Reason for all of it. And we can choose to use the time given, to BUILD THE NEW.

Here’s another series of questions to support you in that.
Also, this article about the Paradox we face when Envisioning The New may be helpful.

What is your Truest Wish for the planet? For human life? For us all?

What can you be doing, from now onwards, that will bring this vision to life? What BOLD action do you KNOW is needed – and will you stand for?

How will you use your voice, your heart, your passion, your wisdom, your gifts, and resources, to do what you envision must be done?

What will you speak to? What will you create? Whom will you support?

What could Togetherness look like – in Isolation, or beyond – and what role can you play in this?

What will you vote for, with money, time, energy, focus, presence, and your voice?

I’d love to hear what this leads you into.

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CLICK THROUGH TO READ: Togetherness In Times of Intensity & Isolation. With fierce love, Kath - kathleensaelens.com

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    February 20, 2020