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I never thought the start of my podcast would be in times like these. Chaotic, very much unscripted, born simply from a desire to connect, I’ve recorded this late on a Saturday night. I’m imagining it very much like a conversation you could have with a friend, offering some support and insights that will hopefully be of service to you as you navigate the world in lockdown and a global pandemic.


In this episode I explore:

  • Some of the themes we are working through at the moment.
  • Anchoring in the felt experience that We are not alone.
  • The Paradox of these times, and its 2 main components.
  • What it can look like in these times of intensity and uncertainty to take exquisite care of ourselves.
  • Why that is so important, especially now.
  • Ways to anchor in your vision of what is to come.
  • Why hope is what I’m leaning into.


Show Notes

Article I’m refering to about isolation: Since I became symptomatic – Leslie Jamison {note: in the episode, I use the word beautiful to describe this article. I am refering to the exquisite writing, not the situation described.}

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